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2006-02-06 04:29

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Emforums.com- Welcome-
lt-bar AOL and Yahoo put price on e-mail right-bar
InternetCompanies will soon have to buy the electronic equivalent of a postage stamp if they want to be certain that their e-mail will be delivered to many of their customers.

America Online and Yahoo, two of the world's largest providers of e-mail accounts, are about to start using a system that gives preferential treatment to messages from companies that pay from a quarter of a cent to 1 cent each to have them delivered. The Internet companies say this will help them identify legitimate mail and cut down on junk e-mail, identity-theft scams and other scourges of users of their services.

The two companies also stand to earn millions of dollars a year from the system if it is widely adopted.

AOL and Yahoo will still accept e-mail from senders who have not paid, but the paid messages will be given special treatment. On AOL, for example, they will go straight to users' main mailboxes and will not have to pass the gauntlet of spam filters that could divert them to a special bulk e-mail box or strip them of images and Web links.

Yahoo and AOL say the new system is a way to restore some order to e-mail, which, because of spam and online scams, has become an increasingly unreliable mode of communication even as it has become more important in people's lives.

"The last time I checked," said Nicholas Graham, an AOL spokesman, "the Postal Service has a very similar system to provide different options." He pointed to services like certified mail with return receipts, "where you really do get assurance that if what you send is important to you, it will be delivered, and delivered in a way that is different from other mail."


Posted by Voodooengine on Sunday, February 05, 2006 (18:03:58) (1 reads) Read More... | 5265 bytes more | comments? | Printer Friendly Page  Send to a Friend | Score: 0

lt-bar Apple faces suit over iPod-related hearing loss right-bar
HardwareA Louisiana man has filed a class action suit against Apple Computer, saying the computer maker has failed to take adequate steps to prevent hearing loss among iPod users.

The suit, filed Tuesday in U.S. District Court in San Jose, Calif., charges that the iPod music player can produce sounds of up to 115 decibels even though some studies suggest that listening to music at that level for 28 seconds a day can cause damage over time. The suit, filed on behalf of John Kiel Patterson and all other iPod buyers, seeks monetary damages to compensate for the hearing loss suffered by iPod users, as well as a share of Apple's iPod profits.

The suit also seeks to force Apple to offer a software upgrade to limit the iPod's output to 100 decibels as well as provide headphones designed to block out external noise.

"Millions of consumers have had their hearing put at risk by Apple's conduct," the suit states.


Posted by Voodooengine on Thursday, February 02, 2006 (21:16:33) (2 reads) Read More... | 1542 bytes more | comments? | Printer Friendly Page  Send to a Friend | Score: 0

lt-bar Problems right-bar
WebsiteWe have run into some problems today regarding the page scrolling. If you have any problems please send me or bombernik a PM.


Posted by Voodooengine on Tuesday, January 31, 2006 (20:11:30) (1 reads) comments? | Printer Friendly Page  Send to a Friend | Score: 0

lt-bar UN lends backing to the $100 laptop right-bar
HardwareThe United Nations on Thursday lent its support to a project which aims to ship inexpensive, hand-cranked laptops to school-aged children worldwide.

Kemal Dervis, head of the UN Development Program, will sign a memorandum of understanding Saturday with Nicholas Negroponte, chairman of One Laptop per Child, on the $US100 laptop project, at the World Economic Forum's annual meeting.

The program aims to ship 1 million units by the end of next year to sell to governments at cost for distribution to school children and teachers.

UNDP will work with Negroponte's organisation to deliver "technology and resources to targeted schools in the least developed countries," the UN agency said in a statement.

Negroponte wants to start shipping the cheap laptop, which is to have wireless network access and a hand-crank to provide electricity, later this year. The aim is to have governments or donors buy them and give full ownership to the children.


Posted by Voodooengine on Monday, January 30, 2006 (02:30:46) (2 reads) Read More... | 387 bytes more | comments? | Printer Friendly Page  Send to a Friend | Score: 0

lt-bar Chinese attack Parliament using Windows security hole right-bar
InternetChinese hackers launched a major attack on the UK Parliament earlier this month, the government’s email filtering company MessageLabs has confirmed.

The attack, which occurred on 2 January, attempted to exploit the Windows Meta File (WMF) vulnerability to hijack the PCs of more than 70 named individuals, including researchers, secretaries and MPs themselves.

Emails were sent to staff, with an attachment that contained the WMF-exploiting Setabortproc Trojan. Anyone opening this attachment would have enabled attackers to browse files, and possibly install a keylogging program to attempt the theft of passwords. None of the emails got through to the intended targets, MessageLabs said, but the UK authorities were alerted.

The WMF flaw was first made public in November 2005, and only patched by Microsoft on January 5th. Given that the first exploit was reported on December 29th, this offered the attackers a "zero day" window in which to launch the Trojan assault.

MessageLabs was reported by The Guardian - which broke the story - as saying the source of the emails had been traced to servers in China’s Guangdong Province, hence the suspicion that the latest attack was part of a more general campaign of electronic subversion.

Source: http://norbiesworld.co.uk/Forums/viewtopic/p=13611.html#13611 -Posted by Bigdave

Posted by Voodooengine on Wednesday, January 25, 2006 (22:24:01) (4 reads) Read More... | 1257 bytes more | comments? | Printer Friendly Page  Send to a Friend | Score: 0

lt-bar Race kicks off for next-gen 802.11n Wi-Fi right-bar
HardwareThe Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) has finally voted to accept the proposed next-generation 802.11n Wi-Fi standard, which has been developed by the Enhanced Wireless Consortium.

The proposed 802.11n standard will enable higher performance wireless local area networking supporting speeds of up to 600Mbps with greater range than existing Wi-Fi technologies.

Two US vendors, Broadcom and Marvell, were both quick of the mark on the same day, claiming to be first to market with a compatible product.

Broadcom Corporation announced the availability and sampling of its Intensi-fi family of WiFi chipsets, which comply with, and incorporate all mandatory elements of the IEEE 802.11n draft specification. Broadcom’s offering is designed to be software upgradeable once the standard is finalised, the company said.

To this end, Broadcom will continue to participate in the standards process through ratification, ensuring that its solutions comply with the final 802.11n specification.

Rival vendor Marvell meanwhile claims that its 88W836X chipset family, first unveiled in October 2005, complies 100 per cent with the IEEE 802.11n draft specification, and reference designs based on the 88W836X family are currently being used by OEMs and ODMs, the company said.


Posted by Voodooengine on Sunday, January 22, 2006 (21:07:04) (6 reads) comments? | Printer Friendly Page  Send to a Friend | Score: 0

lt-bar Happy Birthday Bakufuun right-bar
today we celebrate the 16th birthday of mr. Baku. All of at EM wish you a happy b-day.

Happy Birthday Bakufuun!!!

From all of us here at EM^

you pwn @$$

Posted by Voodooengine on Tuesday, January 17, 2006 (13:59:43) (9 reads) comments? | Printer Friendly Page  Send to a Friend | Score: 0

lt-bar New Moderator right-bar
WebsiteFrozensoulx is our new moderator for Computer related stuff. He is great with programming, and knows many languages. Also he is great with System Security so we will start to do alot more HiJack this logs. Lets give him the respect that he deserves.

Posted by Voodooengine on Saturday, January 14, 2006 (23:55:51) (7 reads) comments? | Printer Friendly Page  Send to a Friend | Score: 0

lt-bar Microsoft Opens Ad Lab right-bar
InternetMicrosoft added another weapon to its get-Google arsenal on Friday, opening a laboratory in Beijing to develop technologies for its MSN adCenter.

The software king is betting it can crack Google’s dominance in the paid search business (see Microsoft Takes on Google and Microsoft Launches Ad Network). It has hired more than 50 researchers in Beijing to work exclusively on technologies for advertising through video, television, and mobile at the points those media intersect with the Internet.

Microsoft launched its adCenter last year as it ramped up its assault on the search industry dominated by Google. The adCenter showcased prototypes of 19 of the Beijing lab’s 40 technologies at the Microsoft campus in Seattle on Thursday. They included ways to help advertisers develop appropriate keywords, language translation, and behavioral targeting.

The software giant also demonstrated video hyperlink ads, which will give viewers the ability to zoom in to products—if the advertiser’s paid for the product placement—that they see on a TV screen, and then click through for details and information on where those products can be bought.

Posted by Voodooengine on Saturday, January 14, 2006 (03:32:01) (6 reads) Read More... | 2595 bytes more | comments? | Printer Friendly Page  Send to a Friend | Score: 0

lt-bar Guest Center Added right-bar
WebsiteWe have added a place for guest to post in the forums in case they have something to say. There is a place for Ban Appeal, and one more place for there high scores.


Posted by Voodooengine on Wednesday, January 11, 2006 (20:59:04) (6 reads) comments? | Printer Friendly Page  Send to a Friend | Score: 0

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Voodooengine: !~SHOUT BOX~!
31-Jan-2006 13:58:09
norbie: Kick my heels up and Shout!
31-Jan-2006 13:04:52
bigdave: yeah yeah, you make me want to shout
31-Jan-2006 10:19:36
Voodooengine: Was working out but pulled 4 muscles, had a rusted bench nail logded in my foot, have about 10 cuts, and 2 swolen knuckles.. So i cant workout for about one more week.. Sexy huh?
30-Jan-2006 20:02:54
Ayami: i agree. It's always nice to look sexy
30-Jan-2006 19:11:54
FlameAlchemist: if u wanna stop being bony, don't go fat, just work out and get some muscles.
30-Jan-2006 02:05:57
Voodooengine: NO!?!
26-Jan-2006 21:58:51
bombernik: skinny brown boney brownie
26-Jan-2006 21:07:40
Voodooengine: No i want to become fat, as in fat. so then no one can call me boney, or skinny brown brownie...
26-Jan-2006 14:23:31
bombernik: they dont, they want to get in the normal catagory, not fat.
23-Jan-2006 22:00:10
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