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June 22, 2004
In fact the project, now seems to be returning to life, with new addition and now some more coordination ( maybe is better hide what happened :-p). A less microsoft ditribution is on the way.

- Dario

June 21, 2004
I'm not sure what's all been done or who has worked on it, but version 1.6.7 of DevIL is now out. Nicolas Weber sent it to me awhile back, and now the Windows versions are on the downloads page. Hopefully someone can supply the less Microsoft-specific versions soon.

- Denton

August 08, 2003
Version 1.6.6 was just released. DirectX 9 support and the readdition of .gif support are what's new. There have also been some fixes to the DDS support.

- Denton

April 05, 2003
I finally got around to re-releasing 1.6.5 for Linux, so that ilu_region.h is now in the .gz file. Hopefully that should help everyone a lot.

- Denton

February 22, 2003
I just ran across a really neat utility for using images: The Image Debugger. This utility allows you to view image data from your program easily when you are debugging. Sadly, this is only for Windows, but it looks really useful.

I also re-released version 1.6.5 for Windows, since it was missing the ilu_region.h file. The Linux version is still missing it, but it's still on the CVS and listed below. Maybe the Linux version will be fixed shortly.

I have noticed on the forums that some people have found bugs in DevIL (of course), especially with alternate operating systems. If anyone wants write access to CVS, just let me know. Maybe we can get this project started up again.

- Denton

July 27, 2002
I was asked on the forum to provide a list of the features that I wanted to implement in DevIL but never got around to actually implementing, along with bugs that need to be fixed. As always, the current bug list is included in all the distributions in the form of a 'BUG' file. Here is a list of the features and changes I wanted to implement. Hopefully, someone will implement some. =]

If anyone needs some clarification of anything on the list, just let me know.

- Denton

July 24, 2002
Oops. Apparently, ilu_region.h was left out of the source distributions. This file can be found here. Maybe I'll get around to re-releasing the source distributions of 1.6.5, then.

I have also received several e-mails from people upset that I removed GIF loading support. Someone had brought it to my attention that you needed a license from Unisys to load GIF files. From the Unisys site:

"More and more people are becoming aware that the reading and/or writing of GIF images requires a license to use Unisys patented Lempel Ziv Welch (LZW) data compression and decompression technology..."

If I'm interpreting this incorrectly, it's very easy to add the GIF support back in. All the code is still in the distribution. It's just not called, right now.

- Denton

July 21, 2002
I just released version 1.6.5 of DevIL. I removed .gif loading, due to someone pointing out that it goes against the Unisys patent. A full listing of the changes can be found in the changelog.

Don't hold your breath for any new releases of DevIL. I am pretty certain that I am going to stop development on it. I have worked on DevIL for almost 2 1/2 years and need to move on with my life. If anyone wants write access to CVS or wants to work on DevIL, just let me know.

I have definitely had fun working on DevIL, and I would like to thank all the users for making my time worthwhile.

- Denton

July 3, 2002
I just wanted to let everyone know that I will not be available until next Monday, due to the July 4th holiday. To everyone that celebrates it, have a safe holiday.

- Denton

June 23, 2002
Right now, I am currently unable to update the news via the web-based interface, so please bear with us as we try to get the news back.

In any case, DevIL version 1.6.1 was just released. 1.6.0 was released yesterday without an announcement, since I changed so much and wanted to see if it worked first. chris79 from the forums was kind enough to help me locate a nasty bug in 1.6.0. In all, the latest version incorporates a very long list of bugfixes. New functionality in ilGetString was added through the IL_LOAD_EXT and IL_SAVE_EXT #defines. You can now get a list of file extensions supported by DevIL using this new feature. The next release of DevIL will include several feature enhancements, so look forward to it.

To see the list of all the changes incorporated into this release, you can look at the Change Log.

Lastly, DevIL generates several warnings when compiled with gcc that say "warning: statement with no effect". These lines are required to provide covnersions to Big Endian systems. If anyone knows how to disable this warning when compiling, please let me know.

- Denton

Update: Apparently, devil_internal_exports.h was not included in the release files. If you downloaded this release before 3:30 a.m. Central U.S. time or had any problems compiling, please download this again. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.
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