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Welcome to Taichung
Welcome to Taichung
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    Romanization of Taichung's top 50 Main Roads
Currently, Taichung city (like Taipei city) is implementing the Hanyu Pinyin system of romanization on roadsigns. Some signs, however, still retain older Wade-Giles and MPSII romanization. Further complicating matters, many signs are simply misspelled. The central government and some counties and cities around the island use the alternative Tongyong Pinyin - for example, on the freeway exits leading into Taichung city. To help clarify the situation, the Compass Magazine insert map includes all three romanization systems for major roads.

Below are a list of the top 50 main roads in Taichung city in Hanyu Pinyin, with a few common alternative names noted:

NOTE: when speaking Chinese, road is 'Lu' (pronounced 'Loo') and street is 'Jie' (pronounced 'jyeh')

AnHe Road

BeiTun Road

ChongDe Road

DaDun Road

DaYa Road

DaYe Road

DongShan Road

FuXing Road

GongYi Road

GuoGuang Road

HeNan Road

HuanZhong Road

JianXing Road

JianCheng Road

JingCheng Road

JingMing 1st Street (Alt: 'Tea Street')

JinHua Road

JinHua North Road

JingWu Road

LiMing Road

MeiCun Road

MinQuan Road

MinSheng Road

QingHai Road

SanMin Road

ShiZheng Road

ShuangShi Road

ShuiNan Road

SongZhu Road

Sun Yat Sen Freeway (Alt: Freeway 1)

TaiYuan Road

TaiZhong Road

(Alt: Taichung Road)

TaiZhongGang Road (Alt: 'Harbour Road')

XiangShang Road

WenXin Road

WuQuan Road

WuQuan West Road

XiTun Road

XueShi Road

YingCai Road

YiShu Street (Alt: 'Art Street')

ZhenXing Road

ZhongHua Road

ZhongMing Road

ZhongMing South Road

ZhongQing Road

ZhongShan Road

ZhongZhang Expressway

ZhongZheng Road

ZiYou Road
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