February 06, 2006

Pat Leahy Questions My Baby's Intelligence

It's just like those Quakers, babies, and nuns to make international phone calls to suspected al Qaeda terrorists. And all this time I've been dialing Osama bin Laden for my two year old! Do you think Julie Aigner-Clark will come out with a Baby Einstein video to help my apparently retarded kid learn to first dial 0-1-1?

Hat tip: Confederate Yankee.

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The Problem is 'Islamophobia'

Iran's official news agency bemoans the spread of Islamophobia in Europe:

"Unfortunately, Islamophobia is currently spreading in Europe in different forms and at an alarming speed.

"Insult to Islamic values and Muslims' sanctity in the West has been now turned into a main challenge facing the Islamic nations now. It is vital to seriously confront this challenge," Mottaki said.

Meanwhile, Reuters reports that Islamist thugs in a government-organized demonstration attacked the Austrian embassy in Teheran with Molotov cocktails.

The regrettable "Islamophobia" problem follows other evil Western obsessions like "Jew-burning-Naziphobia", "Mass-murdering-Communistphobia", and, of course, "Baby-blood-drinking-Mongolhordephobia".

Also posted at The Dread Pundit Bluto and Vince Aut Morire.

No, Islam is Not Just Like Buddhism

The following is a letter I wrote to Dean Esmay last night. He gave me a challenge in this post, as his first response to my essay Marx, Communism, Totalitarianism; Muhammed, Islam, Terrorism, and I wanted to respond. I wanted to post a more coherent answer, but it will have to do in a pinch. I do have other work. Let me preface it with a funny quote Dean sent me in reply: "I apologize for the length of this letter, but I lacked the time to make it shorter." Also, the disclaimer that it's not exactly spellchecked. Sorry.

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Lies, Damned Lies, Statistics, and Islam

Dean Esmay has a pretty good post about whether or not Islam compatible with democracy or not. Go read it.

Also, after you have read it you should probably read my essay Marx, Communism, Totalitarianism; Muhammed, Islam, Terrorism, in which I argue that Islam is a socio-political ideology every bit as much as it is a religion. It is much like Marxism in that the core ideology itself leads is incompatible with Western liberalism.

Now, let's return to Dean's post. Unfortunately, the data he provides is a classic example of what statisticians call selection bias. That is, you use data which supports your hypothesis and then exclude data which nullifies it.

Another problem is that the data do show that Muslim nations are becoming more free. A good sign, no doubt. But becoming more free does not make one free. One might argue that China is becoming more free, or that the Soviet Union in the late 1980s was becoming less authoritarian, yet there is no doubt in my mind that Communism is somehow intertwined with the fact that freedom was so scarce. Becoming more or less of anything is kind of irrelevant to the discussion.

Further, Indonesia has been a terrible ally in the war on terror. See this, this, this, this, and this. They have not cracked down on radical Muslims any more than has suited their own national interests. It is in no way a liberal democracy. Freedom House is simply wrong in this respect. I would point out that it is a crime for a Christian to give a Bible to a Muslin in Indonesia. And much of the Indonesian culture itself is not tolerant in any liberal sense of the word. And is a country truly a liberal democracy if a pictureless version of Playboy is banned?

Last, he gives the example of Senegal and Mali as the only nations on earth that have a Muslim majority and which are listed by Freedom House as liberal democracies (excluding Indonesia). Given that Freedom House gets it dead wrong on Indonesia, I suspect that there may be problems with their coding of Senegal and Mali as well. But I could be wrong. I don't know enough about these countries to speak on whether or not Freedom House correctly codes them.

However, statistically speaking two examples do not a falsification make. There are always exceptions to rules. My original point was that the Left loved to use Yugoslavia as an exemple of a 'free' Communist country. Even if we were to grant them that Yugoslavia was 'free' during the Cold War, to claim that there was not a causal relationship between Communism and totalitarianism based on a single outlier is an example of poor analysis (or poor operationalizing skills).

If one were really interested in seeing whether or not there is a relationship between Islam and liberalism, I would suggest the following. In fact, I dare any one to run the following analysis.

Hypothesis: there is a strong correlation between the percent of a nation's population that is Muslim and the extent to which that country's population is free in the liberal sense of the word.

Null Hypothesis: there is no relationship between the percent of a nation's population that is Muslim and the extent to which that country's population is free in the liberal sense of the word.

Plot a simple OLS regression model with the two variables. The first variable would simply be % Muslim. The second variable would be the Freedom House numbers. Since the Freedom House Numbers are coded negatively the following results should be found.

If Dean is right, and there is no relationship between Islam and freedom, then obviously the plots should be completely randomly distributed.

If I am right, and there is a relationship between Islam and freedom, then a positively sloping line should emerge. That is to say, as the percentage of Muslims in a country goes up, the Freedom House numbers should also go up.

The third alternative, of course, is that there is a positive correlation between Islam and liberal democracy, in which case one would find a negatively sloping line.

If we are agreed that the above is a moderately fair way of empircally testing the relationship between Islam and tyranny, then the gauntlet has been thrown. I personally do not have the time to run the numbers, but perhaps some enterprising blogger with moderate experience using SPSS would like to give it a go?

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Hell Yeah Sandcrawler PSA

Howie will be missing until Feb 14th. In the mean time, click here and give Mr. Allah and ThirdEE a bit F*ck Yeah!!!!

$700 Million Missing From Palestinian Accounts

Now, here's a situation where money turns up missing in a kleptocracy. Not unusual. In all candor, I would have been falling-down astonished if the books had even come close to balancing with all funds accounted for.

From ArabNews.com:

At least $700 million of funds from the Palestinian Authority's coffers have been misused or stolen by officials over the past few years. Citing an internal investigation, Palestinian Attorney-General Ahmed Al-Moghani told reporters yesterday that 50 cases of "financial and administrative corruption" had been discovered and 25 officials arrested so far.

He said 10 officials had fled abroad but that the Palestinian Authority was seeking their extradition.

"The amount of money that was squandered and stolen is more than $700 million," Moghani said. "Some of these millions were transferred into personal accounts here and abroad."

Hamas spokesman Mushir Al-Masri said it will be a top priority for the new government to go after the corrupt officials who stole the money and bring them to justice. Good luck with getting the money back.

I expect Hamas will begin complaining and whining about the sorry state of finances, blaming it all on the corrupt previous administration. Then, fresh corrupt officials will go to work in the Hamas government and it will be business as usual.

From Interested-Participant.

European Islamists Counter Danes With Cartoons Depicting Hitler, Holocaust

A European Islamic organization called the Arab European League has countered the recent cartoons depicting the prophet Mohammed with cartoons of their own, questioning the Holocaust and showing Anne Frank in bed with Hitler. This statement explains their rationale:

After the lectures that Arabs and Muslims received from Europeans on Freedom of Speech and on Tolerance. And after that many European newspapers republished the Danish cartoons on the Prophet Mohammed. AEL decided to enter the cartoon business and to use our right to artistic expression.

Just like the newspapers in Europe claim that they only want to defend the freedom of speech and do not desire to stigmatise Muslims,we also do stress that our cartoons are not meant as an offence to anybody and ought not to be taken as a statement against any group, community or historical fact.

If it is the time to break Taboos and cross all the red lines, we certainly do not want to stay behind.

While I'm reproducing one of the cartoons below in the spirit of fairplay, I certainly don't endorse the message.

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February 05, 2006

Jack Straw: Appease in Our Time Cartoon (please circulate)

The Jawa Report's new editorial cartoonist, Sam, submits his latest masterpiece: Jack Straw: Appease in Our Time. Please feel free to circulate it. Click for larger version.

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And Now A PBUHlic Service Announcement

Ladies and gentlemen, I am Mohammed Theprophet (PBUM), here to talk to you about a distressing situation in the world of fine art and high culture.

As you well know, I have had several supporting roles in such movies as "The Siege," "Executive Decision," and "The Delta Force" trilogy. I also had a prominent role in the television drama "Flight 93" and various episodes of "24." So I can talk about the arts from an insider's perspective. And what I see in the art world today distresses me greatly.

We are losing a valuable gem in the world of art. A beautiful flower amongst the dead petals of contemporary popular culture. This wonderful, yet disappearing art form is, of course

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Muslims Choose Christian Schools

This is a twist.

From NorwayPost.no:

An increasing number of Muslims living in Norway have over the past few years chosen to send their children to private Christian schools, NRK reports.

At the Christian Regnbuen school in Oslo, 20 out of a hundred students are Muslims. Other private schools in Oslo, like St Sunniva and Kristelig Gymnasium, also have many Muslim students.

According to Dean Lars Bjoerge Holm at Kristelig Gymnasium, the Christian schools and students respect and understand Islam to a much greater degree than public schools. I am fairly certain that the Muslims are not as magnanimous.

It also has to be distressing to the fundamentalists that their sons and daughters are walking around school hallways with images of Jesus Christ on the walls. (via John Ray)

From Interested-Participant.

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USS Cole Bombing Mastermind Escapes

Jamal Ahmed BadawiJamal Ahmed Badawi, mastermind of the USS Cole bombing, has escaped from a Yemeni prison.

Interpol said it issued an “Orange Notice,” because he represents a “clear and present danger to all countries.”

Interpol—The escape from a Yemen prison took place on Friday and involved a 140-metre long tunnel dug by the prisoners and co-conspirators outside. Yemeni officials have confirmed to Interpol that that the escapees included Jamal Ahmed Badawi mastermind of the bomb attack on the navy ship USS Cole in 2000, and Fawaz Yahya Al-Rabeei, one of those responsible for attacking the French tanker Limburg in 2002. ...

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February 04, 2006

Is This The Face Of Islam?

Jordanian editors arrested over Danish cartoon

From BBC News:

Two Jordanian newspaper editors who published cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad have been arrested.
Jihad Momani and Hisham Khalidi are accused of insulting religion under Jordan's press and publications law.
Here's what Momani wrote to accompany the cartoon:
"Muslims of the world be reasonable.

What brings more prejudice against Islam, these caricatures or pictures of a hostage-taker slashing the throat of his victim in front of the cameras or a suicide bomber who blows himself up during a wedding ceremony in Amman?"

Or a so-called moderate Islamic government that arrests editors for printing cartoons.

Also posted at The Dread Pundit Bluto and Vince Aut Morire.

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The Blog Sabbath Caption Contest: Stupid Criminals Part One

Caption this photo of stupid alleged criminal Lonnie "Vent Man" Shields allegedly caught in the act.


Fatwas issued Monday.

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It's The War, Stupid

WWII Pay Back_gif.jpgI'm so sorry, but does that image offend your sensibilities? It should, because it clearly depicts one of our most staunch allies, Japan, and its citizens in a decidedly negative light.

Of course, that poster was created in the 1940's, during World War II. After 3 of the 8 airmen of the Doolittle raid captured by the Japanese were executed. During a time when their executions would have been accepted by the American public as a cost of waging war.

We now live in the post 9/11 world. An attack, incidentally, which has exhaustively been compared to Pearl Harbor. And we're at war.

Unlike WWII, we aren't rounding up Arab muslims and placing them in internment camps. Muslims today even serve in our armed forces. The U.S. Army soldier in the now famous picture of the capture of Saddam was an American Muslim.

But, even with the internment camps, Japanese Americans served with distinction in the European Theatre. They fought and died and bled just like any other soldier.

Yet that poster, and others like it, were still printed and distributed. Posters and other forms of media that were distributed about the country concerning Germans was even worse, in some cases, and German-Americans weren't relegated to internment camps.

The people that Rusty mentioned are free to wring their hands over what I and the other Jawas have depicted graphically here lately. Commenters are free to decry that we are pushing our moderate Muslim friends away, validating the Christophobia and the Judeophobia that even so-called moderate Muslims harbor latently in their minds.

Frankly, I could care less. I consider the recent depictions of Mohammed that I have made in the same vein that I view the creators of the poster to the right.

We are in a war. We didn't declare this war, they did. They are Islam. Like Rusty said, Islam is not just a religion, it's an ideology, indistinguishable from Nazism, Fascism, and Japanese Militarism, even Conservatism and Libertarianism.

Rusty has repeatedly posted on propaganda. I know, like he does, that propaganda is a valuable wartime asset. And since our own government and media won't rise to the challenge, the rest of us will. If I offend those normally disposed to help us, that's their problem, not mine. If Japanese-Americans could fight with honor against the Nazis despite the poster depicted above, then moderate Muslims should have no problem continuing to help us eradicate the festering sore of Islamofascism that is defining their religion.

Not only that, as Rusty's partner-in-agitation, I want the first official fatwa.

UPDATE: Hey! I post here too ya know.

SURE, WHY NOT: Grow up Islam. Patrick al-kafir says the same thing in not as many words.

» Fatwa issued against Cardinal Martini for: Still more on the Muhammed cartoons

Marx, Communism, Totalitarianism; Muhammed, Islam, Terrorism

johnny-ramone-kill-a-commie-for-mommy-shirt.jpgI'm glad that the U.S. State Department condemned cartoons which offended many Muslims. That's their job. They are the official face of the American government to the world. And kudos to President Bush for condemning them. Again, he is America's chief diplomat. The business of diplomacy is to reduce conflict.

Luckily, I am not a diplomat. My responsibility as an online writer is to tell the truth as I see it. And the truth, as I see it, is that Islam is the cause of a great deal of evil in the world today.

So, when I see prominent bloggers that I respect saying that the above statement is based on a kind of phobia, I take humbrage. And when other prominent bloggers equate that sentiment with antisemetism, I take offense.

Many of us would like to think that Islam is just another religion. That sentiment comes from a good place. Most Americans want to believe that about our fellow Americans. In fact, I would argue that America has always had a national ecumenical spirit. But such thinking is also ignorant of Islam as it is, and not as it should be. I would like Islam to be just another religion which asks only for the soul of the Muslim and not his political fealty, but that is not the case.

As the vast majority of Muslims will readily admit to you, Islam is not simply a mode of worship, it is a total way of life that demands every aspect of a person's being. In other words, there is no render unto Ceaser that which is Ceaser's. There is no assumption of the separation of individual duty to God, and a society's duty to God. Thus, it proscribes not only what I should do as an individual, but what we should do as a society.

As such, it is not, strictly speaking, a religion. It is also a coherent socio-political system.

We normally call such socio-political constructs ideologies.

Islam as a religion I can accept, it is Islam as an ideology that I cannot.

The criticisms of those of us who are suspicious of Islam are sometimes valid. Frankly, part of the reason that I blog is to unleash my jeuvenile side. So, any accusation that The Jawa Report is often jeuvenile is spot on.

However, many recent comments by Left, Right, and Center are so far off and misinformed that they represent a kind of ideology of their own. That ideology confuses religious tolerance with religious acceptance. To tolerate Islam simply means to accept it as fact of life, but tolerance does not imply that I embrace it on equal terms with other religions.

I expect the Left to confuse tolerance and acceptance. They have always confused the two. But for the Right to do it is oddly out of place.

The Right has always been critical of ideologies which were antithetical to Liberty. We tolerated the Communist Party USA for 50 years, but were on the forefront of calling the ideology espoused by it what it was: inherently totalitarian.

I personally tolerated the head of the CPUSA as I listened to him speak on a square in front of Moscow's Bolshoi Theatre in the mid-1990s. Believe me, it took all the strength I could muster to not jump on that stage and pop him one in the mouth as he cheered the old Soviet system and lied to the Russian people that they had been far better off under Communism than Americans ever were under democracy.

I tolerated him, but did not embrace him. That is how tolerance works.

We on the Right were correct in saying that Communism was an inherently totalitarian system. It subsumed the individual to the collective, the will of the me to the you.

During that time, and even today, Communist 'fellowtraveler' apologists liked to distinguish between 'Marxism' or 'true Communism' and 'Stalinism' or 'Soviet Communism'. In their minds, it was unfair to criticize Marx or often even Lenin.

Marx and Lenin, they would say, were trying to help people, but Stalin was in it just for the power. They found it easier to believe that Stalin murdered 40 million people for the sake of his own megalomania than because he believed he was doing it for the sake of building Communism. Oddly, they could see that Hitler killed the Jews because he believed it was helping build the uber race, but it eluded them how it could be that Stalin could murder the kulaks for the sake of collectivization.

A great deal of academic work was produced during this time as a way for the followers of Marx to distinguish themselves from Communism as it was actually practiced in the Soviet Union or in China. Such work was meant to separate 'true Communism' from the Communist states.

These Communist 'fellowtravelers' we on the Right could tolerate. They made it clear that they rejected much of the heavy-handedness of the Soviet system and were often equally critical of it.

But we never embraced even the watered down version of Communism offered by these so-called fellowtravelers.

None of us cowered at the notion of saying that it was Marx's ideology itself that was evil. None of us feared offending them or alienating them by saying that Stalin was the direct and logical outcome of Marx. That the gulags were in fact started by that heroic icon of the Left, Lenin. That Communism itself was totalitarian in nature and evil.

Despite expressing our opinion about the inherent flaws of Communism and its ideological founder, Marx, we still tolerated Communists among us. And despite cries of 'McCarthyism', we attempted to boldly declare that which we truly believed.

During all of this the Left loved to bring up the fact that the vast majority of Soviet citizens would love nothing more than to live in peace. Our rejoinder was, "so what." How is that relevant to a discussion over whether or not Communism is inherently totalitarian and that Marx is responsible for it?

The Left also liked to point out states like Tito's Yugoslavia as examples of what they liked to believe were more open societies which were Marxist in orientation. Again, we replied, they may not be as bad as the USSR, but the citizens of Yugoslavia were also not free in any liberal sense of the word. To point out that there is a difference between Communism in Yugoslavia and the USSR is only show that one is less totalitarian than the other, not that neither are totalitarian.

It was also obvious to every one that there were different factions within the greater community of Marxists. Some of these factions had rehabilitated Marx to the point that they were no different than non-Marxist social-democrats. We didn't really care if they called themselves Marxists. That was fine. As long as they rejected the core ideas of Marxism. For instance, the last time I checked, Christopher Hithchens was calling himself a Trotskyite-Marxist. No accounting for ideological labels, I guess.

During all of this nobody said that the individual American Communist was a threat to our civil liberties. We did not think of individual Communists as bad people. We did not fear that our Communist neighbors would commit acts of terrorism. We had them over to our houses for dinner. Our kids played with their kids.

We were mature enough then to call Communism evil, while recognizing that the individual Communist was the kind of person we could go to a baseball game with. That is to say, one's ideology has little to do with how that person acts on a day to day basis. One's ideology only tells us how that person believes society ought to be organized, not how one ought to act now in the society we have today.

I am a libertarian. Nevertheless, rarely am I tempted to open a brothel, grow pot, or exceed the speed limit as political protest.

I hope the foregoing analogy has made itself clear by now. If it hasn't, I'm sorry. Allow me to explain why all of this is relevant.

Today, some on the Right wish us to remain silent on the topic of Islam. Some wish us to remain silent for strategic reasons--we need moderate Muslims to fight radical Muslims. This is a valid concern.

But the same concern existed in Europe during the Cold War. We did not wish to alienate European Marxists who opposed Soviet Aggression. Yet, we understood that these Socialists were mature enough to accept our criticisms while taking our aid.

Alliances are made out of mutual interests, not necessarily out of mutual ideologies. If Muslims are not able to accept our criticisms without rejecting our aid in the mutual fight against a form of Islam we both abbhor, then I would suggest we have an even deeper problem than even I would like to admit.

Some wish us to remain silent because they are just too lazy to open up a Koran and the traditionally accepted hadiths (sayings and traditions) and find out what the roots of the core ideology of Islam really are. To say that some branches of Islam reject many of the more odious hadiths and interpretations of the Koran, that some are fully committed to a very liberal form of Islam, or that most Muslims simply do not contemplate these doctrines on a day to day basis is all well and true, but begs the essential question which we were willing to ask in the case of Marx, but seem to be unwilling to ask about Muhammed: is there something inherent in these teachings that is incompatible with the liberal tradition?

That the vast majority of the victims of Islamic violence are fellow Muslims also is telling, but not in the way that some wish us to believe. The Muslim victims of terrorism are no less victims of Islam than the countless number of true-believing socialists murdered by Communism.

The vast majority of the victims of Communism were people living in Communist states. 40 million Soviets were killed because of Communism. Tens of millions of Chinese citizens were killed because of Communism. That the victims of Communism were largely members of socialist societies says a great deal about the ideology itself. So too with Islam and its victims.

To criticize Islam is no more to criticize the individual Muslim than criticizing Marx was an attack on the character of an individual Marxist. To criticize Islamic societies is no more an attack on Muslims than criticizing Soviet society was an attack on Russians.

What I think about Islam has absolutely nothing to do with what I think about Muslims. I hate Islam, yet in two hours a close Muslim friend will be over at my house. What I think about Communism has nothing to with what I think of Communists. So much so, in fact, that I spent nine months of my life hanging out with pro-Stalin Russian Communists!!

To say that there is a direct connection between the teachings of Muhammed, Islam, and the terrorism that it so often breeds is no different than saying that there is a direct connection between Marx, Communism, and the totalitarianism that it bred.

Islam is the root cause of Islamic terrorism, just as Marxism was the root cause of international Communist aggression.

Islam is the root cause of Islamic authoritarianism in every single nation that has a Muslim majority, just as Marxism was the root cause of authoritarianism in every single nation that adopted the Communist system.

Muhammed is the man responsible for creating the ideology of conflict and tyranny that is Islam, every bit as much as Marx is the man responsible for creating the ideology of conflict and tyranny that is Communism.

To ask me to say anything less of Islam is to ask me to lie for the sake of political expediency or political correctness. I cannot, and will not, muzzle my criticisms of Muhammed simply because it may alienate some of our allies in the war on terror, nor will I be silent about Islam simply because it may offend.

We were able to win the Cold War without resorting to such nonsense. I hope and pray that we can win the war against radical Islam under those same terms.

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Paltalk Help

Any one that has a Paltalk account, I really need help. Badly. Please e-mail me right away.

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Frankly, We're Afraid of Offending You (Please Circulate)

A concerned citizen named Sam sent me this cartoon. Please circulate it or post it to your website. Yes, it's that good.

Click for bigger image:

He says:


Having witnessed the embarrassing behaviour of most the western media over the past couple of days in relation to the Danish cartoons, I was prompted to make this cartoon myself.

I'm not sure if you can make use of it, but perhaps you could circulate it
around or suggest another site/blog I could contact who might be interested.

Somebody get this guy a syndicated, please!

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Chuck Norris is Muhammed

Chuck Norris stars in Delta Force III: Revenge of the Ninja Muhammeds--Chuck Norris has converted. And this time, it's personal.



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"House of War"

Histories and commentaries about Islam often mention the ironic labels that Muslims place on the two "houses" that define the two parts of humanity, as they see them. In this cosmology the realm of the infidels is referred to as the "House of War" while the sphere of Islam is called the "Ummah" (roughly, the community of the virtuous and faithful). The implication is that the West is condemned by their failure to "submit to the will of Allah" to a process of internecine struggle. This has been a useful fiction for the Ummah because not only does it provide a sense of moral superiority, but serves as a figleaf to hide the Ummah's private shame. The term "House of War" manages to convey the notion that the long struggle for justice, freedom and responsible government in the West was the mere pathology of an inferior and faithless people. But the current "cartoon crisis" informs the confused that what the Ummah has really been in submission to for these many centuries is not Allah's will, but a long tradition of tyranny that oppresses in the name of Allah. Avoidance by the Ummah of the kind of struggle that, for centuries, plunged the House of War into a bloody-but-purifying crucible has left the "House of Mankind" contaminated with dross.

And threatens to plunge us all, this time, again into the crucible.

(Cross-posted to Demosophia)

Former National Security Lawyer: 'FISA Unconstitutional'

Former National Security Lawyer and Central Intelligence Agency Officer H. Bryan Cunningham has submitted a 24-page letter to Arlen Specter, Patrick Leahy, and ten other Congressional leaders that raises serious questions about the Constitutionality of the FISA law.

Taken to its logical extreme, the Critics' position would fundamentally alter the system of separation of powers and checks and balances created by our Constitution, transforming our governmental system into one in which Congress alone reigns supreme in virtually all spheres of governmental action
Cunningham served under both the Clinton and Bush administrations.

Also posted at The Dread Pundit Bluto and Vince Aut Morire.

Danish Embassy in Syrian capital of Damascus set on fire

The "religion of peace" continues to illustrate to the world the opposite.

DAMASCUS (Reuters) - Hundreds of Syrian demonstrators set the Danish embassy on fire on Saturday to protest the printing by a Danish newspaper of cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad, a Reuters witness said.

The fire badly damaged the embassy's building. Protestors also threw stones at the building shattering its windows.

Skynews has the latest.

Companion OpiniPundit

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This Is Not Your Father's Pacifist

James Taranto's column in the Opinion Journal pointed me to this abomination in the DesMoines Register. The author, Pat Minor, belongs to the Christian Peacemaker Teams, four of whose members were taken hostage in Iraq.

Minor happens to be on speaking terms with a self-loathing Jew:

Sid, who considers himself a diaspora Jew, says, "Obviously, the Israelis are Jews, so they are my people. But, the Palestinians are oppressed, so they're my people more."
She obviously believes that being friendly with this twisted creature gives all the cover she needs to be openly anti-Semitic:
We constantly hear that the United States is working on a "peace process." The truth is, there is no peace process. There is no balance of power. Israel takes. Palestine has nothing left to give.
And Minor's hatred leads her to excuse, even to condone, terrorism:
While I abhor violence of any kind, it is hard to condemn a people who are resisting an oppression that has rendered them silent for more than 50 years. Nonviolent resistance — which many Palestinians (and Israelis and internationals who stand side-by-side with them) practice diligently — has so far been ineffective in changing things much for those who suffer. Fatah has been ineffective in changing things much. The people are nearing the end of their patience, as this Hamas victory indicates.
She finds it "hard to condemn" perverted savages who seek out women and children to murder, yet belongs to a pacifist organization?

I'm afraid I can't fathom this kind of pretzel rationalization.

Also posted at The Dread Pundit Bluto and Vince Aut Morire.

The Moral Middle

All of the appeasers, and at least a few of the agitators, in the comment section of this post at Samizdata (h/t: Wretchard) are missing the point. When the author refers to the editors of UK periodicals who refuse to publish the cartoons as "craven" he doesn't have in mind a matter of whether they're worried about "offending religious believers," because things have gone far beyond that. What he means is that these editors are so far behind the curve that they believe it's still a matter of giving or taking offense. They're craven because they fail to recognize that there's no legitimate moral or ethical ground standing between "I am Spartacus" and the illegitimacy of "discretion is the better part of valor." With one possible exception, discretion is cowardice and foolishness.

That exception? There's something largely missing from this debate, because there would seem some ground upon which principled Muslims might have stood. They could have made the argument that the Danish cartoons could not have depicted The Prophet, regardless of the intent, but must have been of a False Prophet honored by Al Qaeda and the Salafists. What does it mean that most of the Ummah assumes Al Qaeda honors Muhammed? Are there any Muslims with the view that the controversy is over a False Prophet and a false Islam? Maybe the few who take this position need an amplifier to be heard over the "street din?" Come to think of it, giving those Muslims a larger voice might still be the better part of valor.

(Cross-posted to Demosophia and The Jawa Report)

IAEA Refers Iran To Security Council

From the Associated Press:

VIENNA, Austria - The U.N. nuclear watchdog Saturday reported Iran to the U.N. Security Council in a resolution expressing concern that Tehran's nuclear program may not be "exclusively for peaceful purposes." Iran retaliated immediately, saying it would resume uranium enrichment at its main plant instead of in Russia.

The landmark decision by the International Atomic Energy Agency's 35-nation board sets the stage for future action by the top U.N. body, which has the authority to impose economic and political sanctions.

Still, any such moves were weeks if not months away. Two permanent council members, Russia and China, agreed to referral only on condition the council take no action before March.

No doubt a stern letter will be prepared to buy time until UN graft sanctions can be arranged.

Also posted at The Dread Pundit Bluto and Vince Aut Morire.

Muhammad Cartoon Rage Via Email (Updated)

Although we have an email privacy policy (at Hyscience - where originally posted) that assures readers that their emails are never published, we have a long-standing tradition that the policy DOES NOT APPLY TO DEATH THREATS. The majority of death threats that we get are to us personally, and some of those have been posted in the past.

However, today we received an email from Belani Bulasin in Turkey, that applies to all of us "blasphemous Westerners." His English is better than what we've seen from most jihadist emails in the past, so one would assume that he is bright and educated.

While he's certainly entitled to his opinion of whether or not the images of Muhammad should or should not have been posted, making death threats to individuals or a civilization, or to any persons of any group of any size in between, is inappropriate and unacceptable behavior in today's world.

This applies to everyone, even those who by choice or happenstance live in a stoneage culture, and follow a violent and intolerant religion that worships someone they view as a prophet, but who is viewed by much of the world as the wellspring of terrorism.

Since Belani's message applies to the entire Western civilization, and is indicative of the intolerant, violent, hateful, and murderous religion that he follows, radical Islam, a belief that follows jihad and seeks world domination, and submission to Islam by non-radical Muslims and non-Muslims alike, we feel it very appropriate to post his email here:

Hyscience Message from Belani Bulasin karasahan@e-kolay.net to admin Feb 3 (12 hours ago)

From: Belani Bulasin (
Email: karasahan@e-kolay.net

I'd like to let you know a Turkish saying reads as "a dog which was destined to be dead soon, urinates on a wall of a mosque! You blasphemous Westerners all are very like that dog in the saying!

Belani Bulasin

Readers are encouraged to voice their opinion on this matter, and to offer Belani their input and advice as to what they think about his threat, what therapy he and his fellow followers of the wellspring of world wide Islamic terrorism and Islamofascism might consider, and what you think of people that have a sand dune, stoneage, intolerant, mindset such as his.

Readers are also encouraged to be very polite. Remember, Belani needs therapy, not more abuse. He was probably abused as a child, or perhaps that dog at the mosque just happens to have "special meaning" for him. We want to let him know that we consider him our friend, albeit a bit misguided.

Update: I missed this one earlier, this one from an annonymous sender:

Anonymous Sender to admin Feb 3

I had a dream last night after looking at your blog.
Severe tragedy will kill or crush you this year.
I think it will be your son killed in Iraq.
Or maybe something worst.
You will be amazed at my prediction.
This i promise you.
Keep up your attacks on muslims.

Nice man!

Originally posted at Hyscience

» Fatwa issued against Hyscience for: Marching To Dhimmitude

February 03, 2006

Terrorists Seek Cases Tossed Due to NSA Spying

You had to know this was coming. The lawyer for Iyman Faris, convicted of plotting to blow up the Brooklyn Bridge, asked a federal judge today to throw out the case because the National Security Agency illegally spied on him.

From the AP:

Iyman Faris' challenge is among the first to seek evidence of warrantless electronic eavesdropping by the National Security Agency, a practice that began after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. Government officials have reportedly credited the practice with uncovering Faris' terrorist plot and several others.

A motion filed by Faris' attorney David Smith in U.S. District Court in Alexandria, Va., argues that investigators improperly obtained evidence against Faris and that his trial lawyer was ineffective.

Given the likelihood that Faris' phone conversations or e-mails had been electronically monitored, Faris' trial lawyer, Frederick Sinclair, should have asked for evidence of such surveillance, Smith said in the motion.

Interestingly, Faris, 36, pleaded guilty to conspiracy and aiding and abetting terrorism. He was sentenced to 20 years in prison. Subsequently, he tried to take back his guilty plea, saying everything is his agreement was false.

And, there are others looking to get their terror-related convictions overturned.

A lawyer for Ali al-Timimi, an Islamic scholar in northern Virginia serving a life sentence for exhorting followers to fight U.S. troops, has said he plans to challenge his case based on NSA involvement. So has an attorney for Adham Amin Hassoun, a Lebanese-born Palestinian living in Florida who is charged with being part of a cell dedicated to supporting violent Muslim extremists.
Obviously, the issue of the NSA eavesdropping will have to be decided in the courts. I hope that the judges ruling on the issue keep in mind that it involves protecting the United States from foreign attack. It would be imprudent to allow Faris and his terrorist buddies to get off.

Companion post at Interested-Participant.

Kabuki Outrage

Strictly Speaking this sort of thing doesn't bother me all that much. I mean, it's true that western media are kind of bending over backwards, matrix-style, to placate muslin sentiment, but the backdrop is that we're more afraid of what we might do, than what they might do. Consider that human beings, as a rule, are not really that different from one another in spite of modest differences in local and regional culture. We basically all have the same sense of fairness and usually recognize the same constraints against the First Commandment. And the thrust of history that substantiates the reform and progressive movements in Western Culture (individual freedom, anti-slavery, anti-totalitarianism) are not merely "Western" but human, in a sense that's vastly larger than the regional appeal of a Seventh Century Prophet who "shall not be disobeyed." And while the world of Islam has been offended, yet again, by our iconoclasm, we have yet to see the awakened offense of Western Culture to the affront of being challenged and blasphemed by the regional superstition of "low Islam," before it has even awakened itself to a righteous indignation about chattel slavery: a conflict that cost the United States in excess of a million untimely deaths. (And in my own case, almost 50% of the progeny of our Arkansas hillbilly family.) If the sense of Jacksonian offense at being taken for granted by a lesser cultural light is ever genuinely awakened, the modest threats tossed out by the Islamic world as a thin figleaf against its own shameful past will seem anemic and pale by comparison to the wrath that will be loosed on that poor excuse for "progress."

Do not get me started...

(Cross-posted to Demosophia)

Riders Guard Soldier Funerals From Protesters

Stop the ACLU and Patriotic Mom post about protestors disrupting the funerals of Iraq War vets, and the extremes that their families have been driven to just to bury their loved ones with dignity.


Read More "Riders Guard Soldier Funerals From Protesters" »

Vinnie Gets Results


I'm Salman Rushdie, and I endorse this post.

And Now A Word From Our Sponsor

We are pleased to introduce noted star of the big and little screen, Mohammed the Prophet. Star of such blockbuster hits as "The Siege" and "Executive Decision." Emmy award winning star of "Flight 93" and various episodes of "24."


Hello, O brothers. I have come with a couple of questions for you.


After a hard day of marching, flag burning, and chanting "Death to America, Israel, Denmark, and Vanutu!" do you find it hard to unwind?


After a hot, rough day in the Bekaa valley, training for your martyrdom mission, do you find it tough to relax and enjoy a good soccer game on the television?


Fret not, O holy warrior, for I have just the thing for you...


Fris Vodka. That's right, imported from the great nation of Denmark, this super premium vodka is freeze distilled by master distillers commissioned by appointment to the royal Danish court. But don't take my word for it, take theirs...


After a hot day preparing detonators and wiring IEDs, I greet my husband at the door with a Fris martini. It helps him wind down after a hard day, so that we can ululate all night, baby!


I was a kindergarten teacher before I found Fris. Now, after a drink or two, I can behead the infidel in my sleep!


Shhh...don't tell anyone, but my daddy loves his Fris in a Cosmo! He mixes them in the hollowed out skull of an apostate!


There you have it, brothers and sisters. Purchase Fris Vodka, and other fine Danish products, in a store near you. And that's not just a request, that's a fatwa!

» Fatwa issued against Riehl World View for: Fun With Fascism Friday
» Fatwa issued against LeatherPenguin: "Umbrage" is Just a Start for: Jihadi's in the Target Sights: I Knew if I Waited ...

Throw Another Log On The Fire

These ladies will not sit around idly waiting for an honor killing.

First up, my good friend Beth, who simply will not rest until I, and I alone, receive the coveted First Fatwa of Jawa:


But wait, sports fans. Linda of Something and Half of Something, that notoriously evil Joooooooooooooo, offers herself up a heapin' plate of fatwa-worthiness:


Remember, O exalted imams, the fatwa for the top image goes to me, the bottom one goes to Linda. Of Something and Half of Something. A blog. By a Jewish lady.

What the Muslim Protesters Were Really Thinking

Muslims at WWE Smackdown

Steelers or Seahawks fan?

The kind of Islam I dig!

Double meaning?

Bad ass, bad gay.

Inspired by Blogfather.

Related photoshop contest.

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Strange Fruit Indeed

Jesus Christ: "Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves. By their fruit you will recognize them”.

To see the Fruit of the Religion of Peace click below. (graphic image warning)

Read More "Strange Fruit Indeed" »

Palestinian Authority Overstimates Own Population by 62%

When is overstating your population by 1.5 million people a big deal? When your actual population is only 2.41 million. That's an overstatement of 62%! That would be kind of like the U.S. claiming it had 453 million people instead of 280.

Worse, the numbers built of phony assumptions grow the error rate over time. Thus, the PA actually overstates its future population far more than it is already overstating it today. They overstate the number of Arabs expected to be living in Israel and the West Bank by over double!

So, what incentive could the Palestinian Authority have in lying about their population? The Officer's Club:

The report has the ability to bust a legion of myths perpetuated by pro-Palestinian factions. It disproves notions that Arabs outnumber Jews in Israel and the occupied territories, it reveals a Jewish majority in Arab East Jerusalem, and cements the dominant Jewish majority (4-1) within Israel's pre-1967 borders.

This affects the Israeli-Arab conflict on every level. The PA has long used these bogus head counts to generate sympathy for their cause on the international stage. It impacts Arab claims to the entirity of the West Bank, and blows the whistle on millions -perhaps billions- of dollars worth of international aid donated to help people that never actually existed (and in reality was probably directed into the coffers of Islamic Jihad or the now reigning Hamas).

Here is the actual report in Power Point format as presented to The American Enterprise Institute.

Click the image below for larger view.

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» Fatwa issued against Vital Perspective for: Palestinian Authority Overestimates Its Populatinon by 62%

Border Threats

By 'threats' I don't mean the problems associated with an open border. I mean actual threats...against police officers along our borders...by the Mexican military.

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Michael Yon Gets Shortchanged

OK, this is just a matter of lawyers getting in the way of sentience. Some senior staff officer had better step in to dispel the insanity, and use a rolled-up newspaper on the JAG's nose while they're at it. Dumber than a bag of rocks...

(h/t: Instapundit)

Muslims Propose 'Final Solution' for Cartoon Blasphemers

As if promising to 'slay' and 'behead' the blasphemers wasn't enough. Now calls for 'extermination'. Since Muslims are holding the entire country of Denmark responsible for a single brave newspaper's actions, are we to surmise that only the Danes should be sent to the gas chambers or all of in the West who support them too?

Photo grab of BBC via fellow Jawa reporter Tim at Opinion Bug.

And just in case you don't understand what they mean by 'extermination'.


Above AP image via Michelle Malkin who has more.

Check out our expose on the terror supporters behind this demonstration and their ties to the City of Birmingham here.

UPDATE: Related and funny.

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» Fatwa issued against reverse_vampyr for: Religion of Peace update
» Fatwa issued against A Blog For All for: The Cartoon Controversy Grows More Ominous
» Fatwa issued against Peakah's Provocations... for: Future Subway Sandwich name: The Mecca Melt
» Fatwa issued against Stop The ACLU for: Danish Embassy Set Ablaze: Can We Co-Exist?

Vacation Evaporation

See Vonski's weekly roundup of positive news from Iraq.

According to the above article, the statistics indicate that the number of attacks in Iraq are declining. To those who say things are getting worse, not better, I would like to respectfully disagree.
Also Vonski discusses the WAPO cartoon and threatens to...not like it very much.
This outrage is developing into (surprise!) threats of kidnapping and violence against those responsible for the blasphemies. In Islam, it is forbidden to produce or view any sort of depiction of Muhammad to discourage idolatry.
Secular Blasphemy recieves his very first death threat!
A commenter left the following message twice on my blog now tonight, one of which timed in at February 2, 2006, 20:25 my time.

Commenter's name:

Email address:

to all the non muslims.... u think by publishing these kind of things u can win or dreaming of conquering islam. let me tell you.. this is an attempt of the satanic followers who have no belif n faith... they are the misguided n rejected people of this world. if u dare to do this again a wor! ld wide holy war will be declared on you bastards. i believe that you the europeans are afraid of losing their ground against islam. and that is evident .. the world is turning to believe in islam... so such miscreants try to diverge their attention... a lost hope. i must say. did you (satans ) ever saw any muslim saying anything about ur religion..never...dont try our nerves .. you will have more to see in future.....if you would have been infront of me... i would have cut your throat right tere n then.... the ill-legitimate sons n daughters of the americans,,,and jews.....clinton himself a gay...who gives a shit to him... a bad character ex-president. you are the biggest hypocrate of the time.. God gives you true direction(hidayat). ask forgiveness from ALLAH THE ALMIGHTY....AND APOLOGISE TO THE MUSLIM UMMAH... OR YOU WILL BE PAST.

Congratulations and I'm sure Jawa readers will find the email address helpful.

Hat tip Michelle Malkin for posting the Secular Blasphemy link.

Possibly related to cartoons "day of outrage"?

Investigators are trying to determine if a string of fires at churches in central Alabama were started by an arsonist, a state official said on Friday...One of the churches has a predominantly black congregation and the other four are predominantly white, officials said.

Update: That's six churches Burned in three hours. All on 02/03 the "day of outrage".

British Muslims: "Behead Those Who Insult Islam"


What the news is not reporting about these people is that they are followers of Sheikh Omar Bakri Muhammad and that their website has called for death to all those who blaspheme mohammed. They openly preach this hate on the streets of London. A related group, The Saved Sect, operates in Birmingham.

Intelligence gathered from Jawa Report operatives indicated that radical Islamists linked to Sheikh Omar Bakri Muhammad are using The Birmingham Grid for Learning webservers to spread jihadi propaganda and recruit terrorists. These webservers are owned and operated by the Birmingham City Council. The webserver also seems to be related to various schools in Birmingham.

What we want to know is who has access to these webservers? Is an employee of the City of Birmingham, or a related school, a jihadi? I believe the people of Birmingham might be interested to know that there is a terrorist in their midst. Especially if that terrorst is teaching their children.

More pics at LGF.

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Muslim Furor Over Cartoons 'Part And Parcel Of Culture War Against The West'

... the culture war that is being waged by the Arabs and Muslims in response to the Danish cartoons is an assault on the West's right to live and govern in accordance with its values. It is an assault on the notions of freedom and self-determination themselves

So please tell me, "Oh great Muslim scholars," why is it that "non-Muslims ought to behave obsequiously towards all things Islamic," and can't carryout a simple satire on how the world perceives the Muslim world by their terrorist behavior, while the Muslims are free to demonize Jews as monkeys and pigs and accuse Christians of being idolaters???

Caroline Glick absolutely nails it on the Muslim furor over the cartoons, and her piece in the JP needs worldwide recognition:

(...) At its base, the Muslim furor over the cartoons is part and parcel of their culture war against the West. The Muslims pushing the issue believe that non-Muslims ought to behave obsequiously towards all things Islamic, while the Muslims are free to demonize Jews as monkeys and pigs and accuse Christians of being idolaters. According to the rules of their culture war, if Western societies refuse to behave in accordance with their dictates, the Muslims have the right and duty to attack them.

(...) That is, the culture war that is being waged by the Arabs and Muslims in response to the Danish cartoons is an assault on the West's right to live and govern in accordance with its values. It is an assault on the notions of freedom and self-determination themselves.

That bears repeating one more time, because the West needs to realize what the Islamists are really up to in perpetuating the Muslim rage against the cartoons. The culture war that is being waged by the Arabs and Muslims in response to the Danish cartoons is an assault on the West's right to live and govern in accordance with its values. It is an assault on the notions of freedom and self-determination themselves

I hope that's clear, now. Make sure you get it, then help to make sure everyone you know gets it. Pass the word!

Originally posted at Hyscience

» Fatwa issued against reverse_vampyr for: Religion of Peace update

The 'Mother of All Downing Street Memos' Nonsense (Updated)

The tin-foil brigades are at it again. This time with a Downing Street memo which is supposedly "bigger, longer, and uncut". In fact, this one is another non-starter for the conspiracists who would like to believe that George Bush and Tony Blair are the modern incarnations of evil.

To the conspiracy theorists all absence of evidence is evidence of kabal and silence is nothing more than cover up. Thus, the conspiracist is left grasping at straws and then calling such straws evidence--or worse, proof.

So, what is in this "mother of all Downing Street memos" which David Corn believes is evidence that Bush and Blair are "conspiring to create a modern-day version of the sinking of the Maine"? Yes, Corn actually uses the word conspiring--you know, as in "to be involved in a conspiracy", Here is the Channel4 'exlusive':

President Bush to Tony Blair: "The US was thinking of flying U2 reconnaissance aircraft with fighter cover over Iraq, painted in UN colours. If Saddam fired on them, he would be in breach"
Corn calls this the equivalent of the sinking of the Maine, which is telling since he seems to believe that was a 'conspiracy' as well.

But, what exactly is the big deal here? The fact of the matter is that Saddam Hussein was doing this on a nearly daily basis already! With or without the Bush-Blair conspiracy, Iraqi forces fired on U.S. and British planes patrolling the no-fly zone thousands of times before U.S. troops ever invaded Iraq.

How does one conspire to create an incident that is already happening on nearly a daily basis? Is Corn and the American Left acually so ignorant as to have not read the hundreds of press reports of Iraqi forces firing on Coalition airplanes for years and years before the invasion?

Saddam had been in breach for a dozen years, the majority of which were under the Clinton administration. Was Bill Clinton somehow involved in this conspiracy too?

Corn seems to rest his hopes on that single point. But there is more in what he calls 'the mother of all Downing Street' memos:

Bush: "It was also possible that a defector could be brought out who would give a public presentation about Saddam's WMD, and there was also a small possibility that Saddam would be assassinated."
I'm not sure which part is more not shocking. An Iraqi defector had come forward and presented his case about WMD. It was during the Clinton Administration. It turned out that defector's information was accurate. Despite intelligence that claimed Iraq had no WMD, it turned out that the intelligence was wrong. Iraq did have an active WMD program despite what the CIA was saying. That defector was Saddam Hussein's son-in-law and it was the Clinton Administration's intelligence community that had the WMD prediction wrong. But I'm sure that was part of the conspiracy, right?

So, what is the big deal about wanting an Iraqi to talk publicly about Iraq's WMD program? It had been done before and used as pretext to invade Iraq's sovereignty before.

Assassinate Hussein? File under: mother of all not-shocking ideas.

What else is so 'shocking' in the papers?

Blair: "A second Security Council Resolution resolution would provide an insurance policy against the unexpected and international cover, including with the Arabs. "
That's not a revelation, that's just history. News flash: Bush and Blair wished U.N. would back invasion! Don't want Arabs pissed!
Bush: "The US would put its full weight behind efforts to get another resolution and would 'twist arms' and 'even threaten'. But he had to say that if ultimately we failed, military action would follow anyway.''
News Flash: U.S. believes it does not need U.N. backing to use military force to protect its perceived vital national security interests! How shocking is that. I seem to recall that John Kerry had the same position, before he didn't.
Blair responds that he is: "solidly with the President and ready to do whatever it took to disarm Saddam."
Er, and this is significant because??
Bush told Blair he: "thought it unlikely that there would be internecine warfare between the different religious and ethnic groups."
Okay, so Bush was wrong. Being wrong doesn't make one part of a conspiracy.

The conspiracy minded doesn't stop there. People like Corn were convinced there was a conpiracy long before the Downing Street Memo. The DSM was used as 'evidence' that their preconceived notions were correct. So this 'evidence' simply corraborates what they already believe. Just like moon landing nuts who believe that a photo which shows a shadow where they don't think it should be is 'proof' of the conspiracy, Corn and the far Left believe any statements from Bush or Blair that they were planning for war before they had publicly stated that they had made up their minds is 'proof' of a neo-Imperialist agenda.

But it gets worse. While rational people will see these statements as ambigious at worst and innocuous and obvious at best, people like Corn think the smoking gun has been found. They are so convinced that they know 'objective reality' as it really is, that any disregard for the memo is simply to deny the obvious. Hence, when the media doesn't pick up on the story Corn and the Left believe the media is part of the conspiracy too! Corn:

Will members of the press corps at 1600 Pennsylvania press the point? This revelation--which is more shocking than anything in the Downing Street Memos--should be major news here. But will it?
Zebra, meet stripes.

Hat tip: payer of bills.


The new smoking gun reveals a flagrant violation of international law. Waging war under such circumstances constitutes a breach of the Nuremberg and Geneva codes and the UN Charter, which legitimize such action only in clear and present danger situations involving self-defense.

The Political Pit Bull has an excellent analysis of this shocking new memo, too.

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» Fatwa issued against The Political Pit Bull for: Update: Another British "Memo" Surfaces

Jihad Declared in Scandinavia

At what point did blasphemous art become a declaration of war? Via Charles Johnson this little nugget about a 'refugee' in Norway:

Yesterday (Thursday) Mullah Krekar, the alleged leader of the Islamist group Ansar al-Islam who has been living in Norway as a refugee since 1991, said that the publication of the Muhammad cartoons was a declaration of war. “The war has begun,” he told Norwegian journalists. Mr Krekar said Muslims in Norway are preparing to fight. It does not matter if the governments of Norway and Denmark apologize, the war is on.

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» Fatwa issued against The Dread Pundit Bluto for: 'The War Is On'
» Fatwa issued against The Political Pit Bull for: Cartoonapalooza

Quick Question

Then I have to go back to work.

If today is an official "International Day of Anger" in the Ummah, what was 9/11, a mild disagreement?

Bin Laden, Kanye West and Beatles Bigger than Christ


Upside down bin Laden as Christ

When will the riots and death threats begin? Perhaps we should boycott New York? More from Michelle Malkin and Chad at ITB.

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A Fatwa a Day Keeps the Jihad Away

Yesterday afternoon it looked, for a time, like the first official fatwa had been issued against The Jawa Report's own Dread Pundit Bluto. On closer examination it turns out that Bluto gave himself a fatwa. Doesn't he know that fatwaing yourself makes you go blind?

Here is some more fatwa worthy material. Again, if you sit on a Shura council or are a Mullah, please be specific as to which Jawa Report author gets the fatwa. If you are one of the elusive 'moderate' Muslims we keep hearing about, then sorry to offend you. But, better to offend the moderate and expose the extremist than to forever pretend that the extremist doesn't exist.

(NSFW) Pigs and Muhammed (follow link) and Muhammed eating flying pigs.

A goat and Muhammed over at No Mayo.

Since Zombie's server got overloaded our good friend Beth backed up the archive of Muhammed images through history.

Remember Piss Christ? Sobek has Piss Muhammed.

Art: Muhammed and 'Virgin'

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» Fatwa issued against MY Vast Right Wing Conspiracy for: Draw Mohammed Week / RIDICULE Islamotards Month Year
» Fatwa issued against reverse_vampyr for: Religion of Peace update
» Fatwa issued against euphoricreality.net for: Religion Of Peace Rampages (Jylland-Posten Cartoon Fall Out)

Egyptian Cruise Ship Disappears from Radar

(Cairo) All contact with the Egyptian cruise ship Salaam 98 was lost shortly after it left the Saudi port of Dubah on the Red Sea coast.

From WCBSTV.com:

Egyptian maritime officials say lifeboats containing people have been spotted in vicinity of where cruise liner was last seen on radar.

The ship Salaam 98 disappeared from radar screens shortly after sailing from the port of Dubah, western Saudi Arabia, at 7 p.m. local time on Thursday night, maritime officials in Suez said.

They spoke on condition of anonymity as they were not authorized to address the media.

The ship was due to have arrived at Egypt's southern port of Safaga at 3 a.m. local time, but did not, the officials added.

The ship, owned by El-Salaam Maritime Transport Co., carried 1,300 passengers, many of them pilgrims returning from the annual hajj to Mecca. Notably, from my reading, these ships are often overloaded and poorly maintained.

[Update] Another report has been filed with more detailed information.

Al Salam Boccaccio 98 ShipFrom CNN.com:

State-run Nile Television, quoting the Red Sea governor, said the ship was carrying 1,415 people -- 1,310 of them Egyptians.

"Our understanding now is that there are survivors," said Egyptian Minister of Transport Mohamed Loutfy Mansour, who said the reports came from helicopter pilots.

"The Coast Guard is doing everything in its power to try to rescue the people." Four frigates were expected to arrive at the site soon, he added.

Helicopters have spotted bodies floating on the sea and one lifeboat carrying three people in the vicinity of where the ship was last seen on the radar screens, maritime officials told The Associated Press.

Egyptian officials confirm that the ship has sunk. No cause has been identified, however, the ship is a roll-on, roll-off ferry design known to suffer stability problems. It's also known that the ship, built in 1970, suffered a collision in 1999.

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National Security, The New York Times, And The Espionage Act

Gabriel Schoenfeld, writing in Commentary, examines the question that should have been the hot topic in the mainstream media for the past month: did the New York Times violate the Espionage Act in printing James Risen's story about surveillance of international calls and emails from al Qaeda suspects to people inside the United States?

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February 02, 2006

I'll Take Your Mild Rebuke And Raise With A Fatwa


» Fatwa issued against aaron for: Mohammed Cartoons plus Goatse
» Fatwa issued against Outside The Beltway | OTB for: Muslims Day of Anger to Respond to Cartoons
» Fatwa issued against aaron for: Mohammed Cartoon (Animated)

Who's Alienating Whom?

Lots of debate in an earlier post concerning the horrendous stick figure caricatures that are being posted here. The general concern seems to be that us Louvre-bound artists may alienate moderate Muslims. You know, our allies.

So, let's check in with our most moderate of Muslim allies, Turkey.

Via the blog grandfather:

ISTANBUL, Turkey (Feb. 2) - In the most expensive Turkish movie ever made, American soldiers in Iraq crash a wedding and pump a little boy full of lead in front of his mother.

They kill dozens of innocent people with random machine gun fire, shoot the groom in the head, and drag those left alive to Abu Ghraib prison - where a Jewish doctor cuts out their organs, which he sells to rich people in New York, London and Tel Aviv.

"Valley of the Wolves Iraq" - set to open in Turkey on Friday - feeds off the increasingly negative feelings many Turks harbor toward their longtime NATO allies: Americans.

Down at the bottom of the story:

But Topbas and other Turks at the premiere weren't too concerned about how the movie would be perceived in the United States.

"There isn't going to be a war over this," said Nefise Karatay, a Turkish model lounging on a sofa after the premiere. "Everyone knows that Americans have a good side. That's not what this is about."

I'm feeling fairly alienated by our moderate Muslim allies at the moment. Anyone up for a little rioting and Turkish flag burning?

I'm not surprised by Busey and Zane's involvement. Busey went out of his way to belittle our military in the wretched Seagal flick "Under Siege" and Zane was nothing if not the epitome of eeevil conservative rich white guy in Titanic.

German Man Taken Hostage Over Cartoons, Released

The great thing about Palestinian terrorists is that there is always another Palestinian terrorist group around to free the hostage taken by the original Palestinian terrorist group. The anti-hostage terror groups in Palestine know its bad PR. That, and they really need Europe's money.


A German citizen was released Thursday night after being briefly kidnapped by Palestinian militants in the northern West Bank city of Nablus, Palestinian witnesses and security sources said.

A group of masked militants broke into the al-Yasmin Hotel in Nablus and forced the German citizen, who was staying in the hotel, to go with them, said the witnesses.

The hostage, identified as Christoph Kasten, a 21-year-old who teaches English in Nablus, was later handed over unharmed to the Palestinian police, said well-informed sources.

Fifteen minutes later, the German was released by police. Witnesses said that no one claimed responsibility for the abduction, but added that militants of the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, an armed wing of the Fatah movement, were searching hotels in Nablus for Europeans on Thursday night.

The group issued a leaflet in Nablus, which denied its involvement.....

Shortly before the kidnapping of the German national, another group of militants stormed into the French cultural center in Nablus, said Palestinian security sources, adding that the police managed to expel the militants.

Earlier in the day, militants in Gaza broke into the European Union headquarters in the Gaza City and shut it down after firing in the air.

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Fatwa? Pretty Please!

A reader sends these cartoons depicting Muhammed. They wish to remain anonymous for fear of life and limb. Fine, throw away a perfectly good opportunity to get a fatwa. More for me. Please issue fatwas care of Rusty Shackleford and visit our gallery of fatwa worthy cartoons here.

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» Fatwa issued against aaron for: Mohammed Cartoons plus Goatse
» Fatwa issued against Outside The Beltway | OTB for: Muslims Day of Anger to Respond to Cartoons
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Laura Alito and Other Hot Supreme Court Chicks

laura_alito.jpgIs Laura Alito truly hot? When Rob Port says the daughter of a Supreme Court justice is hot you never really know--let's face it, the long North Dakota winter will do that to a guy. But when Jonah Goldberg agrees? How you gonna argue with that?

But, er, you guys do realize she's still in high school? This is wrong on so many levels.....

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Beavis Moment of the Day

Is that pronounced "boner"?

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More Deranged Raving From The Left

Stop the ACLU chronicles two of the latest examples of the deterioration of the anti-American Left. Cindy Sheehan (if anyone is still listening) goes all Ward Churchill on the President:

George Bush, a few weeks ago, said “oh I don’t know, 30,000″, innocent Iraqis. Well, even if we take his estimation into consideration and say “ok, it was 30,000″ … On September 11, one of the most tragic days in American history that we will all never forget, 3,000 Americans were killed, so does that make George Bush ten times a bigger terrorist than Osama bin Laden? (Applause)
What will Cindy do next, claim membership in an Indian tribe?

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British Muslim Group: Kill Cartoon Blasphemers

British Muslims honest enough to tell us what Muhammed and his followers did to those who blasphemed: killed them. Funny, I don't recall reading any stories of the Buddha killing the Hindu Brahmans who scorned him, nor do I recall stories of Jesus murdering the Pharasees. I thought all religions were basically the same?

Via the Blogfather Charles Johnson who got it from HNN, this interesting post by British Jihadis. It is appropriately titled Kill those who insult the Prophet Muhammad:

At the time of the Messenger Muhammad (saw) there were individuals like these who dishonoured and insulted him upon whom the Islamic judgement was executed. Such people were not tolerated in the past and throughout the history of Islam were dealt with according to the Shariah. Ka’ab ibn Ashraf was assassinated by Muhammad ibn Maslamah for harming the Messenger Muhammad (saw) by his words, Abu Raafi’ was killed by Abu Ateeq as the Messenger ordered in the most evil of ways for swearing at the prophet, Khalid bin Sufyaan was killed by Abdullah bin Anees who cut off his head and brought it to the prophet for harming the Messenger Muhammad (saw) by his insults, Al-Asmaa bintu Marwaan was killed by Umayr bin Adi’ al-Khatmi, a blind man, for writing poetry against the prophet and insulting him in it, Al-Aswad al-Ansi was killed by Fairuz al-Daylami and his family for insulting the Messenger Muhammad (saw) and claiming to be a prophet himself. This is the judgement of Islam upon those who violate, dishonour and insult the Messenger Muhammad
This part is choice. The reason we resort to terrorist tactics is because it works.
Shortly after these incidents the people began to realise that insulting the Messenger of Allah (saw) was not something to be taken lightly and that by doing so would mean that you would be killed for it, a concept that many have seem to forgotten today
And some more:
The insulting of the Messenger Muhammad (saw) is something that the Muslims cannot and will not tolerate and the punishment in Islam for the one who does so is death. This is the sunnah of the prophet and the verdict of Islam upon such people, one that any Muslim is able execute. The response of the Muslims all over the world shows us the inability to deal with such people, the kuffar are attacking our Messenger and are allowed to get away with it whilst the Muslims have no power to do anything about it. The leaders of the Muslim world have no care for the deen of Islam as they are busy cementing their seats content with their power and wealth. Where are the Muhammad ibn Maslamah’s of our ummah who will defend the honour of our beloved Messenger and rise the banner of Tawheed high?

But if they violate their oaths after their covenant, and attack your religion with disapproval and criticism then fight (you) the leaders of disbelief - for surely their oaths are nothing to them - so that they may stop (evil actions). [9:12]

The group follows the teaching of Sheikh Omar Bakri Muhammad. You may remember Sheikh Omar Bakri Muhammad from such websites as 'The Saved Sect'. (I believe Filthy Allah is on personal terms with one of Omar Bakri's followers..) and "it's okay to hold womwn and children hostage" and "I think I'll flee to Lebanon for my treason".

And just in case they try to deny that they wrote this when the British authorities come knocking at the door, I've backed up the original webpage here. Simply click on the screen shot below of al Ghurabaa's home page to see the archived original:


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» Fatwa issued against WunderKraut.com for: Here’s To Your Future Fatwa!
» Fatwa issued against Guide to Midwestern Culture for: The Pen is Mightier Than the Scimitar
» Fatwa issued against Draw Mohammed Week for: Jihad for Freedom - balls growing all over the pl
» Fatwa issued against America...F*ck Yeah! for: Outgoing Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmed Qureia: Palestinians are Incapable of Acting as Rational Beings

Too Stupid To Draw Their Own Cartoons, I Guess

How apropos.

GAZA CITY — Armed militants angered by a cartoon drawing of the Prophet Muhammad published in European media surrounded EU offices in Gaza on Thursday and threatened to kidnap foreigners as outrage over the caricatures spread across the Islamic world.

Like they really, really need an excuse to kidnap foreigners.

These guys, they're ready for anything. Look how they dress up to post leaflets at the EU office in Gaza. Maybe they're afraid a cow might be catapulted out of the building onto them, and they armed themselves appropriately.


» Fatwa issued against The Moderate Voice for: Furor Over Cartoons Mocking Muhammad Portends Future Problems

Dude, Smoke A Bowl, Chill

This is a comment left on my post here:

I am an avid supporter of free speech. However, anyone can express an opinion, the real question should be how informed is that opinion or expression.

There is a point where the speech produced has no constructive value to our
society and is nothing but mere baseless and crass vitriol that doesn't befit as
advanced a civilization as the West.

Many Western countries draw a limit on the freedom of speech when it comes to
the identity of child rape victim, slander and libel. Another main exception
that some countries have adopted is hate speech. Hate speech is speech which
condemns or dehumanizes the individual or group; or expresses anger, hatred,
violence or contempt toward them.

Depicting the Muslim's prophet as a terrorist, with absolutely no corroborating
or intellectual support or discourse, is hate speech.

I do not believe Christianity teaches us to dehumanize nor express hatred,
anger, violence, or contempt against an individual or group.

Such behaviour fails to show even the slightest modicum of decorum and civil
behaviour. Jesus would be ashamed.

The commenter's email is appropriate. "despondant." If there is a group that is perpetually despondent, it's the left.

But, I wanted to respond to what I highlighted. Apparently, my happy commenter has never bothered to read the Koran.

Prophet, make war on the unbelievers and hypocrites, and deal sternly with them. —Koran 66:9

God has promised you rich booty, and has given you this with all promptness. He has stayed your enemies' hands, so that He may make your victory a sign to true believers and guide you along a straight path. —Koran 48:20

Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, (even if they are) of the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued. -Koran 9:29

And the Jews say: Uzair is the son of Allah; and the Christians say: The Messiah is the son of Allah; these are the words of their mouths; they imitate the saying of those who disbelieved before; may Allah destroy them; how they are turned away! - Koran 9:30

Still think there's no corroborating evidence? You still want to discuss "hate speech?"

French Newspaper Caves to Muslim Threats of Violence, Fires Editor (Updated)

How else do you interpret the news that the French newspaper France Soir, which published blasphemous cartoons of Muhammed, fired the editor that had run them? If not a capitulation to threats of violence by intolerant Muslims, then what?

It's not like France's large Muslim population hadn't gone on rampages before. And if there is a single one of you who would be shocked to find Jacques Lefranc murdered in the streets of Paris, then you truly are ignorant.

Update: Le Monde bucks the trend and stands up to radical Muslims! (with pics)


France Soir originally said it had published the images in full to show "religious dogma" had no place in a secular society.

But late on Wednesday its owner, Raymond Lakah, said he had removed managing editor Jacques Lefranc "as a powerful sign of respect for the intimate beliefs and convictions of every individual".

Mr Lakah said: "We express our regrets to the Muslim community and all people who were shocked by the publication."

The president of the French Council of the Muslim Faith (CFCM), Dalil Boubakeur, had described France Soir's publication as an act of "real provocation towards the millions of Muslims living in France".

See how that works? It's not the fault of millions of Muslims for wanting to murder blasphemers, they were provoked.

Captain Ed has this:

These cartoons have been privately drawn and published by privately-owned enterprises. That is the essential nature of free speech. The Danes understand that, and I find the European impulse in supporting them the most hopeful sign from the Continent in a long time, Soir's surrender notwithstanding.
UPDATE: Reader Kir tells us that Raymond Lakah is actually from Egypt, which, if true, might also explain a whole lot and remove the fear of violence explanation. But, I would also remind you, that the only thing radical Islamists hate more than a kufir blaspheming the Prophet is one of their own blaspheming the Prophet. An Egyptian would be much more likely to understand the ramifications of blasphemy than an infidel Westerner.

UPDATE: In a shocking turn of events, Christians and Jews go on bloody rampage over depictions of Jesus!

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» Fatwa issued against Hyscience for: "Christians and Jews rampage across Western countries"

British Jihadi Convicted of Plot to Murder War Hero

Just another misunderstanderer of the true meaning of jihad, I guess. Notice the progression from collector of beheading videos and terror propaganda to a terrorist set on killing a fellow Briton because the man was a soldier who had fought bravely in Iraq. A Muslim with a collection of beheading videos is like a child who tortures animals: a sociopath in the making.

Not satisfied with stalking a decorated war hero, the misunderstanderer also was collecting information about prominent Hindus and Jews in the community.

Perhaps the most troubling part in all of this is that the would-be jihadi only gets 6 years for his treason.

Bexley Times:

A TERRORIST who planned to 'hunt down' and kill a decorated British soldier was jailed for six years last Thursday.

Abu Baker Mansha, 21, of Harold Wilson House, Arnott Close, Thamesmead, obtained the address of Corporal Mark Byles, 34, after reading a newspaper report on his killing of at least three insurgents in Iraq.

Mansha had amassed a collection of 'virulent' anti-west propaganda with stacks of DVDs, including one of the hostage Kenneth Bigley, pleading for his life before being beheaded.

Others featured Osama bin Laden, the al-Qaeda leader. Police also found a blank-firing pistol which somebody had attempted to convert into a lethal working weapon.

Last month, Mansha was convicted by a Southwark Crown Court jury of possessing a document containing information likely to be useful to a person committing or preparing an act of terrorism.

He denied the offence under the Terrorism Act 2000 which carries the maximum term of up to 10 years in jail....

"Also found were requests by you about information on prominent members of the Jewish and Hindu communities.

UPDATE: Interested Participant has been following this story and has an image of the convicted jihadi here.

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On More Fun

All praise be to Rusty for the Fatwa This! gallery. I want to say how much fun I had being creative.. so much so that I just had to enter another one. I feel that it is a compliment to my first offering to the Moon God.


Fatwa This!

Inspired by my fellow Jawa authors, we've opened a new Fatwa This archive. The archive will be dedicated to pushing the tolerance limits of the few misunderstanders of the religion of peace. Check it out to see our growing number of blasphemous representations of Muhammed.

If you are a Muslim cleric here to issue a fatwa, please be specific as to the author. General fatwas against The Jawa Report won't do. You see, it's kind of a competition......

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» Fatwa issued against aaron for: Mohammed’s Breakfast of Blasphemy

Two Iraqi Journalists Taken Hostage

(Baghdad) A few hours ago, terrorists abducted two journalists from a car traveling the streets of Baghdad.

From Aljazeera.net:

Police and station officials said on Thursday that Reem Zaid, 23, and her colleague Marwan Khaza'al, 25, were returning to the offices of Sumariya TV in Baghdad on Wednesday after attending a press conference when they were kidnapped by gunmen.

A station official who spoke on condition of anonymity said: "They were in a car with two cameramen and their driver when another car blocked them. The five gunmen took the correspondents and their car and left the two cameramen."

Many Iraqi media outlets are also controlled by various political factions inside and outside the government, but the Sumariya official said that the station was privately owned by Iraqis and had no links to any political group.

So, here's a case which appears to be something other than a random kidnapping or the abduction of an opponent.

As journalists, Zaid and Khaza'al apparently were targeted and tracked. Evidently the terrorists recognize that the media exposure associated with kidnapping journalists is exponentially greater than what occurs with businessmen, politicians, or military personnel. Consequently, the terroists are capitalizing on the situation and making journalists their preferred hostages.

Even so, I have to wonder why they didn't take the cameramen also. After all, they too are journalists.

Companion post at Interested-Participant.

» Fatwa issued against Diggers Realm for: Two Iraqi Reporters Taken Hostage In Iraq, One Of Them Female

Weapon System Touted As End To 'Collateral Damage'

From Insight On The News:

The U.S. military has been developing a gunship that could literally obliterate enemy ground targets with a laser beam.

The laser could have tremendous repercussions on the battlefield, particularly in urban warfare in such countries as Afghanistan and Iraq. "It's the kind of tool that could bring about victory within minutes," an official said.

Is this really the end of unintended casualties? Doubtful, but improvements in accuracy of delivery are, of course, welcome, both for greater efficiency in killing the enemy, and for avoiding harm to the innocent.

But suppose a weapon really were developed that completely eliminated collateral damage. That would mean the end of most of the anti-war movement, right? Wrong, the so-called anti-war movement in this country has never been about preventing deaths; it was and is about advancing a political agenda.

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February 01, 2006

On Begging for a Fatwa

I just have to play this game...

Peace Be Upon Him


And I say to you

All ummah are equal, but some ummah are more equal than others.

That Fatwa Is MINE

Inspired by Rusty, who was, uh, inspired by other people.


Then again, I may have been inspired by this.

» Fatwa issued against MY Vast Right Wing Conspiracy for: Draw Mohammed Week / RIDICULE Islamotards Month Year
» Fatwa issued against euphoricreality.net for: Religion Of Peace Rampages (Jylland-Posten Cartoon Fall Out)

Issue a Fatwa. I Dare You. (#273)

If Ted Rall is an edgy political cartoonist, then so am I. Only I'm actually putting my life on the line over this. Inspired by Draw Mohammed Week (Warning: NSFW) and classic Frank J.

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» Fatwa issued against Move On And Shut Up for: Update to the cartoon story...

Helena Houdova: The Spy We'd Love to Shag

Hollywood meet real life. Seriously, Mike Myers should get Ms. Houdova to star in the next Austin Powers flick. How often does an international supermodel and former Miss Czech Republic smuggle photos out of a Communist country in her unmentionables? Not nearly enough, that's how often!

Just remember the mantra of the Left when it comes to Castro's socialist paradise: at least they have free health care. Newsmax via Junkyard Blog:

Top Czech model Helena Houdova was arrested in Cuba last week while taking photographs of Havana's slums – but she managed to smuggle out pictures she hid in her bra.

Houdova – Miss Czech Republic 1999 – was arrested along with fellow model Mariana Kroftova, and Cuban police confiscated a roll of film in the women’s camera. However, Houdova concealed the memory card of her digital camera insider her brassiere.

"The revolution's watchmen rose up because I was taking pictures of something they do not like," Houdova told journalists after returning to the Czech Republic.

See Dub sent this along, obviously not wanting to post it for fear of Mrs. See Dub. And in case Mrs. Shackleford asks, remember, it was See Dub that was cruising the internet for this stuff, not me! I'm just posting this for educational purposes, that's all. I swear.

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Brad Pitt: Bad Gay

As you know, there is good gay and bad gay. An Angelina Jolie cameo on The L Word is good gay. Any gay with Brad Pitt in it is bad gay. Via Ace of Spades comes word that Brad Pitt desperately wants a gay role, presumably so he can up his Hollywood legits as a 'serious actor'. But if Brad Pitt has never played a gay cowboy eating pudding, what the hell was that Troy movie I just rented?

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Does George Bush Hate Women and Black People?

Clinton Taylor says no. Proof? The fact that Bush sent troops in to Liberia and now that country has the first woman president in Africa. Ever. Check out his article at Town Hall. Here's my favorite part, if somewhat unrelated to the rest of the article, still a helluva good point:

The old hippies at Rolling Stone magazine try once again to get a rise out of us Jesus-folk by running a cover photo of rapper Kanye West in a crown of thorns, beaten and bloodied, as if he were the subject of the Crucifixion. Ho-hum. Back when I was a teenager, Madonna’s Like a Prayer video actually attracted some attention. Today, though, Rolling Stone is going to have to work harder to cause a blasphemous splash—perhaps they could run a cover photo of Jewish shock-comic Sarah Silverman dressed as the Prophet Mohammed, and see if that gets some feedback.

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Eric Alterman: Bush = Jill Carroll Hostage Takers

Is Eric Alterman dumb or just evil? To equivocate between U.S. forces detaining women who have ties to terrorists and terrorists who kidnap, hold hostage, and threaten to murder civilians is dumb and evil, so I guess the answer is both.

Such equivocation minimizes the barbarity of hostage taking. Further, it gives aid and comfort to the enemies of the United States who fight us because they actually believe such equivocations are true. Next time bin Laden delivers an audio tape to al Jazeera, I fully expect him to quote Eric Alterman.

Eric Alterman

I’d like to congratulate the Bush administration for having the good taste to not make too big a deal about the kidnapping of U.S. journalist Jill Carroll by Iraqi insurgents. Since the Bush administration is in the business of politically kidnapping innocent people too, including the wives of people it wants to surrender. I hate to say it because of the all the baggage it carries but it reminds me of the deliberate murder of the innocent Ethel Rosenberg, to try to get a confession out of her husband.
Alterman basis this evil and dumb comparison based on an al Jazeera.com report that he embeds a link to in his post. Alterman is too stupid to realize that al Jazeera.com is not the actual al Jazeera you hear so much about on TV. No, al Jazeera.com is much much worse than al Jazeera. This is an English language outlet for the type of Muslims who think that the al Jazeera satellite television station is far too cozy with the West. These terror supporters simply grabbed the .com domain before the Qatar based station could buy it.

But that goes only to Alterman's stupidity. What about the evil accusation?

As regular readers know, I spend a good deal of my free time watching media produced by terrorists and reading what they say on bulletin boards. Alterman's accusations are identical to those made by jihadis all around the world. They justify the murdering of people like Jill Carroll as simple tit-for-tat.

The Americans murder Iraqi women, therefore murdering American women is justified.

They actually believe this. Why would they not? Their media tells them so. They even have images of crying women making the same accusations. It only makes matters worse that the American Left also seems to enjoy believing the most outrageous accusations made against the U.S.

So, we should not be surprised that when terrorists in Iraq cut off the head of an American civilian that they first dress him up in the orange jumpsuits so familiar from picturs of Abu Ghraib. They justify their actions because they equivocate the abuse at Abu Ghraib with torture and murder.

Just as Eric Alterman equivocates detaining security threats who happen to be women with the kidnapping of civilians.

The views of the people holding Jill Carroll hostage are shaped by the outrageous lies of the Arab, Islamist, and Western Leftist media. For nearly two years now, with every single female hostage that has been taken there has been a demand that all female Iraqi prisoners must be released from prison. These demands came long before Jill Carroll was taken hostage because these media outlets made outlandish accusations that thousands of Iraq women were in prison, being tortured, raped, forced to watch as American soldiers sadistically killed their small children, and murdered.

All of which are lies, and all of which outlets such as the one cited by the ignoramous Eric Alterman--al Jazeera.com--have been running for years.

So, when the U.S. military admits that it occassionally detains women for questioning in a country that has more than its fair share of female suicide bombers, how exactly are we to come to the conclusion that we are guilty of hostage taking? Even when these women are only detained for questioning because their husbands are terrorists, such equivocation is unfounded. The wives of criminals are routinely questioned in the United States, even in peacetime. And charging the loved ones of a criminal is routinely done in the U.S. as leverage against the real target of the criminal investigation--the husbands.

Under war conditions is it surprising that we might need to detain the wife of a terrorist who may know the time and location of the next bombing of a cafe that her husband is planning? That soldiers might occasionally overstep the normal bounds of detention if they think that holding a woman might lead to the arrest of the kind of man that beheads hostages? That the same procedural rules that apply in Chicago don't necessarily apply in Baghdad?

It takes a sick, demented, and perverted mind to come to the conclusion that American soldiers are engaged in the same activities as Islmic terrorists. Eric Alterman has such a mind.

More at Newsbusters who have a similar disdain of Alterman.

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Freedom of Speech Breaking Out All Over Europe: Dogs and Cats Living Together

Isn't this one of the signs of the apocalypse? Word on the streets is that French and German newspapers have begun to reprint cartoons deemed so offensive by Muslims that the offending countries should be a) boycotted b) condemned by the U.N. c) cyber attacked d) bombed.

(UPDATE: Italy and Spain too)

We at The Jawa Report have been doing our part for some time. Vinnie reprinted the offending cartoons here with the caveat that he must receive the first death fatwa.

Nu-huh, he din't! Aint no way nobody is ge'in no fatwa before me!

Our adoptive blogfather The Commissar is starting a campaign to urge the reprinting of these cartoons. If your blog hasn't printed them, please stand up for freedom. Better yet, enourage the MSM to carry the cartoons in their pages. They'll print Ted Rall's garbage, why not this?

We've also called for a boycott of the boycott by buying Danish products
. But via Beth we learn that others are beginning to organize the effort with images for your blog. Keep it up and support the effort!

Steal these images:

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Mr Bean Defends Freedom to Make Fun of Islam in UK

I always loved Rowan Atkinson as Mr. Bean. I loved him even more as Black Adder. But my favorite Rowan Atkinson is defender of free speech and anti-dhimmitude. Notice that the Jew in the story thinks one ought to have the right to poke fun at religion. And what is the reaction from Muslims? Do I even have to say?


After protests outside the Houses of Parliament, British lawmakers Tuesday watered down a bill banning religious hate speech, then narrowly voted it into law.

Prime Minister Tony Blair wanted to make it a criminal offense to incite religious hatred through threatening words or actions, insults and abuse.

Britain's upper chamber Tuesday eliminated the ban on insults and abuse, and inserted a provision allowing proselytizing, discussion, criticism, and ridicule of religion, belief or religious practice...

Hundreds of people had demonstrated against the proposal outside the Houses of Parliament, saying it would curtail freedom of speech. Opponents included Rowan Atkinson, a comedian who claimed the law would infringe on artistic expression. Supporters said religious groups should have the same protection as racial groups, which are already covered by a similar law...

"No one secure in their religious beliefs need fear laughter," said Rabbi Jonathan Romain, an opponent of the legislation and spokesman for the Movement for Reform Judaism.

Mohammed Sarwar, the first Muslim lawmaker elected to Britain's parliament, said the result would disappoint those of all faiths.

"It would have been beneficial not only to Muslims but to those of other faiths and of none. It is very unfortunate," he said.

Can you imagine Monty Python under such odious restrictions?

Big hat tip to Bill Dauterieve.

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Ted Rall: US Military = bin Laden (updated)

Go see Ted Rall's latest outrage and tell me he doesn't deserve a swift kick in the [insert body part here]. (via Bluto)

UPDATE: Michelle Malkin has this offensive cartoon by Tom Toles. The brass is not too happy, and either am I.

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» Fatwa issued against Mark in Mexico for: Europe's editors support Danes, heads start to rol

Impeach Lynn Woolsey Now!

Rep. Lynn Woolsey, D, CA.jpgLast night Cindy Sheehan was arrested and expelled from the gallery for disruptive behavior. I don't blame Cindy one bit. Mother Saint Cindy Sheehan was just doing what Mother Saint Cindy Sheehan does. To claim that you didn't see that coming is worse than sheer stupidity, it's a lie.

So, who is responsible for the Cindy Sheehan train wreck? Rep. Lynn Woolsey, D-Calif.

Rep. Woolsey is directly responsible for disrupting the President's State of the Union Speech. It was she who gave her one invitation to last night's event to a known anti-American activist and traitor.

No, Cindy Sheehan is not an anti-war activist as the MSM constantly reports, she is an anti-American activist. The kind of anti-American activist who believes in a global Jewish conspiracy. The kind of anti-American activist who believes Washington takes its marching orders from Tel Aviv. The kind of anti-American activist who embraces strong-men like Hugo Chavez because they both share the same vision of a weak America which will not meddle in the affairs of third-rate countries' schemes to oppress their own people.

Cindy Sheehan is more than an anti-war activist, she is a traitor to her own son who volunteered to fight in Iraq. She believes her own son was in Iraq to oppress the Iraqi people and to steal their oil.

If that wasn't enough, she is a criminal. And a criminal with poor manners, at that. Arrested on numerous occasions in acts of civil-disobedience, what the hell did any one expect she would do last night? Frown at the President.

So, the person responsible for bringing her to the State of the Union address had to have known what she was planning. To say Lynn Woolsey didn't know is to say Lynn Woolsey is stupid.

Lynn Woolsey ought to be impeached and removed from the House of Representatives for her part in facilitating an unlawful act. At the very least, she should be immediately censured by that body.

I will update this post later and see what other people are saying about Lynn Woolsey and Cindy Sheehan. I hope I'm not alone in my utter disgust at one very irresponsible Congresswoman's actions. Excuse any typos but I banged this out pretty fast and no time to check it now.

Yet another update: It looks like Lynn Woolsey isn't the only Congressperson who stands in dire need of censure. Add to that list Rep. Pete Stark, D-CA.

Some other members were upset about Sheehan’s arrest. “I’m still trying to find out why the president’s Gestapo had to arrest Cindy Sheehan in the gallery. … It shows he still has a thin skin,’’ said Rep. Pete Stark, D-Fremont.
Apparently, the Capital police are content neutral. They also ejected a Congressman's wife for wearing a shirt calling which read: "Support the Troops Defending Our Freedom." , which really sucks. Lawhawk has more on that here.

Let me just say this to all the conservatives out there who are saying something like, "Well, it's okay to throw Cindy out because they also threw out Pete Stark's wife." Look, if you want to equivocate Cindy Sheehan's anti-Americanism with Mrs. Stark's patriotism, be my guest. However, doing so is kinda, I dunno, wimpy. Like, who on earth are we to judge the content of the speech being said? Screw that. I'll judge if you aren't willing to. Cindy Sheehan's very presence in the Capital building is an offense to that institution after she went down and hugged Hugo Chavez last week. But to allow her to come into that building wearing that shirt is even worse.

And to the 'free speech' crowd who seem so well versed in the 1st Amendment, let me remind you of Article 1, sec. 5 of the U.S. Constitution:

Each House may determine the Rules of its Proceedings, punish its Members for disorderly Behavior, and, with the Concurrence of two-thirds, expel a Member.

UPDATES: Ah, I knew Michelle Malkin and I would be on the same page on this one. Of course, I call for greater sanctions than revoking her tickets, but other than that Michelle is right on:

When it comes to whether she knew Sheehan would pull the stunt she pulled, Woolsey has absolutely no plausible deniability. She is one of disruptive guerilla group Code Pink's biggest advocates.
I find myself with a couple of extra minutes so I'm trying to see what the blog reaction is. Rob Port says:
It is bad enough that Rep. Woolsey would lend credence to the kind of vile, vicious rhetroric spewed by Cindy Sheehan but to invite such a loose cannon into a Presidential speech with the clear intent on disrupting it is beyond the pale.
For a good rundown on bloggie reaction check out Sista Toldjah.

Another update: At the request of John Ryan, here is what Mother Saint Cindy's shirt says. 2,242 DEAD How Many More?

Here is an image from Mother Saint Cindy Sheehan's reaction over at big fat traitor's website here.

I won't bother to look, but I'm sure the Leftards are up in arms over this.

UPDATISHNESS: Interested Participant: It looks to me like an anti-Bush and anti-America T-shirt. Heh.

Traderrob: Thinking straight has perenially been an issue for you Ms. Sheehan. Bwahahaha!!

Taylor: I can see a teenager who thinks that showing up at “The Man’s” place to show him what for with a placard or shirt would be speaking truth to power and all that, but I continue to be amazed at Ms. Sheehan’s puerile, and indeed often juvenile, attempts at scoring political points.

Dan Riehl's sure bet: But what do you think the chances are that Cindy Sheehan gets invited to the Oscars, gets a prominent seat and at some point some Hollywood moonbat will point out that she's among friends and not subject to arrest?

Kevin Aylward: What's next for Mama Moonbat, streaking through a presidential press conference? My eyes, they burn!

Goldstein: Whereas, Elaine Benes being forced to remove her Orioles’ cap while sitting in one of the Yankees’ owners’ boxes—now we’re talking restriction of speech that are unconscionable…

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» Fatwa issued against Sister Toldjah for: About Cindy’s arrest and the law she broke
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» Fatwa issued against Hyscience for: Cindy Sheehan is in federal custody, and the state of the union is good
» Fatwa issued against Rhymes With Right for: Sheehan Arrested
» Fatwa issued against Rhymes With Right for: On Cindy Sheehan and Beverly Young And Free Speech

WTW Make Sweet Love to Me Bill

I was upset over the snooty look on her face during the speech last night. Now I just feel sorry for Bill don't you?

Here are your White Trash Wednesday bloggers

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It Brought Tears, I Do Declare

If only the Fox All Stars could do SOTU analysis like this.

The money quotes:

"Alito, wearing robe, enters the hall. Instinctively, Amanda Marcotte clenches her vaginal muscles to protect her uterus."
"Cut to Pelosi: Beelzebub in heels, her face stretched like an Ed Gein lampshade: applauds politely."

Happy Birthday to PW, btw. The cupcakes are in the mail.

Woodruff Incident: Soldiers React To Press Coverage (Updated)

'...you'd think we lost the entire 1st Marine Division or something.'

US troops in Iraq are reacting to a phenomenon I first mentioned here, as displayed by CNN's Christiane Amanpour in her unprofessional and shameful appearance on Larry King Live Monday:

So when something happens to people that we identify, like Bob and like Doug, we wake up again and realize, no, this is not acceptable, what's going on there.
It's not surprising that Amanpour can't identify with "ordinary" people. Journalism is not, by any stretch of the imagination, rocket science, and the standards of television place many dense and self-absorbed newsreaders, like Amanpour, in front of the public as "authorities". This idea that journalists, who follow undemanding courses of study to attain their positions (I studied journalism in college - absolute cake courses) are somehow an elite group of intellectuals is at the root of all problems with news reporting today.

Not being dense and self-absorbed; in fact, being pretty much the opposite, American servicepeople were quick to pick up on this.

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Last Night's Must View TV

Man, that was a classic episode of South Park last night, wasn't it? And, call me a geek if you will, but the history of lumber mills is wicked cool. And no, I regret not watching that other show about as much as I regret not watching Desperate Housewives.

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January 31, 2006

Hahahahaha ***UPDATED***

Fox News reports that Cindy Sheehan was led out of the House gallery in handcuffs.

Apparently she tried to unfurl a banner.

From the Corner:

This from Sgt. Kimberly Schneider of U-S Capitol Police.... Cindy Sheehan was arrested in the gallery of the house floor tonight and charged with demonstrating in the Capitol--a misdemeanor. ...Sgt. Schneider says she was wearing a T-shirt with a slogan on it and was asked to cover it up. Sheehan did not cover it up and she was arrested. ....She is being processed at Capital Police hd and is expected to be released at some point tonight. The misdemeanor charge carries one year in jail.

What a pity she wasn't armed.



Liberal activists -- among them graying leftovers from the Vietnam-era antiwar movement -- plan to gather near the Capitol tonight, banging pots and pans to drown out President Bush's State of the Union address.


Anyone else having a problem hearing?

UPdaTE 2:

Thank you Howie, for posting the transcript.

Due to the cacophonous din of moonbattery banging pots and pans 2000 miles away, I was unable to hear a word of tonight's SOTU. Cursed rabble rousers, they ruined my SOTU drinking game. One shot for every time the Democrats sit while the RethugliKKKans give a standing 'O'. Two shots for every close up of a Hillary "I just ate a raw lemon dipped in Bill's semen" look.

So I'm still sober, dammit.

BTW, did anyone notice the absence, albeit one small reference, of any real mention of North Korea?

Any ideas why? I haven't a clue, to be quite honest.

Postviewing The President's State of Union Address(Transcript)

Good Speech, despite some lady in a red suit sneering through the whole thing. Who was that?

President George W. Bush, Via FOXNEWS: No one can deny the success of freedom, but some men rage and fight against it. And one of the main sources of reaction and opposition is radical Islam - the perversion by a few of a noble faith into an ideology of terror and death. Terrorists like bin Laden are serious about mass murder - and all of us must take their declared intentions seriously. They seek to impose a heartless system of totalitarian control throughout the Middle East, and arm themselves with weapons of mass murder. Their aim is to seize power in Iraq, and use it as a safe haven to launch attacks against America and the world. Lacking the military strength to challenge us directly, the terrorists have chosen the weapon of fear. When they murder children at a school in Beslan ... or blow up commuters in London ... or behead a bound captive ... the terrorists hope these horrors will break our will, allowing the violent to inherit the Earth. But they have miscalculated: We love our freedom, and we will fight to keep it... ...There is no peace in retreat. And there is no honor in retreat. By allowing radical Islam to work its will - by leaving an assaulted world to fend for itself - we would signal to all that we no longer believe in our own ideals, or even in our own courage. But our enemies and our friends can be certain: The United States will not retreat from the world, and we will never surrender to evil.

Amen and may God bless America!

Link with unedited Podcast of speech via the mysterious newslinker. Who also notes that the "no t-shirt rule was applied fairly". This is a formal event, I expect anyone who fails that code would asked to leave.

Entire text and more links below the break hat tip RNC:

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Liveblogging The Democrat Response

No, not that Democrat response.

This Democrat response.

Tinfoil hat mandatory


Good lord, I'm doing lots of updates tonight.


I just clicked on that link and saw this:

We've squandered the goodwill of the nations of the world with the Iraq debacle. How exactly does President Bush propose to engage the nations of the world in combatting this threat? The occupation of Iraq has galvanized radical Islamists in their hatred of the United States, providing a regrettable and powerful recruiting tool to those who would do us harm. How does the President propose we reach out to the Muslim world to build the bridges we must have to become "the closest of friends with a free and democratic Iran"?

Our own armed forces are stretched nearly to the breaking point, understaffed and under-equipped because of the Iraq debacle. How does the President propose we rebuild our armed forces to combat the threat Iran poses?

The largest cost of the Iraq debacle is likely to prove to be our inability to respond to the threat of Iran, diplomatically or militarily.

Hey, STUPID! Can you read a freakin' GLOBE? Do you have any idea what country sits between Iraq and Afghanistan? IRAN.

The armed forces you claim are stretched too thin are sitting within spitting distance of the country you claim we can't deal with militarily.

And of course you can't deal with Iran diplomatically, they're under the thumb of a bunch of undiplomatic 7th Century theocrats who believe that once they get DA BOMB, the 12th imam will appear in all his righteous glory.

How about this ignorance:

How does the President propose we reach out to the Muslim world to build the bridges we must have to become "the closest of friends with a free and democratic Iran"

Gee, could saving Kosovo be a start? Oh, that was your boy Clinton. How about extending aid after the earthquake that killed 20,000? Tsunami aid? Pakistan earthquake aid?

If anyone wonders why the Daily Kos is so popular, all you have to do is look at the success of Ripley's Believe It Or Not. Or the Darwin Awards.

To All The 'slamotards I've Loved Before

Cox & Forkum says it best:


If I were an outraged muslim, I'd consider shutting up about now.

After all, you bomb our churches, and in return we make cartoons.

And crummy photoshops.

If you don't like these depictions of your exalted pedophile prophet-pimp, wait and see what happens when we really get pissed off.

You talk tough in the comments section, so come on, beeyotches, give me a real fatwa. You sissies.

Google bait: danish caricature prophet mohammed jyllends posten cartoon mohammed

» Fatwa issued against aaron for: Arab News Editorial Title: ‘Outlaw Hatred’

Previewing The State Of The Union Address

A meticulously detailed look at tonight's State of the Union Address painstakingly constructed from pre-speech published sources:

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Hostage Video: Germans Given 72 Hour Ultimatum

Another day another hostage video from the ghouls at al Jazeera television. This time the video shows German civilians Thomas Nitzschke and Rene Braeunlich. The two engineers have been threatened with death if Germany does not break diplomatic relations with Iraq.

An earlier video had been broadcast on al Jazeera two days ago which was dated Jan. 24th, the day the Germans were abducted.

The group calls itself the Tawhid and Sunnah Brigade (unification and 'way of the Prophet'). While the AP is reporting that the group is 'unknown', the name is actually very well known. It is associated with a subgroup of Jaish Ansar al-Sunnah. Ansar al-Sunnah is thought to be made up of Kurds of the former Ansar al Islam terrorist organization. Dozens of people with ties to Ansar al-Islam have been arrested and tried in Germany in the past several several years (example).

If this Tawhid and Sunnah Brigade is the same group that is associated with Ansar al-Sunnah (sometimes criminal organizations simply adopt an Islamic sounding name) then the hostages are in grave danger. The Army of Ansar al Sunna has murdered dozens of civilian hostages in the past.

We pray that these hostages will be released unharmed.


The brief tape Tuesday showed Thomas Nitzschke and Rene Braeunlich seated on the floor in front of a group of armed men. Al-Jazeera said the previously unknown group, the Tawhid and Sunnah Brigade, demanded the German government close its embassy in Baghdad, withdraw all the German companies from Iraq and to stop cooperation with the Iraqi government.
Hat tip: George.

On a related note: Is al Jazeera making money from these hostage videos by selling them to the Western press?

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War Porn Video: Deuce Four Stryker Brigades in Action

You may know the Deuce Four (1st Battalion, 24 Infantry Regiment) Stryker Brigades from Michael Yon's time embedded with them in Mosul, Iraq. These guys are the real deal and deserve our utmost appreciation. How brave are they? Just read this account and try not to feel the patriotism swell.

Here is a video produced by the Deuce Four that I found via Doubletap and which I posted over at Google Video. Just press the play button below to watch it.

It's the best kind of porn: Iraq war porn.

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» Fatwa issued against Macker's World for: Porn and Other Stories

With "Journalists" Like These, Who Needs Goebbels?

CNN's Pose of Objectivity Blown To Smithereens By Amanpour
Speaking on Larry King Live yesterday, CNN international correspondent Christiane Amanpour let the cat out of the bag on one of the worst-kept secrets in the world of journalism: Amanpour is grossly biased against US efforts in the war in Iraq.

Newsbusters has a transcript:

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Al Jazeera Making Money on Jill Carroll Hostage Video?

I've always thought al Jazeera was the most despicable media organization on Earth. They are objectively pro-terror, pro-tyranny, and pro-fascism. What I did not know, however, was that the frequent hostage videos aired by al Jazeera are then sold to Western media outlets for rebroadcast. If this is true, then the Western mainstream media is partially culpable for the plight of Western hostages in Iraq.

While many hostages are taken for purely financial reasons, others, including Jill Carroll, were taken for their propaganda value. Their terrorist captors find value in the fact that the Western media will replay her hostage videos over and over. Just like they did Giulana Sgrena's. This reinforces the notion that the terrorists are winning. And if people in the West believe the terrorists are winning, they will have less of a will to fight. Why fight a losing battle?

If true, shame on the Western media for paying the terrorists' media arm, al Jazeera, for a news story.

Human Events:

Having gotten their scoop, Al-Jazeera will then sell rights to the video to other networks, including American news channels. This generates income for the money-losing network and provides a measure of cover: If everyone else is airing them, why single them out?

Networks like hostage videos because they are newsworthy and form the basis for follow-on stories. There are relatives pleading for the release of their loved ones, generals asserting that we don't negotiate with terrorists, and pundits moaning that things must really be going badly. And at many networks, the "if it bleeds it leads" rule has a corollary: If it hurts Bush, give it a push.

The problem with these hostage videos is two-fold. First, they provide aid and comfort to our enemies in time of war. While a 30-second tape by a random terror groups may lack the propaganda punch of a rambling Osama tape, it will be followed by another almost exactly like it, and then another, dampening resolve and eroding morale.

Second, the publicity these tapes provide teaches aspiring terrorists that the price of admission for an airing of their grievances is not joining the political process, but simply grabbing a foreign hostage. This endangers every foreigner in Iraq, not just those seen as occupiers. [emphasis mine]

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» Fatwa issued against The Dread Pundit Bluto for: Blood Money
» Fatwa issued against Bruised Orange for: The Jill Carroll Tapes: Who Profits?

Leftist Idiots on Parade

Via TC Leather Penguin, this from the Washington Times:

"I'm old enough to remember an op-ed you wrote in March 1974 which appeared in the New York Times, saying the military should intervene in getting rid of Richard Nixon," one gray-haired woman told Mr. Raskin. She spoke about "criminals, gangsters and thugs" in the Bush administration.

Mr. Raskin seemed confused. "I don't think I wrote it," he told the gathering. "I'm not in favor of military coup d'etats."

Mr. Clark, the Vietnam-era Democratic attorney general who is an attorney for former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, spoke for 10 minutes.

His voice faltered, and he seemed to lose his train of thought. "President Bush is the greatest threat to peace and human rights," Mr. Clark told the crowd, calling for Mr. Bush's impeachment, which drew applause.

Of course, the moral implications of Clark's words are, if they are taken seriously, that one ought to support a military coup. Because if one believes that Bush is 'the greatest threat to peace and human rights' the one ought to support getting rid of him. With any means necessary.

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You smell like a monkey...

Congrats are in order for Dr. James Joyner on the occasion of his third blogiversary. And many more, on channel four. And Scooby Doo, on channel two.

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First Jerusalem, Next Seville: Hamas Demands Return of Spain to Muslims

Central to the radical Islamist paradisical vision is the return of all land that once belonged to the global Caliphate to Muslims. In this vision, only when Muslims dominate the world can true peace be established.

Here is something that the blogfather, Charles Johnson found. Spain Herald:

The children’s website Al Fateh, property of the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas, demands in its most recent issue the return of the Spanish city of Seville to the “lost paradise” of Al Andalus, as the Muslim part of Spain was called during its existence between 711 and 1492. The web magazine, whose name means “conqueror,” says it is for “the young builders of the future.”
UPDATE: Tammy Bruce chimes in with these words of wisdom:
Lovely. I wonder if Spain is confused by the fact that their abandoning the people of Iraq has done absolutely nothing to protect them from the Islamist ghouls.

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» Fatwa issued against Rhymes With Right for: The Logic Is Beyond Dispute
» Fatwa issued against Hyscience for: HAMAS Demands Return Of Spanish City Of Seville
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» Fatwa issued against Belligerati for: Could appeasement work?

Washington Post Goes Completely Off The Charts - Turns Total Dhimmi

mosa.gifHere is further commentary on Rusty's earlier post on the Washington Post's new role as supplier of material aid to a known terrorist organization: WaPo Sinks to New Lows: Terrorist Editorial

Today the WaPo provides a forum for a deported Hamas terrorist, Mousa Abu Marzook, to recite his propaganda talking points, in "What Hamas Is Seeking." What the author couches in words like "freedom and justice" has another meaning - the destruction of Israel.

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If Jessica Alba Was a Danish Free Speech Activist (Updated)

What would happen if instead of the global warming, Hollywood celebrities took on the cause of free speech in Denmark?

UPDATE: Remember, if you don't buy Danish the terrorists have already won!






Photoshop your own. Bonus points for any photoshop including Angelina Jolie.

Another update: I ask, Aaron delivers. If Angelina Jolie was a hot Danish free speech activist.

UPDATE: What if Nicole Ritchie was a free speech activist instead of a hasbeen socialite that never was?

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» Fatwa issued against aaron for: If Angelina Jolie Was A Danish Speech Activist
» Fatwa issued against Michelle Malkin for: FIGHT THE BULLIES OF ISLAM

Alito Confirmed, 58-42

Samuel Alito has been confirmed by the Senate to sit on the Supreme Court.

Our friends way, way, way out on the Left are bitterly disappointed. They could use a laugh, and what's funnier than South Park? Feel free to console them with the Cartman quote from this post:

Cartman: Yes! Yesss!! Oh, let me taste your tears, Libs! Mm, your tears are so yummy and sweet.

Also posted at The Dread Pundit Bluto and Vince Aut Morire.


Muslims Still On Cartoon Rage (Updated)

151564_large.jpeg.jpeg.jpgOnly in Muslim-land can you find a theological equivalant of Walt Disney's theme parks - a screaming cascade of rollercoaster events stemming from a common theme, in this case, rage over a simple series of cartoons depicting the Muslim's "prophet" Muhammad (emphasis on the mad is most intentional). Interestingly, members of Denmark's "moderate" Muslim community say they are reluctant to speak out with critical observations of their religion, fearing social isolation, threats and violence, as we are continuing to witness world wide over a series of cartoons. It's almost hard to believe that these people are adults.

As our regular readers will have already seen here, here, here, here, and here, this story has been taking on a life of it's on for some time now, and it appears that Islam-aficionados are going to continue trying to milk this cow until it's beyond being all dried out and long gone to market.

Now, from Robert Spencer we have yet another cartoon rage update in which Spencer writes that he is amazed that this story never seems to die, although I rather doubt that he is really surprised since we have all come to expect almost anything from Islam-aficionados. He says that these twelve cartoons could end up being the Gavrilo Princip of 2006.

Muslims want us all to believe that their Muhammad is so special that no image can be made of him. For many if not most non-Muslims, the only thing special about Muhammad is that he serves as the wellspring of world wide terrorism that began long before 9/11, and is showing signs of never ending. Islamists call it simply, jihad.

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Maybe, but at least he's a loveable Nazi

colonel_klink_simpsons.jpgDid I ever tell you that my guardian angel always appears to me in the form of Colonel Klink? It's true. So if you're going to be compared to a Nazi prison guard, you could do no worse than Klink.

Okay, maybe Schultz would be better. But Klink is a close second.

Colonel Klink, why hast thou forsaken me!

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» Fatwa issued against Michelle Malkin for: A NAZI PHOTOSHOP SMEAR
» Fatwa issued against The Dread Pundit Bluto for: Playing the Nazi Card
» Fatwa issued against The Forest For The Trees for: Hard To Get Good Help

More Terror Threats Against Denmark, Norway

Islam is the only prominent world-wide religion which still adheres to the notion that blasphemy ought to be a criminal act. Worse, many Muslims, following the lead of Muhammed himself, advocate the death penalty as punishment.

A few days ago we brought you the news that the Glory Brigades in Northern Europe had threatened suicide attacks against Denmark. Today, word from friend of The Jawa Report Evan Kohlmann that the Mujahideen Army in Iraq has threatened Danish and Norwegian interests.

Settling for [merely] boycotting these cowards is a position of weakness that is indicative of a feeble nation that does not stand up in defense of its Prophet and the principles that it believes in. They started [the battle] and they should suffer its consequences. We call upon all our brigades in the Mujahideen Army to attack whatever they possibly can in these two countries specifically, and in other countries who repeat what they have done… Let us make our own efforts on top of Allah’s expected revenge—and hopefully, Allah will choose us to be among those who seek revenge for Mohammed in his name, as this in itself is a great honor for a Muslim.”
Oh, that religion of peace.

The full translation can be found at Evan's Global Terror Alert.

UPDATE: Two employees of Danish company beaten in Saudi Arabia. Tolerance is Islam's middle name.

UPDATE II: Why we should support Denmark. (Except Brigitte Nielson)

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Men Want Jessica Alba

Jessica-AlbaUsually, public opinion polls are disputable. I think this one has merit because it's what Mom would want for her son also.

From BostonHerald.com:

"Fantastic Four" gal Jessica Alba is the woman most men want to bring home to meet Mom, according to AskMen.com.

Jess is "long-term relationship material," according to the Web site's 2.5 million readers and staff surveyed for the annual Top 99 List.

Angelina Jolie was a runner-up and, oddly, Britney Spears didn't even make the list. Also, no veiled ROPMA women were in the Top 99 List. Imagine that.

Companion post at Interested-Participant.

WaPo Sinks to New Lows: Terrorist Editorial

Hamas is recognized as a terrorist organization by the U.S. State Department. Nevertheless, the Washington Post feels it appropriate to let a convicted Hamas terrorist editorialize in their pages. Isn't there something in the USA Patriot Act against giving material support to terrorists? Isn't giving them free advertising material support?

Mousa Abu Marzook in the Washington Post:

A new era in the struggle for Palestinian liberation is upon us. Through historic fair and free elections, the Palestinian people have spoken.
Yes, they have, and what they have said is 'we hate J-O-Os'.
Accordingly, America's long-standing tradition of supporting the oppressed's rights to self-determination should not waver.
No it should not. We should support the tiny liberal democracy of Israel which is surrounded and oppressed by a billion Muslims eager to drive them into the sea.
The United States, the European Union and the rest of the world should welcome the unfolding of the democratic process, and the commitment to aid should not falter. Last week's victory of the Change and Reform Party in the Palestinian legislative elections signals a new hope for an occupied people.
New hope? Oh, yes, "We really hope that the final solution will finally be implemented correctly."But here is the choicest part
Our society has always celebrated pluralism in keeping with the unique history and traditions of the Holy Land. In recognizing Judeo-Christian traditions, Muslims nobly vie for and have the greatest incentive and stake in preserving the Holy Land for all three Abrahamic faiths.
Right. Is this the same Hamas which has vowed to drive the Jews into the sea? Is this the same Hamas that makes it impossible for Jews to live in the West Bank or Gaza, both of which have become Jew-free zones? Is this the same Hamas that has vowed to implement Iranian style sharia law? Is this the same Hamas that has been terrorizing Arab Christians for decades?

Whether or not Hamas gets rid of corruption in the Palestinian Authority is a secondary concern. Populist movements are often shouldered under the auspices of 'reform'. A 'transparent' PA which supports terrorism is no prize to the civilized society.

Give me a corrupt PA that doesn't support terrorism over a clean PA that does, any day.

Via Captain Ed who has more.

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Kos Kids Reaction to Failed Alito Filibuster

THIS is how it happened in Nazi Germany, Its over.


UPDATE: I'm registering Independent tomorrow. You're welcome to join me.

Even more.

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Iran Will Face UN Security Council

The five permanent Security Council members have directed the International Atomic Energy Agency to remand Iran's case to them. From Reuters:

The foreign ministers from China, Russia, the United States, France and Britain as well as Germany and the European Union, said after a dinner in London that the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) must decide to bring Iran's case before the Council when the agency meets on Thursday in Vienna.

A senior U.S. official said the statement meant Russia and China were now on board with the United States and the European powers that there must be strong action taken by the IAEA in Vienna to discourage Tehran from pursuing atomic research which could enable the country to build a nuclear bomb.

"This is the most powerful message we could have hoped for," said a senior U.S. official, who said the discussions over dinner had been animated.

Not, of course, that anything's going to happen right away:
British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw said the ministers shared serious concerns about Iran's nuclear programs and agreed that an extensive period of "confidence-building" was required from Iran.

The Council could ultimately impose sanctions against Iran but there are many steps before this could happen.

The question is, how will Ahmanidejad and the mullahs react? And will the UN be any better at enforcing its edicts than it was with Saddam Hussein?

Also posted at The Dread Pundit Bluto and Vince Aut Morire.

January 30, 2006

The Emperor's Clothes

OK, I'll just get this second post in under the wire if I'm lucky. And I wouldn't even bother were it not for the fact that I think the state of academia is important to the emergence of a New Liberalism (in the classic anti-statist sense). A friend of mine at the James Madison Program in American Ideals and Institutions posted the following link to an article in Inside Higher Education that's about the details of a rather smarmy movement. I mean you really have to keep your wits about you to suss out what these folks actually intend, which is the educational establishment equivalent of selling a bullet-to-the-head as a cure for migraines. Excerpting:

Read More "The Emperor's Clothes" »

All The Mahomet That's Fit To Print

Via email from Patrick al-Kafir who found it at the blog-grandfather:

Zombietime's Mohammed image archive.

While the debate rages, an important point has been overlooked: despite the Islamic prohibition against depicting Mohammed under any circumstances, hundreds of paintings, drawings and other images of Mohammed have been created over the centuries, with nary a word of complaint from the Muslim world. The recent cartoons in Jyllands-Posten are nothing new; it's just that no other images of Mohammed have ever been so widely publicized.

Note the images purchased off the street in Iran.

In 1999.

Man, wait 'til the Islamofascists see this. It'll be boycott city, baby!

So, I Ain't No Freakin' Demigod

Rusty wrote nine posts today. Count 'em... 9. Oy. Which makes him the Blogging Demigod or Buddha or something. (Not as though I can keep track of that metaphysical stuff, mind you.) About all I can manage, in the midst of the maelstrom, are a few anemic bullet points:

* What made Hamas a threat was the fact that they provided "social services," suggesting that if their capacity to do the same is subsidized by the EU, etc., they'll just get more radical and more threatening. I mean, if bears do you-know-what in the woods.

* Zawahiri is only pretending to be a lapdog of the Western Left. Every ounce of his understanding of Marxist Theory is secondhand, through Qutb... so he's basically a Dentist with a Hammer. But, of course, no one really gives a hoot because he's such a charming thug.

* No one really knows how the Iran Dilemma will be resolved, which suggests that everything is actually just fine. I'd worry if it appeared MSM weren't typically clueless.

* Alito kicks ass.

I'll nuance these themes later, and apologize for the fact that I'm so seldom present (in comparison to the Blogging Buddha).

Alito Filibuster Defeated, 72-25

Despite semi-coherent bluster from Senator Teddy Kennedy (how can anyone from Massachusetts stand the embarrassment of being represented by this blivit?), the vote for cloture on debate of the Alito nomination has passed. Certainly, this will be much to the consternation of the Left's lunatic fringe, which spent the weekend harrassing Senators in an attempt to garner support for a filibuster.

I'll let Cartman express my feelings to the moonbats.

Cartman: Yes! Yesss!! Oh, let me taste your tears, Libs! Mm, your tears are so yummy and sweet.


Also posted at The Dread Pundit Bluto and Vince Aut Morire.

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The Blog Sabbath Caption Contest: Endorsed By Jimmy Carter Edition

******FATWAS ISSUED******

Caption this photo of Ham Ass Hamas "political leader" Khaleed Said Salaam Shaheed Abdul ibn Fahd Derka Derka Mohammed Jihad Smith giving a speech to someone somewhere:


IMPORTANT NOTE: Entries containing the words "death," "to," or "Israel" will be automatically disqualified. C'mon peeps, there has to some challenge to this.

Fatwas will be issued when Mr. Venom submits an entry complaining that no fatwas have been issued.

Or Monday evening, before the new episode of 24, of course.

Fatwas issued! Man, this gets harder every week. These Islamotards are great for caption contests, eh wot?

Double fatwa with cheese, super-sized with a diet Coke:

"And then we're going to Syria, and we're going to Lebanon, and we're going to Yemen. Yeeeeaaaaarrrrrrgggghhhh!" - Steven L.


"We need one more couple for the Virginia Reel!" - J Rob

"OH MY GOD!!!...Its Godzillaaaaa!!!!!.....WUN!!! WUN!!! Wun For youre lives!!!" - Thanos35

"Arafat! Pull my finger!" - Leovinius

Honorable mention fatwa for Star Wars reference:

"That's not a moon, it's a space station!" - Lawhawk

Gratuitous honorable mention so he doesn't fling poo at his owners:

"I am number one!
Number two is on my other hand." - Spacemonkey

And speaking of fatwas, how about another posting of the Danish caricatures of Mohammed under the fold!

Go ahead, suckers, boycott me!!

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Another Jill Carrol Hostage Video Emerges

Disturbing news that al Jazeera has released yet another Jill Carroll video. This time, the massogonistic terrorists force Ms. Carroll to cover her head. Sickening.

UPDATE: While we continue to search for the unedited video, you can see the al Jazeera broadcast here (see right side of screen). As further evidence of al Jazeera's objectively pro-terrorist stance, anti-Americanism, and lies, earlier reports by the station itself that no audio were shown are not true. Al Jazeera does let this bit of audio slip by in the background:

their own government [inaudible] Iraq...let these people go home to their families
Undoubtedly a reference to the female Iraqi prisoners.

Roy Hallums, a hostage liberated by U.S. troops, related that when his terrorist captors wanted him to cry on his video, they first beat him. They said they wanted his tears to look 'believable'.

We pray for Jill Carroll's immediate release and for divine retribution to visit her captors. Hopefully in the form of the unpleasent end of an M16.

Al Jazeera:

Jill Carroll, the kidnapped US journalist, has appeared in a new video on Aljazeera, weeping and appealing for the release of women Iraqi prisoners.

The video, aired by Aljazeera on Monday, shows Carroll wearing a veil and weeping.

The video had no sound, but Aljazeera said she appealed for the release of women Iraqi prisoners. [Ed note: this is a deliberate falsehood on al Jazeera's part. Al Jazeera edited out most of Jill Carroll's pleas, but not a bit asking for the release of female prisoners]

Carroll is visibly crying in the video and wears a veil as she speaks to the camera. The footage has a time signature with the date 28 January.

Aljazeera's newscaster said in the video Carroll appeals to the US military and the Iraqi Interior Ministry to release all women in their prisons and that this "would help in winning her release".

More information and background about the Jill Carroll hostage situation can be found here.

UPDATE: Come to think of it, this is VERY good news. Jill Carroll's captors had given the U.S. a 72 hour deadline to release female prisoners in Iraq. That deadline expired 8 days before this film was time stamped. While it is still possible that her life is being threatened, the fact that they've let at least two deadlines pass without (apparently) harming her is a sign that perhaps their threats are idle.

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Danish Paper Caves to Islamic Fascists, Apologizes

The newspaper which carried the originally 'offensive' cartoons has caved. My feeling is that the Danes will never cave. So, continue to buy your Danish pastries, beers, and porn. I'd lay off purchasing the latest copy of Jyllands-Posten, though.

Via Is Full of Crap this from JPOST:

A Danish newspaper on Monday issued an apology to the world's Muslims for publishing caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad that sparked a furor in the Islamic world.

The drawings "were not in violation of Danish law but have undoubtedly offended many Muslims, which we would like to apologize for," the Jyllands-Posten's editor-in-chief Carsten Juste said in a statement posted on the paper's Web site.

Meanwhile the cyber jihad continues with numerous websites that have defended Danish freedom of expression suffering under Denial of Service Attacks.

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Iraqi 'Militias' Capture 270 Al Qaeda

What was it that Zawahiri was saying today? That he was hiding among the 'Muslim masses'? That the U.S. is all but defeated? Right....

In The Bullpen reprints this from an MSM source:

Some 270 Arab and foreign fighters have been detained in Iraq's restive al-Anbar province in a 'defensive campaign' launched by the local population towards the al-Qaeda network, tribal leaders say. A source close to tribal chiefs told Adnkronos International (AKI) that "the Iraqi security forces, with the help of the local population, have managed to arrest terrorists and Iraqis who provided them refuge."

Most of them were Syrian, Saudi and Jordanian nationals. They have been transferred to Baghdad to be interrogated to discover how they reached the region and who is financing their terrorist activites" the source told AKI.

"The group of (Jordanian militant and al-Qaeda pointman) Abu Musab al-Zarqawi did not expect a similar campaign which has dealt them a serious blow," he continued, adding that "it won't be the last given that the population is determined to expel those who kill civilians in the name of resistance".

Regarding the nature of the tribal militias, the source explained that "all the operations are carried out under the auspices of the defence minister Saadun al-Dulaimi and coordinated with volunteers in the area."

I'd also recommend James Joyner's new TCS piece as further evidence AQ is far from winning the war.

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New Video: What is that gross thing on Zawahiri's head?

zawahiri.jpgA new video tape from al Qaeda's number two man, Ayman al-Zawahiri, has most Americans wondering exactly what that gross little mark on his head is?

In the new video aired by the Arab world's number one pro-terrorist satellite television station, Zawahiri taunts the President for missing him in an air strike in Pakistan saying, "Bush, do you know where I am? I am among the Muslim masses."

The Muslims masses, for their part, deny knowing where Zawahiri is. Because, as we are reminded nearly every day by the MSM, it is only a small minority of extremists in the Islamic world that support terrorism. Therefore, by definition, the Muslim masses can't know where Zawahiri is hiding, can they?

Word on the street from the Muslim masses regarding Zawahiri's funny head mark vary. Some claim it is a birth mark, however such marks are common among those wishing to seem incredibly pious in the Muslim world. Such marks come about when the pious one genuflects often during prayer, touching the forehead to the ground five times daily.

tattoo.target.jpgA source particularly close to Ayman al-Zawahiri, though, tells us that the mark is, "really a bullseye...kind of the equivalent of the tattoo in the small of a chick's back...if you, er, get my drift."

No, we at the Jawa Report do not get your drift. What is it, exactly, that you are implying?

Zawahiri continued from his hiding place somewhere in the caves along the borders of Pakistan-Afghanistan, "Butcher of Washington, you are not only defeated and a liar, but also a failure. You are a curse on your own nation."

One wonders if that forehead thingy isn't some kind of mark of the beast symbol? Like, maybe Zawahiri is really Gorbachev? You've never seen the two in the same room have you?

The man with the mystery forehead mark also says in the video, "My second message is to the American people, who are drowning in illusions." No word yet on the more realistic illusion of creating a global Caliphate from a cave in Waziristan.

gorbachev.jpg"I tell you that Bush and his gang are shedding your blood and wasting your money in frustrated adventures," says Zawahiri.

So, what is that annoying mark any way?

Hat tip to Tim from Opninion Bug.

Related from Counterterrorism Blog, who has extensive analysis.

More at Michelle Malkin, In The Bullpen, Protein Wisdom, Stop the ACLU and others....

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