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Webpaint is web version of bodypaint , symmetric drawing surface kit. webpaint.perl and to-webpaint.perl are modified from WebOOGL scripts written by {munzner|burchard|slevy}@geom.umn.edu.

Please read setup, first.

Open File/
The next, open object. uploaded objects are also available. You can see and modify other's work. primitives
tetra , cube , octa , dodeca

complex objects (It may take a long time, please patient!)

com_tetra , com_octa , com_dodeca , torus

Uploaded objects

Open uploaded object (Oct 12~Oct 24)
Open uploaded object

Color pallette/
You can draw (change the color of ) the surface of the object. Select the color and click the surface with RightButton.
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The last, you finished your work. Entitle your work and put your name.

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  • Normal Mode
  • Bodypaint 1 Mode
  • Bodypaint 2 Mode

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