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Clarus was founded in 1991. The key figures in its founding and development are:

Robert Williams
(President, Clarus Group)

Co-founded Coherence Technologies Inc and Electro/Tec/Intec Inc in mid-1980s where he conducted research and development in subtle energies.

Robert Richards
(Head of Marketing, Clarus Group)

Holds an MBA from UCLA and a BA from the University of Kansas. He was on the merger team that created Sprint, was a director of finance and strategy for Sprint's $600 million dollar diversified business portfolio and President to Sprint's financial information subsidiary. He consulted for Dow Jones and is a member of the International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine.

Eddie Gloyne
(Chairman of the Clarus Group)

Financier and consultant. He is trained in computing and high technology and has an MBA in business management. In 1984 he ran the European interests of Sprint. In 1986, he built his own software company and exited by IPO in 1996. He is an Angel Capital Investor and participant in several international companies, mostly in high-technology.

Soo Chin
(Head of Research and Development, Clarus Group)

Holds a BS degree from the University of Illinois in Chemical Engineering. She worked for Nalco Chemical Company, a Fortune 500 multinational company, in speciality chemicals for nine years. Her work spanned research and development, commercial manufacturing and design, corporate operations and manufacturing strategy.

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