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“I Missed Flight 93 ”

Rated: TVPG
Running Time: 60 Minutes
Genre: Movies
Closed Captions: Yes

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On September 11, 2001, United Airlines Flight 93 from Newark to San Francisco was hijacked by terrorists. Passengers on board attempted to wrestle control of the airplane from the terrorists and the plane crashed, killing all on board. Frank Robertazzi of East Hanover, New Jersey was supposed to be on that plane. He regularly took Flight 93 to fly to his business meetings in San Francisco. So was Daniel Belardinelli. His uncle, William Cashman, was on Flight 93. Daniel and his uncle were going to fly out west together for a vacation. Heather Ogle was booked for First Class, Seat 1A; two seats away from the lead terrorist. Through a series of unwitting decisions and quirks of fate, Robert, Daniel, and Heather narrowly escaped death. Inter-cutting between our characters' point of view and the broader story of 9/11 this hour illuminates the thin line that separates life and death.

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