life of the codemaker
news, anecdotes, notes to self, rants, raves, links and life in general.

My one-page information "portal".

A collection of software I wrote and published over the net.

My resume. A briefer and more canonical version is available here.

Screenshots of fountainhead, my development box.

Some interesting perl scripts, which are not distributed through CPAN or my perl pages.

I run an eternity server on

I prefer PGP encrypted communications. Here's my key.

Cloudmark, Inc
My new venture to eradicate spam. We recently launched our second product, Cloudmark Authority.

Vipul's Razor
Distributed, collaborative, content-based spam filtering network. Vipul's Razor (also known as SpamNet) is now developed by Cloudmark, and available for MS Outlook.

Orbiten Research & Free Software Survey
Modelling non-monetary economic transactions in free software communities.

A comprehensive archive of cryptographic applications for Linux.

Perl Software
Perl source packages for some of my ongoing software projects.

Meta-ISP that provides proxy sockets, SLIP/PPP to telnet users.

Automated Tracing and Reporting Agent for Internet Junk Mail.

Diminutive Perl Implementation of Soviet Encryption Algorithm, GOST.

General Logic
Internetworking, electronic commerce, network security and privacy solutions.

faXappeal - International Fax to Fax Network
A world-wide facsimile network that tunnels fax data over the Internet.

Reputation System for the networked world
A distributed system that maintains/calculates reputation of objects interacting in a networked environment.

A set of data-interface and social arbitration bots for IRC. #botclave, EFNET.

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