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Applelust is looking to add writers to its staff. If you are interested or want to be part of the Applelust community, drop us a line with your resume or vita. We are always on the look out for good, very smart, and reliable people to join the staff. If you think you have what it takes, let us know.

- The Publisher


Digital Canvas & Mr. Jones' Other Writings

  • Final Cut Pro, MPEG-4 and AAC (9-27-02) Michael Tate Jones. Tate looks at these two new file formats and what it means for Final Cut Pro users.
  • Jaguar Special Edition - Introducing iChat (8-24-02) Introducing iChat, the integrated instant messaging iApp from Apple.
  • Expo Wrapup (8-9-02) An overview of Expo news relating to the video/film editing industry.
  • DVD Recording (7-12-02) DVD is in, VHS is out (almost). Tate looks at the DVD format and finds there is a little more work to do before DVD is king.
  • To Switch or Not to Switch? (6-14-02) Should video professionals make the switch to OS X yet? Tate gives the whys and why nots...
  • Clip Art Shootout (4-5-02) Witness Art Explosion and Hemera's Big Box of Art in and old fashioned shootout... narrated by Tate of course.
  • Photoshop 7 Preview - The Heal and Patch Tools (3-29-02) Tate takes you on an in depth journey into Photoshop 7's new Heal and Patch tools.
  • Photoshop 7 Preview - Lucky Number 7 (3-29-02) It looks like an apology may be necessary for all the criticism that Adobe has caught over the delays of an OS X native version of Photoshop. Lucky Number 7 looks to be a winner.
  • Every Story has a Beginning (3-29-02) Michael Tate Jones introduces himself and his column to the Apple video world.
  • How to Buy a Digital Camera (2-13-02). Tate, from his own experiences working with consumers buying digital canmeras, gives some tips on buying a digicam.

Mr. Jones' Reviews

Welcome to the Digital Canvas. My column devoted to creativity in the digital age. The objective of this column is to observe and comment on trends in the digital/ multi-media industry and examine the influence they may have on you, me, and everyone else in the creative arts and industry. I know it sounds a bit dry, but trust me, I’ll have a good amount of fun things to talk about too. I will do reviews of your favorite creative programs or even tutorials of wonderful things I’ve learned about these programs. I like to think of this column as the start of a journey. There’s always something new to learn and with your experience and mine, we can push the limits of our creativity. Feel free to share your thoughts, ideas and discoveries with me and I’ll do the same.

After all, isn’t owning an Apple computer all about exercising your freedom to be different and expressing your creativity? I believe it is, and I think you may believe it too. As always, your welcome to send me suggestions for issues to spotlight, programs to review or to tell me how wrong I am on a particular topic. Just drop me a line at macdude@applelust.com.


As a child who grew up during the personal computer revolution, I knew early on that computers would have an impact on my life. The first computer I used was an Apple II in the 5th grade. Lust at first sight I suppose you could say. The first computer I ever wanted to own was the Apple IIGS. But alas, due to monetary limitations the first computer I bought was a PC (don't stone me to death just yet)! I don't regret having owned a Windows machine for 8 years. It was actually a benefit to my career. I learned DOS, Windows 3.1, and finally the OS that tested my patience for a total of 2 weeks, Windows 95. Keep in mind that patience is one of my better virtues, however, Windows 95 drew the line. I gave my PC to Mom & Dad (they now own an iMac) and took the financial plunge into the Mac world. My first Mac was an 8500/120 and I now own a Titanium Powerbook G4 and iMac DV as well. My next Mac purchase will probably be a G5 tower with an Apple Cinema Display.

I graduated with a degree in Broadcast Journalism; however, my career interests took me in a different direction. To start, I was a producer for an advertising agency for five years. There, I saw the merging of the video and computer industry and learned much about video production and Non-Linear Digital Video Editing. I became skilled at programs like Photoshop, After Effects, Illustrator, Electric Image, Specular Infini-D, Commotion and others. From there, I moved to an Audio/Visual company that sells AVID, Media 100 and Pinnacle Non-Linear Editing Systems. My job was to build these systems, train our clients how to use them and provide on-going support to them. Currently, I work for myself as a freelance Non-Linear Editor and Support Specialist. Needless to say, my lust for computers and technology mixed with my broadcast experience has led me in the right direction. Now, in addition to running my own business, I am here to help the readers of Applelust.com make sense of all this amazing technology and where it may ultimately lead us.

Programs like FinalCut Pro, DVD Studio Pro, iDVD, and iMovie, are allowing everyday consumers and professionals alike create multimedia content that was once only possible in expensive post production studios. Now, it's becoming a reality on everyone's desktop. I'll be your guide on our way through the multimedia jungle, which I like to call the 'Digital Canvas.'

I currently live in the Midwest with my lovely computer illiterate wife, Heather, and amazing 4 & 1/2 year old computer expert, Elliot.

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