Shot by both sides

As fair-minded and non-partisan as Torquemada.

Sorry, most of you

Time to go. For all those of you who enjoyed arguing on SBBS, I'm glad you had fun. Any of the sites on the right-hand-side, including but not limited to Matt Turner, The Pine Marten and When there were no doors would be good places to carry on said arguments.

For those of you who lied, twisted, cheated and bullied until the least worst choice available to me was to close the site, congratulations. You've won. I hope it was worth it. It would be ungracious of me to hope that bad things happen to you in return, so I'll merely take solace in my knowledge that you have to go through life having a personality like that... Good work, fellas.

My writings will continue on the Sharpener (another good place to argue), and perhaps elsewhere.

Update: thanks to everyone for all your support. Too many links to acknowledge, but I really appreciate them all. I'm going to miss this site, including the people who think I'm a dick but don't seek to screw up my life because I've written something they dislike.

Posted by John B on 9/13/05 6:00:00 PM

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