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Missionary Boutique

The Goldia Anderson Missionary Boutique (named for a former national Women’s Ministries director) is a program through which foreign and home missionaries are able to obtain household items and clothing at no cost.

In January of each year, each sectional women’s ministries program is given an assignment of items to shop for to outfit the boutique. In late August or early September, a rally is held at which the various sections arrive with their generous donations for the boutique. Because of the generosity of our women, the boutique is well stocked by the end of the summer.

This allows us to ask missionaries to come to the boutique (most come in October when we hold a traditional “Shopping Spree” at our Fall Retreat) and “shop” for the items they will need during the four years of their overseas term.

If you would like to participate in funding the boutique, please send an email to the .