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A special thanks to teacher Lynette Ardis and her students Louise Athey, Marium Begum, Sean Powling & Paul Robinson from the Thomas Hepburn School in England for contributions to this web project.

Rina De Firenze reports from Florence Italy about the Da Vinci Workshop which was recently discovered in the backrooms of a chapel. See a front view of the angel from the Annunciation.Was the Mona Lisa portrait painted there? Click here for details

Click here to see some fantastic Sand Castles and Sculptures sent to us to display.

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A stimulating journey into the revelations of Sir Isaac Newton. Learn about his discovery of Gravity and Optical Theories. Learn why cars roll uphill, why dogs chase cars and Newton's secret library.

Projects do not just evolve in a vacuum.They reflect other activities being done as they are researched, created and designed.

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In this context, Newton's Castle is being developed as we creators take part in five other initiatives which nourish and enhance our capacities as creators, art thinkers, disseminators of our learning/ knowledge base and problem solvers. These are:

Dedalus Foundation
Research Fellows Art History

Ambassadors Program @MoMA
Guggenheim Presentation
Arts Liaisons
- Region One
TIPS Program- Project Legal

In order to appreciate the value of art we have provided links to the various projects we've created with partners in Sweden, Brazil and Estonia.
Learning About Leonardo
Curse of King Tut: Fact or Myth?
ArtiFAQ 21001st Place winner Microsoft Challenge

Dedalus Foundation
Dedalus Foundation
Research Fellows Art History

Take the Newton Quiz and get a perfect score to see the new Museum of Modern Art Gallery.

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