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links to  articles about the arrest of 50 gays in Egypt






Population : 70,712,342 (2002)

Internet users : 600,000 (2002)

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Egyptian Teenager Sentenced for Gay Internet Posting




From El Akhbar in Cairo

A seventeen years old private universitystudent received a 17 years sentence in prison including 2 years hard labor, for posting a personal profile on a gay dating site. The Student was arrested outside the American University in Midan Al Tahrir (Liberation Plaza) in Cairo yesterday. He is accused of "offences" to the public good, the honor of society, and a contempt to moral principles and social tradition. The sentence was issued by the Jahah court in Cairo by A'laa Deen Shoja'a under the supervision of heads of court Rida Shazzli and Mohamed Moheb.


Human Rights Watch Report :

Egypt: Crackdown on Homosexual Conduct Exposes Torture Crisis


(Cairo, March 1, 2004) -- The Egyptian government continues to arrest and routinely torture men suspected of consensual homosexual conduct, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today...

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 More Witch Hunt in Egypt :

Egypt police arrest 62 suspected gay men


Taken from Planet Out



In yet another massive crackdown, police in Egypt arrested 62 men from a well-known gay cruising area, booking each of the men on charges of "debauchery," a euphemism for homosexuality.

According to a communication received by the Al Fatiha Foundation, a Washington, D.C.-based organization for queer Muslims, the arrests at the Qasr el-Nil bridge took place on Aug. 28 and were shrouded in secrecy.


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Egypt released the Israeli

gay tourist



Exclusive Report !




On July 26, 2003, GayMiddleEast.com reported an exclusive news story that a Gay Israeli tourist (age 31) was arrested in Cairo Egypt. As per the request of the Israeli embassy's spokesman in Cairo, Mr. Israel Tikochenski,  we did not report any of the developments in this story during the past 45 days. GayMiddleEast.com compliance with his request was done so that our reporting of the story would not be used as an excuse by the Egyptian authorities to hold the arrested tourist even one extra day...


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Legal status 

Sexual activity : 

Same-sex male : 


same-sex female : 



Human Right Watch :

Egypt Crackdown on Homosexual Men Continues


(New York, October 7, 2003)

Human Rights Watch


A recent roundup in Cairo of men suspected of having sex with men, and the continued imprisonment of men already convicted, show that Egypt's crackdown on homosexuals continues unabated, Human Rights Watch said today.


Sixty-two men were reportedly rounded up on August 28 by Cairo police, who used police wagons to block either end of a Nile bridge reputed to be a meeting place for men who have sex with men, then arrested men along the bridge.

Full Press Release


Egyptian pope condemns homosexuality



Taken from The Adcovate


The leader of the Coptic Orthodox Church in Egypt, Pope Shenuda III, has condemned homosexuality as a sin and branded homosexuals "unchaste," in an interview published Wednesday, Agence France-Presse reports. "Homosexuality runs counter to moral values, it's an adulterous sin...reflecting the individual's detachment from moral values, traditions, and customs," he told the Egyptian government magazine Al-Mussawar...

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Israeli gay tourist was arrested in Egypt


GME News



An Israeli tourist  was arrested in Egypt few days ago. The guy, 31 from Jerusalem, is held already for several days now under intensive interrogation by the authorities in prison in Cairo.  According to our information, the guy was arrested after trying to invite and get people, that he wanted to have sex with, to gay parties he was about to throw.

GME News spoke today with the spokesman of Israel embassy in Egypt, Israel Tikochenski : " I can confirm you that there was an arrest of an Israeli guy in Egypt but I can't give you more information about it right now."

The spokesman guaranteed GME, that the Israeli embassy is doing all in it's power to help the person. No farther details can be given at the moment. GME will update it's readers within any development.




More Legal Status


Egypt :

Egyptian law does not explicitly refer to homosexuality, but a wide range of laws covering obscenity and public morality are punishable by jail terms. Contempt of religion (falsely interpreting the Koran and exploiting Islam to promote deviant ideas), is punishable by up to five years in jail. Immoral behavior (debauchery offense), is          punishable by up to a maximum sentence of three years in jail. The age of sexual consent is 18.***


***This information taken from the website Gay Rights Info


Do you know what it feel like for a gay in Egypt ?


If you wondered how is it to live as a gay in Egypt, you must read this letter that was sent two years ago:


"...This is the country I live in. I have no idea how long will I be able to stay alive here. First my problems as a gay Egyptian were limited to social stigma and rejection, which is why I am still closeted. My encounters with other gay men here were always through the Egyptian chat room on a gay site.
That was my only refuge. All the meetings were done in complete secrecy under a lot of mental stress. Now the chat is not even an option..."

The full letter


Egypt Appeals Court Acquits in

Gay Trial



Associated Press


An appeals court grudgingly acquitted 11 men of debauchery for alleged homosexual activity, one of their lawyers said Sunday.

As the three-member panel issued its ruling Saturday, Judge Mo'azer El-Marsafy condemned the men even while clearing them of criminal charges, said the lawyer, Helmi Al-Rawi.

"We are so disgusted with you, we can't even look at you," the judge said. "What you did is a major sin, but unfortunately the case has procedural errors and the court had to acquit all of you."

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GLBT/Human Rights Organizations :