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    This site is a labor of love and is dedicated to all DXers interested in TIS's and HAR stations. I have been interested in travelers information stations (TIS's) and highway advisory radio (HAR) Stations (collectively called TIS after this) since the early '70's when I heard my first TIS in western Montana at a rest stop along I-90. The station was audible only in the rest stop parking lot. I don't know for sure, but I believe this was even before the FCC and the NTIA started licensing TIS's.
  • Unfortunately, there is a dearth of information about TIS's on the Internet. The purpose of this site is to share information about TIS's and to make it available to DXers through the Internet. This site features the FCC Database of local government TIS's, a list of federally operated TIS's, unlisted TIS's, and a list of Canadian TIS. Unfortunately, as pointed out by a few DXers, these databases are not perfect. In my experience, no TIS database is perfect. However, there is nothing better on the Internet. Rather than dismiss these databases as not useful (they really are) we hope that TIS chasers/DXers will help each other by making these database even better. YOU CAN HELP BY CONTRIBUTING TO THE TIS DIGEST NEWSLETTER Click here for details.

    These lists are freely distributed for non-commercial use by TIS DXers as an aid to help them identify loggings. Just be sure to mention where you got the information. If you find this site useful or if you have any comments or criticisms, please drop us a note at tisdxer@home.com 

    DX Editors please note:

    You are in a very good position to help make the information in this database more accurate. Please feel free to use the information at this site to double check TIS loggings submitted to your column or page. 


    We are looking for any information about TIS and HAR stations that is not found here. Specifically that includes:
    1. Current information of Federal Government Operated TIS's.
    2. Discrenpencies in the FCC's WTB Local Government Operated TIS list.
    3. Low-power TIS's operated by anyone. Don't worry about whether or not they appear on "official" lists.
    4. Interesting anecdotes and information about the early history of TIS's.
    Don't be shy! Click here to see how you can help. All submissions will be fully credited to the submitter unless otherwise requested. 
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