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Since many visitors come here from all over the world, you may be able to find a little of each country that has been buried and been mixed in with the author's junk. Moreover, from links page, you can go to many Excel sites. You don't need a translator since the lingua franca is Excel. So, just bring yourself with Excel!

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HTML Maker - The utility for displaying your Excel worksheet on the Message board

  • HtmlMaker2.42 (100kb)  readme - by Colo and Ivan F Moala, 28.May.2003 | downloaded 6956 times

    Html Maker -Ver. 2.42- was developed as an Excel Addin for displaying an Excel worksheet for the message Board @ Mr.Excel.com, The Office Experts and The Excel Maniacs

  • HtmlMaker2.41 (100kb)  readme - by Colo and Ivan F Moala, 28.May.2003 | downloaded 1490 times

    Html Maker -Ver. 2.41- was developed as an Excel Addin for displaying an Excel worksheet for the message Board @ Dave Hawleys Site http://ozgrid.com/forum/

  • Converting VBA code into HTML - COM add-in (164kb)  readme - by bykin, 08.Jun.2003 | downloaded 1915 times

    This is a COM Add-in that converts VBA code into HTML, it works with Microsoft Office Applications(Access, Excel, FrontPage, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher, Visio, Word) that incorporate VBA via the VBE(Visual Basic Editor).

    Colo says "I'm using this addin for making my tips pages, thanks bykin!"

  • VBHTMLMaker (19.3kb)  readme - by Juan Pablo Gonzalez, 28.Apr.2003 | downloaded 1305 times

    Free Add-In to post VB code at the MrExcel Message Board from Excel.

  • HtmlMaker Light1.10 (122kb)  readme - by Colo, 07.Apr.2003 | downloaded 1403 times

    This add-in contains only genarate HTML code function. If you cannot use above versions of HtmlMakers, please give this a try!

Utilities - Excel Free Add-ins & Free utility Software

  • Andrew's Utilities 2 (373kb)  readme - by Andrew Engwirda,9th.Feb.2005 | downloaded 5134 times

    making Excel do the work for you

  • Cell Spotter (20.4kb)  readme - byAndrew Engwirda, 26.Feb.2005 | downloaded 2309 times

    Double click any cell to make lines appear on all four sides of the cell. (The color and line thickness is set but you can rewrite the code if you know how to, the code can be seen by pushing Alt and F11, then navigating to the Cell_Spotter.xla file)

  • Menu Generator (72kb)  readme  Japanese readme - byColo, 15.Jan.2005 updated! | downloaded 3659 times

    My "Menu Generator" is a program which allows you to make your own menu from an Excel add-in. Not only is it easy to create your own menu, you can also use it to update your add-in with new code. All you have to do is write your menu in the worksheet of the file and follow the Menu Wizard's instructions. No programming for the command bar is necessary.

  • Graphics Creator (29.2kb)  readme - by Gareth lombard, 24.Nov.2004 | downloaded 1680 times

    You can export Selected Range or Selected Image in your worksheet.

  • EaZy RSS reader (73.2kb)  readme - by Colo, 15.Oct.2004 updated! | downloaded 4075 times

    You can read your favorite blogs from Excel.

  • Image To Xcel (1.00mb)  readme - by Ivan F Moala, 20.Aug.2004 | downloaded 2666 times

    Have you ever seen the Painting in Excel? "Images to Excel" program can do. Check this out my mate Ivan's cool work!

  • Smart Indenter (288kb)  readme - by Stephen Bullen, 18.Aug.2004 | downloaded 1633 times

    My good friend Stephen's cool add-in. The BMS Smart Indenter is a utility to tidy up VBA code by rebuilding the indentation of each line.

  • ktMsgBoxAddin (388kb)  readme - by Keiichi Tsunoda, 07.Jul.2003 | downloaded 1850 times

    ktMsgBox far exceeds functionality and usability of MsgBox!

  • Graphics Exporter (79.5kb)  readme - by Andy Pope, 20.Feb.2003 | downloaded 1430 times

    Add-in for exporting items in your workbook to graphics files. Updated

  • FF-Translator (415kb)  readme - by XL-Dennis, 27.Nov.2002 | downloaded 2511 times

    The utility translate: Functions & formulas from the local language to English from, the contrary is also possible.

XL-Games - Games Free Games which is Excel based

  • Happy Coin (25.3kb)  readme - byColo, 14.Jan.2005 | downloaded 2132 times

    A rolling Japanese coin would get the today's lucky number for you. This program can be used with Excel 2002(XP) or later versions.

  • Froggy (335kb)  readme - by Mark McGurn, 1.Oct.2004 | downloaded 1921 times

    Froggy game works on Excel! I love it.

  • Excel Snake (69kb)  readme - by Colo, 14.Jun.2002 | downloaded 2253 times

    Here is a game that works on xl97 and later.(Not sure on XP.)

  • TamTam new  (159kb)  readme - by Kouichi Tani, 1.July.2004

    You need to create rows of 3 or more balls to remove them from the board.

  • Excelizer (708kb)  readme - by Kouichi Tani, 13.May.2003

    It is the shooting game which operates a tank with radio control feeling. It fights with a computer by using seven keys 1 on 1.

  • MinesXL (565kb)  readme - by Chris, 17.Apr.2003 | downloaded 1108 times

    MinesXL is an implementation of Minesweeper for Microsoft Excel.

  • RobotsXL (506kb)  readme - by Chris, 17.Apr.2003 | downloaded 1058 times

    RobotsXL is an arcade style implementation of the classic Robots or Daleks game for Microsoft Excel.

  • BilliardsX (146kb)  readme - by Kouichi Tani, 27.Jan.2003

    The billiard game made from Excel. It is possible to play on one person(vs.computer) and two person.

  • Typing Runner (169kb)  readme - by Kouichi Tani, 27.Jan.2003

    The Typing Runner is software which practices your typing speed while playing an action game.

  • TypingSOCCER (277kb)  readme - by Kouichi Tani, 14.Jan.2003

    This is type practice software which operates the soccer player with a keyboard.

  • Cyclotoron (340kb)  readme - by Kouichi Tani, 31.Dec.2002

    Cyclotoron is a 360 degrees all direction type block destroying game!

  • Invisible (246kb)  readme - by Kouichi Tani, 22.Dec.2002

    Invisible is a 3D block destroying game which the arrangement of the blocks quickly changes.

  • Unbreakable (123kb)  readme - by Kouichi Tani, 31.Dec.2002

    Unbreakable is a very cool and very exciting block destroying game excel based!

  • CELLVADER (163kb)  readme - by Nobuya Chikada, 11.Nov.2002 | downloaded 1264 times

    Here is an invader game which is reproduced on the Excel worksheet.Cool!

  • ExcellonII (280kb)  readme - by Kouichi Tani, 27.Oct.0202

    Excelon-II is a vertical scrolling shooting game which is Excel based.

  • KAMIKAZE GEISHA (312kb)  readme - by Kouichi Tani, 24.Oct.2002

    KAMIKAZE GEISHA is 3D shooting game which is Excel based.

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