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Volume 4: Origin and Evolution of the Elements
Edited by A. McWilliam and M. Rauch

The proper bibliographical citation for the invited papers (bold face titles and authors) is:

Lastname, Initials 2004, in Carnegie Observatories Astrophysics Series, Vol. 4: Origin and Evolution of the Elements, ed. A. McWilliam and M. Rauch (Cambridge: Cambridge Univ. Press), in press

More information on the bound volume, including how to purchase it, is available from Cambridge University Press at this link.

The proper bibliographical citation for the non-invited papers is:

Lastname, Initials 2004, in Carnegie Observatories Astrophysics Series, Vol. 4: Origin and Evolution of the Elements, ed. A. McWilliam and M. Rauch (Pasadena: Carnegie Observatories, http://www.ociw.edu/ociw/symposia/series/symposium4/proceedings.html)

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List of Participants
Mount Wilson Observatory Contributions to the Study of Cosmic Abundances of the Chemical Elements
G. W. Preston
Synthesis of the Elements in Stars: B2FH and Beyond
E. M. Burbidge
Stellar Nucleosynthesis: A Status Report 2003
D. Arnett
Nucleosynthesis in Black Hole-forming Supernovae and Abundance Patterns of Extremely Metal-poor Stars
K. Nomoto, K. Maeda, H. Umeda, N. Tominaga, T. Ohkubo, J. Deng, and P. A. Mazzali
Nucleosynthesis in Early Stars
S. W. Campbell
Multi-dimensional Nucleosynthesis Calculations of Type II SNe
C. Travaglio, K. Kifonidis, and E. Müller
Advances in r-Process Nucleosynthesis
J. J. Cowan and C. Sneden
Approximating the r-Process on Earth with Thermonuclear Explosions: Lessons Learned and Unanswered Questions
S. A. Becker
Universality and the Astrophysical Site for the r-Process
K. Otsuki
Element Yields of Intermediate-mass Stars
R. B. C. Henry
The Impact of Rotation on Chemical Abundances in Red Giant Branch Stars
C. Charbonnel
New Low- and Intermediate-mass Star Yields: The Evolution of CNO Abundances
M. Molla, M. Gavilan, and J. F. Buell
s-Processing in AGB Stars and the Composition of Carbon Stars
M. Busso, O. Straniero, R. Gallino, and C. Abia
Mg and Al Yields from Low- and Intermediate-mass AGB Stars
A. L. Karakas and J. C. Lattanzio
Models of Chemical Evolution
F. Matteucci
The Simple Inhomogeneous Model: Chemical Evolution of Metal-poor Systems
M. S. Oey
Model Atmospheres and Stellar Abundance Analysis
B. Gustafsson
Unbiased Stellar Parameters
A. J. Korn
Non-LTE Revisited
N. Przybilla, K. Butler, S. R. Becker, and R. P. Kudritzki
Non-solar Abundance Ratio Effects in Lick Spectral Indices of Individual Stars
M. Franchini, P. Di Marcantonio, C. Morossi, M. L. Malagnini, M. Chavez, and L. Rodriguez
s-Process Elements and Lithium Substitute in Post-AGB Stars with VLT+UVES
M. Reyniers and H. Van Winckel
Light Neutron-Capture Elements in Planetary Nebulae
H. L. Dinerstein
The Light Elements: Lithium, Beryllium, and Boron
A. M. Boesgaard
Extremely Metal-poor Stars
J. E. Norris
Trends of Abundance in Extremely Metal-poor Giants Observed at the VLT
M. Spite, E. DePagne, R. Cayrel, V. Hill, P. François, F. Spite, B. Nordström, J. Andersen, B. Plez,
B. Barbuy, T. Beers, P. Bonifacio, P. Molaro, and F. Primas
The Age of the First Nucleosynthesis in the Galaxy
R. Cayrel, V. Hill, M. Spite, P. Francois, E. DePagne, B. Nordstrom, J. Andersen, B. Plez,
B. Barbuy, T. Beers, P. Bonifacio, P. Molaro, and F. Primas
New Resources to Explore the Old Galaxy: Mining the SDSS
C. Allende Prieto, T. C. Beers, Y. Li, H. J. Newberg, R. Wilhelm, and B. Yanny
Thin and Thick Galactic Disks
P. E. Nissen
Thin and Thick Disk Results for Alpha, r- and s-Process Elements
S. Feltzing, T. Bensby, S. Gesse, and I. Lundström
The Rise of the s-Process in the Galaxy
J. Simmerer, C. Sneden, V. Woolf, and D. L. Lambert
Collinder 261: Abundances in an Old Disk Cluster
E. D. Friel, H. R. Jacobson, E. Barrett, C. A. Pilachowski, S. C. Balachandran, and L. Fullton
Elemental Abundances in the Galactic Disk
B. E. Reddy, J. Tomkin, D. L. Lambert, and C. Allende Prieto
6Li: A Clue for Planet Accretion in Stars
B. E. Reddy and D. L. Lambert
A Differential Study of the Oxygen Abundances in the Galactic Thin and Thick Disks
T. Bensby, S. Feltzing, and I. Lundström
Abundance Ratios in the Milky Way: The Halo/Thick Disk and Thin Disk Discontinuity
C. Chiappini and F. Matteucci
Old Metal-rich Systems and the Mid-ultraviolet
R. C. Peterson, B. W. Carney, B. Dorman, E. M. Green, W. Landsman, J. Liebert, R. W. O'Connell, and R. T. Rood
Composition of the Galactic Bulge
A. McWilliam and R. M. Rich
High-resolution Spectroscopy in the Galactic Bulge: The IR Perspective
L. Origlia and R. M. Rich
Globular Clusters and Halo Field Stars
C. Sneden, I. I. Ivans, and J. P. Fulbright
Abundances in Lithium-poor Halo Stars
A. Ford, L. Elliot, and S. G. Ryan
Abundances in Outer Halo Globular Clusters and Field Stars
J. P. Fulbright
Draco 119: A Giant Lacking Neutron-capture Elements
J. P. Fulbright, R. M. Rich, and S. Castro
Oxygen Abundances in Ultra-metal-poor Giants CS29498-043 and CS22949-037
G. Israelian, N. Shchukina, R. Rebolo, G. Basri, and J. L. Gonzalez Hernandez
Chemical Abundances of the Secondary Star in the Black Hole Binary A0620-00
J. L. González Hernández, R. Rebolo, G. Israelian, and J. Casares
A New Measurement of the 6Li/7Li Ratio in HD82943
G. Israelian, N. C. Santos, M. Mayor, and R. Rebolo
A New Population of Old Stars
I. I. Ivans, C. Sneden, C. R. James, G. W. Preston, J. P. Fulbright, P. A. Hoeflich, B. W. Carney, and J. C. Wheeler
A Study of the Chemical Composition of Halo Stars
K. Jonsell
A New Globular Cluster Metallicity Scale Based on the Abundance of Fe II
R. P. Kraft and I. I. Ivans
uvbyß Photometry of Very Metal-poor Stars
W. J. Schuster, S. Ruiz-Berbena, A. Moitinho, R. Michel, T. Beers, P. E. Nissen, and L. Parrao
Mg Isotopic Ratios in Giant Stars of the Globular Cluster NGC 6752
D. Yong, F. Grundahl, D. L. Lambert, P. E. Nissen, and M. D. Shetrone
Chemical Evolution in Omega Centauri
V. V. Smith
Metal-rich Stars in Omega Centauri
E. Pancino
Abundance Anomalies on the Main Sequence of Omega Centauri
L. M. Stanford, R. D. Cannon, G. S. Da Costa, J. E. Norris, and B. F. W. Croke
Chemical Composition of the Magellanic Clouds, from Young to Old Stars
V. Hill
Extension of the Ca II Triplet Calibration as a Metallicity Indicator to Young and/or Metal-rich Systems: Application to the LMC
R. Carrera, C. Gallart, R. Zinn, E. Pancino, and E. Hardy
Abundance Patterns of the Large Magellanic Cloud Disk and Bar
A. A. Cole, T. A. Smecker-Hane, E. Tolstoy, and J. S. Gallagher
Fluorine Abundances in the LMC and the Galaxy
K. Cunha, V. V. Smith, and D. L. Lambert
Abundances in LMC and SMC Globular Clusters
J. A. Johnson, M. Bolte, J. E. Hesser, I. I. Ivans, and P. B. Stetson
Stellar Abundances in Dwarf Irregular Galaxies
K. A. Venn, E. Tolstoy, A. Kaufer, and R. P. Kudritzki
Metallicities of RGB Stars in Local Group Dwarf Irregular Galaxies
D. B. Zucker and T. K. Wyder
Detailed Composition of Stars in Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxies
M. Shetrone
Stellar Populations of the Leo I and Leo II dSph Galaxies: Chemical Abundances and Ages
T. L. Bosler, T. A. Smecker-Hane, A. Cole, and P. B. Stetson
The Star Formation and Chemical Enrichment History of the Fornax dSph Galaxy
C. Gallart, F. Pont, R. Zinn, E. Hardy, G. Marconi, and R. Buonanno
Histories of the Milky Way Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxies and Omega Centauri
T. Tsujimoto and T. Shigeyama
Spheroidal Dwarfs and Early Galactic Chemical Evolution of Galaxies
J. S. Gallagher, E. K. Grebel, and D. Harbeck
The Evolutionary History of Local Group Irregular Galaxies
E. K. Grebel
Oxygen Abundances of Nearby Southern Dwarf Galaxies
H. Lee, E. K. Grebel, and P. W. Hodge
Chemical Evolution of the Old Stellar Populations of M31
R. M. Rich
The G Dwarf Problem in Messier 31
G. Worthey and A. L. Espana
Stellar Winds of Hot Massive Stars Nearby and Beyond the Local Group
F. Bresolin and R. P. Kudritzki
Presolar Stardust Grains
D. D. Clayton and L. R. Nittler
Interstellar Dust
B. T. Draine
Fractal Dust in Molecular Clouds
S. Datta
Interstellar Atomic Abundances
E. B. Jenkins
D/H as a Measure of Chemical Inhomogeneity in our Galaxy
J. L. Linsky
Molecules in the Interstellar Medium
T. Wiklind
The Chemical Composition of a Molecular Cloud at the Outer Edge of the Galaxy
D. A. Lubowich, G. Brammer, H. Roberts, T. J. Millar, C. Henkel, and J. M. Pasachoff
Metal Ejection by Galactic Winds
C. L. Martin
Abundances from the Integrated Light of Globular Clusters and Galaxies
S. C. Trager
Abundances in Spiral and Irregular Galaxies
D. R. Garnett
Tracing Iron Abundance with Fe II Spectra in Astrophysical Plasma
E. Verner
Chemical Composition of the Intracluster Medium
M. Loewenstein
Quasar Elemental Abundances and Host Galaxy Evolution
F. Hamann, M. Dietrich, B. M. Sabra, and C. Warner
High-redshift Quasars and Early Star Formation
M. Dietrich, F. Hamann, I. Appenzeller, M. Vestergaard, and S. Wagner
Chemical Abundances in Damped Lyman-alpha Systems
J. X. Prochaska
Chemical Abundances in Nearby Disk Galaxies and Distant DLAs
S. Boissier
The Absorption and Emission Kinematics of a z=0.745 Mg II Absorber
S. L. Ellison, G. Mallen-Ornelas, and M. Sawicki
Abundances in Sub-DLAs: Implications for the Cosmological Evolution of Metals
C. Péroux, M. Dessauges-Zavadsky, S. D'Odorico, T. S. Kim, and R. G. McMahon
Nitrogen Abundances in High-z DLAs
P. Molaro, M. Centurión, V. D'Odorico, and C. Péroux
Chemical Evolution of Damped Lyman-alpha Systems
F. Calura, F. Matteucci, M. Dessauges-Zavadsky, S. D'Odorico, J. X. Prochaska, and G. Vladilo
Intergalactic Medium Abundances
R. F. Carswell
Clues to the Origin of Metals in the Lyman-alpha Forest
S. Lopez, S. D'Odorico, S. L. Ellison, and T.-S. Kim
Enrichment Patterns of Heavy Elements in the Tenuous IGM
R. A. Simcoe, W. L. W. Sargent, and M. Rauch
Conference Summary
B. E. J. Pagel

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