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Krasnoyarsk is the third largest city in Siberia (after Novosibirsk and Omsk) with 930,000 inhabitants, situated on both sides of the river Enissey. It was founded in 1628 and is now the industrial and cultural centre of the region. The main industry includes machine construction, chemical industry, shipyards and especially aluminium production. There are 2 universities, 15 colleges for higher education, 5 theatres, 4 concert halls and 6 museums.

The first line of a 3-line network has been under construction since 1993. The first section from Vokzal'na (Railway Station) to Vysotnaya is scheduled to open in 2002 (5 km, 3 stations), the two central stations with one transfer station to a future north-south line will open in 2004. A further 8 stations are planned for an northwestern extension (to Korkino) and one more station to the northwest, Bugach.

The second line is supposed to connect the city centre with residential areas on the south side of the river. To the north it is planned to split into two branch, the right one going into the historic centre and the left one north to Solontsy.

The third line won't cross the other two lines in the city centre, but the first line at Oktyabr'skaya and the second line in the southeast on the southern shore.

Scanned map showing planned alignment of all three lines

Andrey Surikov's METROSTROY site

Nov 2000 - construction seems to be suspended due to water flooding the tunnels and danger for nearby buildings.

Thanks to Alexandre Chmielevski for all the information and help!


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