Good News Bible gets new name

NEW YORK, USA — The Good News Bible (GNB), known also as Today’s English Version, is to be renamed in North America as the Good News Translation (GNT). The relaunch will take place at the Christian Booksellers Association Convention in Atlanta, Georgia, in July.

The request for the change came from Zondervan, the exclusive commercial publisher of the translation, and was approved by the American Bible Society (ABS), which owns the rights to it, in March.

The request followed research of the US Bible market conducted last year by Zondervan. The findings showed that while the GNB ranked fourth highest in terms of awareness (42 per cent), it ranked only twelfth in terms of sales (3.1 per cent). Researchers concluded that one reason why high brand awareness translated into a low market share was the mistaken belief that GNB is a paraphrase – a conclusion supported by the ABS’s own research.

Zondervan and the ABS have agreed that changing the name to the Good News Translation “will help build confidence in the translation because it addresses the misperception head-on.” The new title will be available in bookshops this summer. Meanwhile the ABS will continue to publish the translation for the church market. (WR 361/37 - 7/8.01)