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this will be the home of a portal concentrating on Alternative Fuels and Alternative Propulsion.
Target Groups will be citizens as well as fleet operators. The project starting in 2006 will be funded partly by the European Comission and includes partners from 16 countries.

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As a starter we kindly ask you to give us your preferences. What would you like to see on this web portal?

  technological primer about alternative fuels (production and wells to wheel balance of biofuels, biofuels, CNG, LNG, Hydrogen..)

  technological primer about usability of alternative fuels (biofuels, CNG, LNG, hydrogen...) for standard ICE internal combustion engines

  technological primer about alternative engines, power train also called drive train (Hybdrid, EV, flywheels, gas turbines...) 

  technological primer about refueling facilities for alternative fuels in operational yards

  directory of vehicle producers/retailers/repair agents with alternative propulsion

  locator of refueling facilities for alternative fuels guiding you to the nearest tank stop

  show case of fleets running by alternative fuels or using alternative propulsion 

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