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Corporate History

History[Dainippon Pharmaceutical] History[Sumitomo]
1897 Dainippon Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., founded on May 14.
Twenty-one prominent leaders in the pharmaceutical industry in Doshomachi, Osaka, founded Osaka Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd., in The following year the company acquired the semi-governmental Dainippon Pharmaceutical Company in Tokyo and changed the name of the company to Dainippon Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
1897 Osaka Pharmaceutical Co, Ltd., established.
1898 Pharmaceutical Plant (previously, Osaka Plant; currently, Osaka Center) established in Ebie, Osaka.
Company name changed to Dainippon Pharmaceutical Co, Ltd.
1908 Osaka Pharmaceutical Testing Co., Ltd., acquired.
1914 Chemical products business started.
1927 Ephedrine “Nagai” (bronchodilator and anti-tussive) introduced.
1950 Animal drug business started.
1956 General pharmaceuticals business started.
1960 Food additive business established.
1963 Dainippon Pharmaceuticals Taiwan Co., Ltd., established.
1968 Suzuka Plant (Suzuka city, Mie Prefecture) established.
1970 Construction of Research Laboratories (Suita City, Osaka Prefecture) completed.
1974 Laboratory products business started.
1979 Dolcol (antibacterial chemotherapy drug) introduced.
1987 The Japan Epilepsy Research Foundation established.
1988 U.S. office (currently, Dainippon Pharmaceutical USA Corporation) opened.
Prorenal (vasodilator) introduced.
Setapril (persistent ACE inhibitor depressor) introduced.
1989 Excegran (antiepileptic) introduced.
1993 Construction of Central Distribution Center (currently, Kobe Distribution Center) completed.
1996 Ebastel (antiallergic) introduced.
1997 One hundredth anniversary of founding commemorated.
1998 London and Beijing offices opened.
Gasmotin (gastroprokinetic) introduced.
1999 Kadian (persistent cancer pain analgesic) introduced.
2002 QVAR (inhaled steroid-based antiasthmatic) introduced.
2003 Osaka Plant closed (merged with Suzuka Plant); Opso (solution for treating cancer pain) introduced.
2005 Responsibility for general pharmaceuticals sales transferred.
1984 Sumitomo Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd., founded on February 6.
Sumitomo Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd., was founded in February 1984 from the Research, Development, and Manufacturing divisions of Sumitomo Chemical Company’s pharmaceuticals business, as well as the Pharmaceuticals Sales division of Inahata & Company, the sole distributor of Sumitomo Chemical Company pharmaceuticals. The new company opened for business on October 1, 1984.
1984 Inteban Cream (topical analgesic and anti-inflammatory drug) introduced.
1985 Construction of Ehime Bio Plant (currently, Ehime Plant) completed.
Almarl (therapeutic agent for hypertension, angina pectoris, and arrhythmia) introduced.
1987 Sumiferon (natural alpha interferon) introduced.
1989 Dops (norepinephrine-activating neural function ameliorant) introduced.
1990 Didronel (bone disorder drug) introduced.
1991 Construction of Osaka Distribution Center completed.
1993 Responsibility for feed additive sales transferred.
Amlodin (therapeutic agent for hypertension and angina pectoris) introduced.
1995 Intravenous Meropen (carbapenem antibiotic) introduced.
1996 Sediel (serotonin-agonist anti-anxiety drug) introduced.
1997 Construction of New Tokyo Distribution Center completed.
Sumitomo Pharmaceuticals UK Limited (currently, Sumitomo Pharmaceuticals Europe Limited) established.
Beijing Office opened.
1999 Growject (rDNA human growth hormone) introduced.
Responsibility for animal drug sales transferred.
Sumitomo Pharmaceuticals America Limited established.
2000 Responsibility for bulk pharmaceutical sales transferred.
Responsibility for Hibitane (disinfectant) sales transferred.
2001 Lullan (antipsychotic) introduced.
Responsibility for Tagamet (H2-receptor antagonist) sales transferred.
Sumitomo Seiyaku Biomedical Co., Ltd., opened for business.
2003 Responsibility for sales for Sumitomo Chemical Company’s bulk pharmaceuticals manufacturing business transferred to Sumitomo Pharmaceuticals; Oita Plant established.
2004 Twentieth anniversary of opening of company commemorated.
2005 Responsibility for general pharmaceuticals sales transferred.

October 1, 2005 Dainippon Sumitomo Pharma created.

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