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ENIGMA Machine broken in December of 1932.
In the winter of 1932, Marian Rejewski, a twenty-seven-year-old Cryptoanalyst working in the Cipher Bureau of the Polish Intelligence Service in Warsaw, Poland mathematically determined the wiring of the Enigma's first rotor. Since 1933 Poland was able to read thousands of German messages encrypted by the Enigma Machine.  History of Solving

The gift of Enigma replicas from Poland, a loyal ally, saved millions of lives during the War.
July 24, 1939 is the day to be remembered forever. Cryptoanalysts and heads of the Intelligence Services from France and Great Britain arrived in Pyry, near Warsaw, to receive the Enigma replicas along with all the cryptoanalyst information Poland gathered. Without that, it would take an extra 2 to 3 years to break the Enigma Code. By then, Hitler would be in London. And New York.  full story

Marian Rejewski and the Polish Team of Codebreakers again the first to crack the Enigma Cipher, this time during the War!
 Soon after the War broke out, on October 20 the Polish Team of 15 Cryptographers restarted work on the Enigma Machine in the Chateau de Vignolles, 25 miles northwest of Paris, France in the secret unit named "Bruno".  full story

Do you know...
... The names of the Polish Cryptographers, Officers and Engineers working on the Enigma?

... How many Enigma machines were produced?

...How long would it take to try all the Enigma permutations? full story


Marian Rejewski, the Polish Mathematician who solved the Enigma Cipher Machine

Why does the new British movie ENIGMA have no historical value whatsoever?
New movie produced in UK (Enigma) presents a real threat to historical accuracy and common sense, picturing a fictitious Polish Officer collaborating with the Nazis. Why are some Brits still biased against Poles?  Movie Reviews



  Try the real Enigma Machine at the National Security Agency
The National Security Agency Museum in Fort George Meade, Maryland has a real WW2 Enigma Cipher Machine on display. You can come in to the NSA (yes, you can go to the NSA, I mean the NSA Museum) and try to code and decode the messages.
full story


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