Living Drums

At Living Drums, our artists capture images from nature and legend to combine with the spirit of the drum.

Hand-held hoop drums are perfect for drum circles, shamanic healing, meditation, and personal or ceremonial rituals.

Living Drums are available in three sizes and prices:

Generally, the larger the drum the deeper the tone!

*Custom Painted
Not Available
Not Available

All prices include shipping and handling! Allow 7 to 10 days for delivery. Allow 2 weeks for custom drums. Please call or e-mail for wholesale prices and information.

The drums are laced onto a separate piece of rawhide for even pressure to prevent tearing. The handles are wrapped in recycled mink or leather and made so you can slide your hand underneath so it fits like a glove.

A free drumstick is included with your order. Custom leather or fur drumsticks are available for $30.

Custom painted drum and rattle sets are also available! Describe design and color choice on the order form. For the largest amount of fetish’s (drum head paintings), please visit our 18" drum page.

We gladly accept the following forms of payment:

Click on a drum size below to order:

13" Drums
13 Inch
15" Drums
15 Inch
18" Drums
18 Inch


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