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Ralph Klein
Progressive Conservative
Born in Calgary on November 1, 1942, Ralph Klein has had a diverse and successful career. Before entering into the political arena, he served in the Canadian Air Force, pursued a career in public relations and worked as the Senior Civic Affairs reporter with CFCN Television and Radio in Calgary.

In 1980, Klein began his political career when he was elected Calgary's Mayor. He remained in this position until 1989, winning both the 1983 and the1985 city elections. In 1989, Klein moved into provincial politics, winning the Calgary-Elbow riding. Less than one month after his election to the legislature, he was appointed Minister of Environment.

The retirement of Premier Don Getty and the ensuing Alberta PC leadership race in 1992 provided Ralph Klein with his next political challenge. Running against prominent Alberta PC members such as Nancy Betkowski (now MacBeth), the current leader of the Alberta Liberal party, he won the party leadership and was sworn in as Premier of Alberta on December 14, 1992.

In 1993, Klein led his party to a majority victory against a strong Liberal party. The so-called "Miracle on the Prairies" was followed in 1997, when the PC party won 63 seats in the legislature, 12 more than they had won in 1993.

Under Klein's leadership, the provincial budget has been balanced, the provincial debt has been greatly reduced and the unemployment rate has kept low. However, critics point out that these accomplishments have come at the expense of the health care and education systems. 


Nancy MacBeth
Alberta Liberal
Born December 29, 1948, this Edmonton Native has had a long career as an Alberta politician. Nancy MacBeth was raised in the Glenora area of Edmonton and stayed in the city for her University studies. She holds a B.A. in French and Russian, granted from the University of Alberta, which in 1969. She studied French-Canadian literature at Laval University in Quebec. She later spent time travelling through Europe and North Africa.

MacBeth became involved in politics when she began working as an assistant for several MLAs. She first ran for the legislature in 1986 as a PC candidate in the Edmonton-Glenora riding. She won the seat and was soon appointed Minister of Education, a position she held until 1988. From 1988-1992 she served as Minister of Health. After Don Getty's resignation in 1992, MacBeth (then Betkowski) ran against Ralph Klein for the PC party leadership. She resigned her post as Glenora MLA shortly before the 1993 election and left the PC party.

In 1998, MacBeth was elected the leader of the Alberta Liberal Party. Two months later, she was elected to the legislature in a by-election in the Edmonton-McClung riding. Since then, she has served as leader of the official opposition in the legislature.

During her tenure as Liberal party leader, MacBeth has led the Liberal caucus in questioning the Klein government's spending policies and in opposing Bill-11 and power deregulation.


Raj Pannu
New Democrat Party of Alberta
The leader of the Alberta New Democrats was born in Punjab, India in 1934. He immigrated to Canada in 1962, where he settled in Whitecourt, Alberta. In 1973, he was awarded a Doctorate in Sociology from the University of Alberta in 1973.

Before entering the arena of Alberta politics. Dr. Pannu worked for a short time as a professor at York University in Ontario before returning to Alberta to join the faculty of the University of Alberta. From 1969 to 1996, Dr. Pannu taught Educational Policy Studies and Sociology at the U of A.

In 1997, Pannu entered provincial politics as the New Democrat candidate in the Edmonton-Strathcona riding. He won this riding in the closest three-way race in Alberta. Only 181 votes separated him from the third place PC candidate. Dr. Pannu was one of only two New Democrats elected to the legislature in the 1997 election.

Former New Democrat leader, Pam Barrett, retired from politics in 2000, opening the door for Pannu to step in as leader of the New Democrat party. Since then, he has led the New Democrat opposition to the Klein Government with fellow New Democrat MLA, Brian Mason.


John Reil
Alberta First
The first leader of the Alberta First party, John Reil runs a small business in Edmonton.  An active community member, this 52 year old has served in the Canadian Air Force and working in the oil industry. 


Cory Morgan
Alberta Independence Party
A 29-year-old Calgarian, Cory Morgan leads the newly formed Alberta Independence party. A former member of the Reform party, he decided to take a large role in forming the Alberta Independence Party after becoming dissatisfied with the Reform and Canadian Alliance parties. Since graduating from Banff Community High School and studying at SAIT, he has been working in the oil industry as a geophysical surveyor.


Naomi Rankin
Communist Party
Since 1964, Naomi has lived in Edmonton, Alberta. She received her B.Sc. in Computing Science from the University of Alberta and works as a computer programmer.

In 1981 she joined the Communist Party and became the provincial leader in 1992. Since then she has run as both a provincial and federal candidate for the Party.


David Parker
Alberta Green Party
Born in South Yorkshire, England, in 1947, David Parker became a landed immigrant in 1976. Before leaving England, he received an Honours Degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Huddersfield University. Since arriving in Canada, he has taught at NAIT and several other international post-secondary institutions. He has been active in several volunteer associations, including many environmental organizations


Maury Shapka 
Natural Law party
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Lorne Ahlstrom 
Social Credit 
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Fred Schorning 
Alberta Party
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Barry Pashak 
Equity Party
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David Salmon
Reform party of Alberta.
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