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Elmer Studios
The Street Fighter Mary Sue Test

In Dream City, there is a place called Torture Theater.

It is where villains go when they want, for whatever reason, to subject enemies and random bystanders to the worst fanfiction they can conveniently find. It has been destroyed, time and time again, but it is continually rebuilt, better than before. It now stands, at the corner of Biohazard and Mason Streets, as a living testament to the foul and unyielding power of dark imagination... and to what lengths the human mind will go to to keep itself sane.

Scary Naked People: Mystery Octagon Theater, Season One

Mystery Octagon Theater, Season Two

Episode 201: "Street Fighter: Warrior's Legacy," Chapters Three and Four

  • Original Authors: Benjamin Hutchins and Brian D. Bikowicz
  • In the theater: MMK, Gavok, TBS, Shady, Racewing, Arlieth
  • Evil Geniuses: TV's Wanderer, with AoD and Falconer
  • Rating: R [it's too cute for any room]
    The second season of Mystery Octagon Theater starts off with... screaming! Why mess with a good thing? It's story time yet again as top-ranked newbie World Warrior Gryphon, his housemate Zoner the international spy, and the new Internet icon Fury the Wonder Dog (yay fury) tackle a new adventure that's technically high treason, but no one will call them on it 'cause it's them! Crossovers fall from the sky like gentle rain as Ryu challenges Gryphon, Sakura enters the Street Fighter circuit, Gryphon and Zoner break into Warehouse 23, and the boys take on a dangerous mission to save the Bionic Six from obsolescence hell! Yes, it's a Street Fighter fanfic, the same way that this is a Sailor Moon fanpage!

    Episode 202: "The Mark of Zenretsu"
    Finished! Rough draft's up!

  • Original Author: Nightmare James
  • In the theater: Vid, Tiff, Mark, MMK, Gavok, TBS
  • Evil Geniuses: Racewing, with TV's Ice and Shady
  • Rating: R [fwappity fwap fwap]
    The third chapter in the Nightmare James saga, "The Mark of Zenretsu" is a fiction experience that's comparable to a child's first innocent brush with genital warts. Chris, the newest member of the Heroes Committee and the captain of the Rangers hockey team, and James, fresh from playing a few thousand rounds of "Hide the Banana" with Donkey Kong, must face a new threat: that of superkid Dann Zenretsu! With Liu Kang and the scrappy Rangers offensive line at their back, how can Chris and James possibly lose? What long-distance plan is Liu Kang on? How many discordant games, movies, TV shows, and cartoons can you jam into one fanfiction? Where are all these goofily-named original characters coming from? Will Chris and James finally find the courage to fall in love? Who's going to sue the two Uberkids, beloved by millions? How do you "glare someone unconscious"? And how will we survive a third encounter with Nightmare James?

    Episode 203: " Finished!
    [An Elmer Studios crossover event!]

  • Original Authors: Benjamin Hutchins and Larry Mann, for Eyrie Productions
  • In the theater: MMK, Gavok, TBS, Wanderer, Tiffa, special guest star Sandara
  • Evil Geniuses: TBA
  • Rating: R [it's destroyed better men than you]
    Derek James Croft. His name is legend in fanfiction circles. It is he who sprang forth from the sharp-edged polygonal loins of Lara Croft, following a dalliance with one Fox "Spooky" Mulder; he who apparently chloroformed Shinji Ikari en route to Tokyo-3, the better to take Shinji's place in the cockpit of Unit 01; he who somehow orchestrated Tokyo-3's transmogrification and teleportation to Worchester, Massachusetts, the Center of the Universe; he who transformed Rei's alienation into depression and drew her out of it; and he who is fated to save humanity from the Angels sent to annihilate it. That sound you hear is something phallic being slowly twisted into Hideki Anno's ear canal. Can our ragtag band of MiSTers, joined by elven lycanthrope and NXE vet Sandara, stand up to the insistent pressure to put aside all mortal concerns and love DJ? Can we?

    Upcoming Episodes!

    Episode 204: "Cellmates" and "Chocobo Nights"

  • Original Author: the Lemon Master
  • In the theater: TBA
  • Evil Geniuses: TBA
  • Rating: X [will make you hate your genitals]
    Oh, it may start slowly enough, and innocently enough, with a simple tale of situational homosexuality in Final Fantasy VII. Before long, however, the Lemon Master has worked his dark and destructive magic! Ever wanted chocobo-on-girl sex? It's in there! How about an original character or two gettin' with Tifa Lockheart? Gotcha covered! Lesbian sex written by a man who does not appear to have ever seen a real woman? All that and more! Yes, the Lemon Master is the latest thing to come out of the dark underbelly of the Internet, bringing the pain fresh to your very door!

    Bonus Episode!

    The Mystery Octagon Theater Non-Denominational Winter Festival Spectacular:
    "Hopelessly Lost," chapter one
    [An ImproFicRoast/ Elmer Studios crossover event!]

  • Original Authors: Benjamin Hutchins and Brian D. Bikowicz
  • In the theater: MMK, Vidstudent, S.D.; Jonatan, Ranma X, NeoVid; Rebecca, Tango
  • Evil Geniuses: Signus Megido, with TV's Mark Poa
  • Rating: R [murder's funny if you don't know the victim]
    Another "Undocumented Features" side-story, "Hopelessly Lost" continues that series's proud tradition! A mysterious plot contrivance transports Gryphon and Zoner back to a futuristic Worchester, and from there to Megatokyo, forty years in their future. Shortly, Zoner's packed full of cyberware, Gryphon's much better than Zoner at everything even though he isn't full of cyberware, they have really cool cars with no doubt factory standard particle cannons, and the Knight Sabers get a hearty dose of love, Eyrie-style! Yes, listen and witness as Gryphon becomes Iron Man, the Knight Sabers accept them into their ranks for no good reason, Gryphon spends far too long describing a game of Wing Commander, there's a "Kung Fu" cameo that actually mugs the unsuspecting reader, and all the lyrics for "Money for Nothing" are thrown into the middle of the story for no good reason! Bounce to it!

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