OmniCode is a replacement for the now defunct 'Geekcode' and more! Without the draconian restrictions Geekcode had on creating tools for creation and decoding, OmniCode is a much more user-friendly alternative.

OmniCode is released under the Creative Commons license! You can do stuff with it as long as you follow the rules as outlined here!

Look in the code itself for creation methods and the code itself.

Nawft's super-duper OmniCode Encoder - this will save time and effort getting your OmniCode together. (version 0.1.6)

Nawft has also built a new Omnicode decoder! Thanks Nawft! (version 0.1.6)

The newest Omnicode is here!
v0.1.7 Changelog

Older versions:

v0.1.6 Changelog
v0.1.5 Changelog
v0.1.4 Changelog
v0.1.3 Changelog
v0.1.2 Changelog
v0.1.1 Changelog
v0.1.0 Changelog

OmniCode is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 license (c) Greg Webster 2003-2005