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The CS Team

The team:

Name : Gooseman (aka Minh Le)
E-mail :
Position : Project leader, Head modeler, Head coder, Head-job
Resides : Vancouver, Canada
Previous projects : Navy Seals Quake1, Action Quake2
Quote : "Rock the kazbah!"

Name : Cliffe
E-mail :
Position : Shipping Manager, 2d-graphics, PR, QA, various sound effects, game design etc.
Resides : Virginia Tech, Virginia
Previous projects : Jedi Knight Multiplayer Addon Group, Terror Quake2, Action Quake2 Map Depot
Hobbies : I enjoy mending things, tending plants, and visiting with the aged.

The mappers:

See the maps page.

The texture artists:

Name : Ido Magal
E-mail :

Name : Macman
E-mail :

Name : DigiChaos
E-mail :

Linux Porter:

Name : Leon Hartwig
E-mail :

Special thanks:

Special thanks to the following people: Oddjob; Mr. Grim; and Dallas Frank of the A-Team; Michael Thomas Gihl; Hyperboy; Brent Bussey; Valve Software; Art Min; Gabe Newell; Yahn Bernier; Erik Johnston; g0@t; Stikky, Drilla & Adrian @ Gameplay; Razoredge; Little Rizzuh; Redm; BizzyBlaster; D0gzilla; Chris Mair; Barking Dog Studios; Mutated Jellyfish; Darkman; Justin Bunnell; Hal; Tactic; Bigfoot; Jason "Malhavoc" Nugent; Jcal; Redwood; Gary Aardnt; everyone @; Leon Hartwig; Arcticom's Fro; shirow; Geronimo; John Jensen; @sspennies; Eyeburn; all the server admins who have helped us test .dll's; RzE; all the CS mappers and texture artists.

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