1)  Improving education/school systems,
including school bus transportation. ALL
children will receive equal and high grade
education throughout MN Public Schools.

2)  Farming - helping Minnesota farmers
with state grants and tax-breaks, so they
can keep their farms, and make a
significant profit.
3)  Start an Anti-Drug task force to go after drug
dealers, especially in and around schools.

4)  Better benefits for all Minnesota Veterans,
especially those who were injured in the Gulf Wars,
Vietnam, any and all combat operations, along with
those who were injured during military service.

5)  I will not allow the activation of any Minnesota
National Guard Units to fight in Iraq. I will lobby to
bring our Guard troops back from Iraq ASAP! I will
defy President Bush if need be.

6)  Any one found committing an act of terrorism in
Minnesota will be IMPALED by me at the State Capital.
If the US DOJ wants to prosecute me for it, then I will
take my chances in Court, for I do not believe an
American Jury will convict me of brutally killing a

7)  Blacklist - I will blacklist all companies that have
left the US and relocated to another country. No
company will prosper as a result of causing Americans
financial hardship from losing their jobs, as a result of
that company relocating to another country.

8)  DWI/DUI - Those who are found guilty of DWI/DUI of
drugs and/or alcohol in Minnesota will serve time in
jail for their criminal and dangerous actions. A
minimum of 3-months without a stay of judgement.

9)  All religious beliefs will be protected under my
administration. I will erect the "Wall of Religious
Beliefs" in the Capital. This wall will have everything
from the Wiccan Rede to the 10 Commandments.

10)  Judicial Reform is a major personal concern of
mine. I will enact a law that holds judges and
prosecutors liable for wrongly incarcerating innocent
people. In addition, I will have people who file false
complaints against another person imprisoned for
their illegal actions.

11)  Boot Camp for juvenile offenders. If parents are
unable to cope with an out of control child, who is
repeatedly breaking laws and/or are failing to attend
school regularly, the child will be placed in a "Boot
Camp" program ran by reserve or former military drill

12)  Casinos - I will issue 13 land base/Non-Indian
owned casinos licenses in Minnesota. These licenses
will be issued to the highest bidders. The highest
bidder will receive the best site. The money from
these bids will go to fund all aspects of education,
farming and veterans programs. The tax revenue will
be used to help lower taxes throughout the state.

work too hard, to have to worry about the rising cost
of medical insurance and prescriptions. Everyone
should be able to enjoy their free time to the fullest. I
will introduce an “Universal Medical/prescription
Payment Plan,” for those Minnesotans who do not
receive medical insurance from their employer. This
plan will allow everyone to pay a set rate for
medical/presription insurance, in accordance to what
they make, not what the insurance companies say
they have to pay. Hence, allowing all Minnesotans to
receive the same type to medical treatment as The
President, without paying outrageous premiums and/or
co-payments. Those who are unemployed, indigent,
disabled or unable to work will receive emergency
medical care and prescriptions regardless.

Jonathon's Campaign Platform