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Don't Sink the Boat, Foam it!

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System 50

VERSI-FOAM® - For Flotation/Repairs

Deck Replacement
Hull Repair, Modifications
Securing Gas Tanks

VERSI-FOAM® - For Insulation

Ice Chests
Bait Wells
Fish Holding Boxes

VERSI-FOAM® Meets these tests:

Coast Guard Rules, Regulations in 43 CFR Title 33, Chapter 1, Part 183, Subparts E, F, and their Amendments

Military Specification MIL F-83671

For Marine Applications, Nothings beats foam,
and no portable foam beats


Nothing beats 2-component polyurethane foam for marine flotation and insulation applications. The 90%-plus closed cell foam completely fills all voids, providing maximum flotation and structural support. And 2-pound density VERSI-FOAM®has an R value of 7 per inch, the most thermally efficient of any insulating material.

VERSI-FOAM® has passed the flotation requirements of
both the Coast Guard (Par. 183:112) and the Military(MIL F-83671).

Plus these Features


The key to successful foam applications is efficient consistently trouble free operation of the dispensing equipment. Years of experience, coupled with extensive research and development have resulted in the portable foam kit, industry's most state-of-the-art foam dispensing gun. The new U-Control gun is totally user friendly, providing such oustanding features as:

Typical Marine Applications

The following applications can be accomplished quickly and efficiently with VERSI-FOAM®. A layman can learn how in 5 minutes.

Deck Replacement/Repair


When replacing or repairing a deck, foam is applied into the hull and between the stringers.

NOTE: In vessels under 20 feet in length, dry weight must be counter balanced with positive flotation materials which meet Coast Guard rules.

Hull Repair/Modifications

Hull Repair

Nothing beats the ease of shooting VERSI-FOAM® into damaged hull areas to restore proper flotation. Where boat modifications demand additional level flotation, foam can be dispensed through holes drilled into the deck. The foam not only provides flotation, but adds to the structural integrity of the vessel.

Securing Gas Tanks

When replacing gas tanks, encapsulate the tank with VERSI-FOAM® to secure it in place and prevent it from shifting. Also spray foam around the tank to protect it from impact in case of an accident, and possible rupture and explosion.

Gas Tanks


Many boat owners add ice chests, coolers, bait wells or fish holding boxes.VERSI-FOAM® is ideal for insulating these to maintain proper temperature and also add structural support. The foam, in its standard 2-pound density, has an excellent 7 per inch R value.

Easy to use, Ready to use

VERSI-FOAM® comes in several size units so you can choose the right size for the job. Each system comes from the factory ready to use. No hand mixing, no outside power source required.

VERSI-FOAM® System 15 and System 50 feature a dispensing gun which enables you to meter just the right amount of foam for the job. And the kit may be stored for re-use.

Size Yield

System I

1 Cubic Foot

System 15

16.5 Cubic Feet

System 50

50 Cubic Feet


VERSI-FOAM® System I has its own dispensing system. Systems 15 and 50 come with gun/hose set, 10 mixing nozzles, lubricating jelly and valve wrench. Following instrubtions, the kits may be used over and over again (warranted for 30 days after valves are first opened).


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View the Material Safety Data Sheet

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