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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Attention Logan passengers: starting Wed. no more Terminal D

By Peter Howe
Globe Staff

No, Logan International Airport isn't going to get 20 percent smaller overnight. But if you are headed to the airport Wednesday, you will find something missing: Terminal D.

The terminal, which comprises three gates used by discount carrier AirTran Airways, is officially becoming part of neighboring Terminal C, as part of an airport simplification project.

Between now and early tomorrow morning, airport workers will be changing hundreds of signs to eliminate references to Terminal D, on overhead roadway signs, parking garages, and inside the terminals.

In the final phase of the project, sometime next year the existing Terminal E, Logan's international arrivals terminal, will be turned into Terminal D. Logan aviation director Thomas J. Kinton Jr. said passenger surveys found travelers overwhelmingly agreed a four-terminal airport would be simpler to navigate than one with five, and with just three gates, Terminal D functions much more like a satellite of Terminal C than a true terminal in its own right.

However, officials with the Massachusetts Port Authority, which runs Logan, wanted to wait a year or so before turning D into E, hoping to avoid confusion. Making the change from E to D overnight, they feared, might lead some Logan veterans heading to an international flight to stop at the AirTran gates, which have been known as Terminal D for more than 25 years.

Taking the Terminal D designation out of circulation for a year, so Logan customers get used to the idea that AirTran is now in Terminal C, should make the changeover of the international terminal smoother, they hope.

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