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Pink Princess
""I'm impossible to forget, but hard to remember""

24 years old
VANCOUVER, Washington
United States

Last Login: 3/2/2006
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    Pink Princess's Interests
GeneralBeing in the Sunshine & floating on my pink floaty, Watching & going to the movies, playing with my nieces and nephews or any kids-love kids, Animals (they are so cute-i just want to give them all a big hug), Going out dancing, Shopping for clothes, purses, anything cute & pink, getting my nails & hair done, Traveling (to sunny climate areas)-(favorite travel spot so far: Key West, Florida), Looking at the stars in the middle of the night, camping, making camp fires, making s'mores (yummy), Snorking, playing in the sand and making funny things with the sand, making snow people, making snow angels, going to the zoo, Hanging out with my friends just to hang out, playing cards, BBQ's, Eating & Cooking, and making people happy (or just smiling & saying hi to people)-doing something nice for someone.
MusicAll types...I guess it depends on my mood and what I am doing...But I pretty much like everything..or at least I will give it a try! A taste of some of the music I like are: Lifehouse, Puddle of Mudd, Cyndi Lauper, No Doubt, Norah Jones, Sheryl Crow, John Mayer, Ashanti, Nelly Furtado, Wilson Phillips, The Temptations, Enya, Usher, Rascal Flatts, Tim McGraw, Aerosmith, Faith Hill, Goo Goo Dolls, Creedence, Van Morrison, Jesse McCartney, Edwin McCain, Bonnie Raitt, Sarah McLachlan, Maroon 5, Gin Blossoms, Vanessa Carlton, Alanis Morissette, Lil'Flip & Lea, Notorious B.I.G., 50 Cent, Kelly Clarkson, Howie Day, JLo, Fat Joe, and etc... ***I support the hip-hop world & all artists out there-you guys are making it happen!*** If you need any new talent to listen to..I have some friends that are hella talented that I can send you to..on space.. :)
Movies I love to watch movies..that is my favorite thing to do..and the thing I do the most on my spare times..(it helps that I get free movie rentals) & I own over 400 DVDs. My favorite movies: Hitch, Spiderman & Spiderman 2 & 50 First Dates & How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days & Wild Hearts Can't be Broken & Pride & Prejudice (2005) & The Notebook & Finding Neverland & A Lot Like Love & Just Like Heaven & Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. I like all movies, except Horror movies. Horror movies scare me. I get too scared (creative mind). I really like "Chick Flicks" & all the Marvel movies (Spiderman 1&2, X-men 1&2, DareDevil, Hulk, The Punisher, Blade, Blade 2, Blade 3, etc...) A taste of what like: Forrest Gump, American Pie Movies, Little Mermaid, Shrek, Shrek 2, Finding Nemo, Big Fish, Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Star Wars Trilogy, Harry Potter movies, Pirates of the Carribean, First Knight, Meet Joe Black, Count of Monte Cristo, The Crow, Kill Bill Vol. 1 & 2, Charlie's Angels 1 & 2, Usual Suspects, Troy, Gone in 60 Seconds, Sweet Home Alabama, Sweet November, My Girl, Phenomenon, 13 Going on 30, Girl Next Door, 10 Things I hate about you, That Thing You Do, Win a Date with Tad Hamilton, Walk to Remember, Paycheck, Patch Adams, Chasing Liberty, Matchstick Men, Good Will Hunting, Back to the Future, Last Samurai, Con Air, Butterfly Effect, 40 Days & 40 Nights, Radio, Love Actually, Remember the Titans, Cold Mountain, Mean Girls, I, Robot, Chronicles of Riddick, Hitch, Guess Who, Fever Pitch, Rent, etc... CWINDOWSDesktopCinderella.JPG

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TelevisionI don't really watch T.V., no I have too many movies to watch! But for old time sakes: Cheers, Saved by the Bell, Boy Meets World, Cobsy show, Friends, Frasier, Will & Grace, Dharma & Greg, 70's show, Bachelorette, Desperate Housewives, America's Next Top Model, American Idol, America's Funniest Home Videos, Cold Case, CSI, SUV, The Beauty & The Geek, The OC, Veronica Mars, & etc...(classics)
BooksI read a lot of books for school! It's a requirement, not for enjoyment :( But the last book I really enjoyed reading was by Nicholas Sparks, The Notebook & Jane Austin, Pride & Prejudice. --> --> --> --> START YOUTHINK.COM QUIZ RESULTS -->
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Heroes**Real Life Heroes: My parents. They are my support and they inspire me to keep wishing for the best in my future. Plus, they have the biggest hearts <3 **Non-Real Like Heroes: Spiderman!! (Because he is selfless, caring, and man, I wish a man loved me like that!) **Everyday Heroes: People fighting overseas (I do not support this war, but I do support the people who are in the war), Police officers (Hot-I have a thing for cops-sorry), Firefighters (because they save lives too), and everyone who has a kind heart. :) kiss my ass2
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Pink Princess Highway
Confusion Lane3
Mt. Happiness112
Lake Love230
Please Drive Carefully
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Average Christian
You're not going to become a minister anytime soon, but you do your best to live your life in a Christian way. This means that although you probably don't attend church every Sunday, you do your best to follow the Ten Commandments, help the needy and generally be an all around good person. Who needs to follow the entire bible anyways? It was written ages ago, and Christ transmuted it by giving his life.
Groups: Vantucky, WA / Porkland, OR , ADDICTED 2 TRANCE , Movie Reviews for the Average Joe , BLACKSTAR RECORDS , FRIENDLY ELMONTE 91732 , Sofistak8ed Entertainment , Nordstrom Addicts , ALLcity Promotions

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     Pink Princess's Details
Here for:Networking, Friends
Hometown:Vancouver, WA
Body type:Average
Religion:Christian - other
Zodiac Sign:Cancer
Education:In college
Income:Less than $30,000

   Pink Princess's Schools
Washington State University-Vancouver
Graduated: 2006
Degree: Bachelor's Degree
Major: Public Affairs
Minor: Sociology
Clubs: Law Club, Social & Enviromental Justice Club
Greek:   Phi Theta Kappa

2004 to 2006
Clark College
Graduated: 2004
Degree: Associate's Degree
Major: General Social Science
Clubs: Phi Thetta Kappa
Greek:   Phi Theta Kappa

2000 to 2004
Fort Vancouver High School
Graduated: 2000
Student status: Alumni
Degree: High School Diploma
Clubs: Honor's Program, M.A.D.D.

1999 to 2000
Home Link River
Graduated: N/A
Student status: Alumni
Degree: None
Major: H.S.

1998 to 1999
St Mary S Academy
Portland, OREGON
Graduated: N/A
Student status: Alumni
Degree: None
Major: H.S.
Clubs: Theater/drama Debate/Speech Cheerleading Student Gov't Volunteer group etc.

1996 to 1998

   Pink Princess's Companies
Blockbuster Video
Vancouver, Washington US
ASM-Assistant Store Manager

8/26/02-Present (Kinda-still get free rentals)

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   Pink Princess's Blurbs
About me:
I am an average girl who has goals, dreams, and a heart. I believe if you can't laugh and be the biggest are not living life. Life is short and you never know who you're going to meet, what you will go through, but in the end, I just want to know I loved everyone I could and loved my life. I also believe with every success, there is passion. If you want to know anything else, ask me. :) (Reading my blogs-1/2 are available to the public & the others just for the people on my friends list) or contacting me will probably help you get to know what kind of person I am) (PS-CATHOLIC SCHOOL GIRLS RULE! ESPECIALLY SMA GIRLS)

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I started off making over 1700 friends and had to do some focus on school and to think about my LSATs and getting into Law School. I just recently quit my full-time Assistant Management job from BBV to focus my Senior year getting my B.A. in Public Affairs and Sociology and to have fun and enjoy my life for one more year before it becomes rough. So, I am here to keep in touch with my friends I already have in Vantucky & Portland area & other areas in the U.S. & to meet new people around my area who I could potentially become friends with or hangout with or whatever. I am single, so I am up to going on dates just as friends or to see where things could go. *SEATTLE PEOPLE: I AM INTERESTED IN MEETING SOME PEOPLE IN SEATTLE (IN THE U DISTRICT AREA/OR/ATTENDING UW)-..MY BEST FRIEND JUST STARTED AT UW Fall QUARTER, SO I WILL BE THERE SOMETIMES..(SHE LIVES 1 BLOCK AWAY FROM GREEK ROW.)...SO I NEED TO MEET SOME FRIENDS IN SEATTLE TO HANGOUT WITH AND TO SHOW ME AND MY BEST FRIEND WHERE THINGS ARE AT AND WHERE TO PARTY! *SO IF YOU REQUEST TO BE MY FRIEND, EMAIL ME TO TELL ME WHY YOU THINK WE COULD BE FRIENDS IN REAL LIFE OR WHY YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE MY FRIEND!* OR NO ADD! *Read my blogs if you want to know more about who I am. Only 1/2 are available to read to the public, the rest you must be my friend.* <3<3My Motto for you guys: "don't do or say anything to me that you don't want some punk doing to your daughter some day!" <3 (I have morals and self-respect) **And P.S.~Mean People Suck!!!

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Pink Princess has 281 friends.
 I Want To Stop Loving You........But I Cant 







 ~:~ Paulie's Wife ~:~ 

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Pink Princess's Friends Comments
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3/1/2006 4:04 PM


2/28/2006 9:34 PM

thank you so much!.....means alot

hope everything is good with ya.....take care

2/27/2006 10:37 PM

supwidit D! hows things your way? my week is goin by quik..just got back from vegas and cali. it was crackin'. you have a good week!


2/27/2006 3:07 AM

You too lady. We're kicking it next time I come down! Later ma. Peace.

2/26/2006 9:20 PM

hey you have a good week too miss ya!

2/26/2006 9:36 PM

Have a fantastic monday!

2/26/2006 1:19 PM

i remember when you and i..had a contest on who could get the most addz...and you beat me...hope your good pinky..come to phx...i miss you
Ollie Surfwood

2/24/2006 6:10 PM

It took me three days to scroll to your comments section just to say hi.

2/24/2006 2:54 PM

glitter graphics

Hey Girlie!
"that dude" DJ CyStyle

2/24/2006 2:19 AM


2/23/2006 11:40 AM

ok well then just call me when youre ready, im gonna go home after class and work on my homework that is due tonight.

2/23/2006 9:46 AM

wait, who are you talking about? i am confused! haha. i get out of class at 11:50, i will give you a call after that, does that sound good?

2/22/2006 11:00 PM

Image hosting by Photobucket

2/22/2006 10:43 PM

same old spot. i usually work only three days a week now and usually at nights so feel free to stop in and say HI. ttyl

2/22/2006 5:06 PM

gross, how do you know Edward?

2/22/2006 2:05 PM

Just thought I would drop a friendly hello. I hope all is going well for you in school. Olivia told me that your sister opened up a bar in vancouver so when I get back you'll have to take me to it. Good luck with classes..:)

2/22/2006 1:11 PM

oh my goodNES!

2/22/2006 1:27 AM

just like the good ole days...
both of us myspacing in the late night...

co-founder of the myspace addicted insomniacs
I Want To Stop Loving You........But I Cant

2/22/2006 12:05 AM

i cna c the comment u left at the beginning.
I Want To Stop Loving You........But I Cant

2/22/2006 12:03 AM

whats up?
i cant c the thing u left as a comment i can c it

2/21/2006 12:00 PM


2/21/2006 6:31 AM

Yeah...a little unexpected too. Especially seeing Reese's character get taken out so early. But a pretty cute movie nonetheless.

So how you been?
I Want To Stop Loving You........But I Cant

2/21/2006 12:26 AM

thats does.
i love that chair it was awesome.
we should get one.
I Want To Stop Loving You........But I Cant

2/19/2006 7:06 PM

whats up?
howz ur weekend soo far?

♥ Yah
I Want To Stop Loving You........But I Cant

2/18/2006 5:54 PM

Myspace Graphics & Myspace Layouts
Myspace Layouts

♥ Yah!

2/16/2006 9:52 PM

Geez, look at all this male bashing on here. Loser.
Scio me nihil scire

2/16/2006 8:50 PM

Thank you! Don't hesitate to keep me posted with SEJ, I still definitely wanna stay involved. =]

2/16/2006 6:54 PM

haha! that video is so funny. white boys got that yellow fever!

2/16/2006 12:36 PM

hey i dont know if we are going to work together on the final paper/presentation but i just asked andy if he wanted to work with us too, so we shall see what he says :)

2/15/2006 10:08 PM

haha yeah i know. i am really not impressed with wsuv and the quality of men that go there. most of them are already married or taken anyway. bah! vancouver in general does not have a lot to offer us.

2/15/2006 10:05 PM

haha definitely. i was like... hmmm, that looks alright. lol you dont see a lot of that at school.

2/15/2006 10:02 PM

yah that sounds good, just let me know.. and i can also take a look at that laptop, if i can't fix it i know people who can. i will bring my nerdy computer tool kit and everything, haha!

2/15/2006 2:35 PM

Thanks for the Valentine candy. It made me feel special :) I know the real reason why you stopped by, but I won't tell.

2/15/2006 12:07 PM

Hosted at

Jeremiah Johnson

2/14/2006 8:58 PM

Merry V-Day! Have some chocolates for me.

2/14/2006 12:44 PM

Happy Valentines Day! Remember to study for our test, hahaha!!
MR. G.

2/14/2006 8:15 AM

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY XXX OOOImage hosting by Photobucket

2/14/2006 11:03 AM


2/13/2006 11:23 PM

;;;;;;;;;;;:¸_____________, :;;;;;;;;;`¸
`:;;;;;;;;;;;`;__________, :;;;;;;;;;;;`¸
_ `:;;;;;;;;;;;`, , _______, :;;;;;;;;;;;`¸
___`:;;;;;;;;;;;;_______, ;;;;;;;;;;;;:
___________`·¸:;;;;¸., .¸;;;;;;·
____(`*·.¸ (`*·.¸ ¸.·*´) ¸.·* )

Okay This Is The Sex Bunny
If U Recieve This Bunny
That Means Yr Fuckin Sexc
If U Get This Back
That Means Yr Even Sexcer
Pass This Bunny On To 10
Of Yr Friends, If U Fail
U Will Be Cursed Wit
10 Years Of Bad Sex

2/14/2006 2:22 AM

Kung Fu Stu

2/13/2006 5:47 PM

Happy V Day to you too : )

2/12/2006 9:52 PM

Happy Valentines Day too girl!! Hope youre doing good!!

2/12/2006 5:43 PM

awww my princess
happy valentines to you too...
lots of hearts lots of love

2/12/2006 1:34 PM

Will you be my Valentine?

2/12/2006 12:56 PM

can i be your huckleberry on v day

2/12/2006 12:15 PM

It's not Valentine's Day yet, but thank you. Happy Valentine's Day to you too.
oh my goodNES!

2/12/2006 10:31 AM

wishing you a...

damn insomnia is back!!! hahaha...
594 apparel

2/11/2006 11:22 AM

Hey you! Sorry I missed your pre-super bowl party. I had to work. Robert told me he saw you there. Next time you're going out (especially if it's with the Blockbuster girls) let me know and I'll go. I need to get out of the house and have some fun soon. I'm getting cabin fever.

2/10/2006 6:09 PM

hi d, thanks for stoppin by. hope your weekends going good. i'm bout to go to cali and vegas soon! wooohooo, take it easy


2/9/2006 2:30 PM

Good lookin' out lady! I have to get you one next time I'm in town. If you're ever in Seattle you better let me know too. Later.
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