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The new baby
Maria and Edwin get Chooks
On Sunday the 12th of February 2006, Maria and Edwin got their first three hens and the family welcomed them to their new chook tractor...[Read more]

The new baby
A Warm Welcome to Chocolate
In Mid-November 2005, Marcel Cameron and Maria Voukelatos became the proud new parents of Chocolate, a Jack Russel cross Fox Terrier puppy dog. [Read more]

Following from their 29 May 2005 wedding in Australia, Julie and Virgil celebrated their marriage with their Norwegian family and close friends on 1 August 2005.

From the Australian celebration:

Words while on the tram  
It’s another hot day -- 37 degrees Celsius in fact -- and I’m on my way to elder daughter Jo’s home via a city-stopover to do a little shopping... [Read more]

Click on the article to view... Sasha Dolls, their creator, and the times
History is not only told and understood through the study of political movements and dates on timelines. An understanding of times gone by can be gained through the observation and analysis of cultural expression... [Read more]
The new baby
Introducing Clancy
John and Yukima Cameron have announced the name of their new baby boy, Clancy Genji Cameron who, until now, has been known only by his nickname “Walnut”. [Read more]


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