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PLM Tree - Summer 1999

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PLM Tree - Summer 1998

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PLM Magic Nights Trees

Chris has decided to tree (separately from the normal PLM Tree) several "magic nights" from throughout Phishtory, beginning with 12-31-95 (and probably other shows from that majestic Fall 1995 time period).

This site will try to stay up-to-date with all the latest on these trees.

12-31-95 Tree Information

News and Stuff

Thank you all for your excellent support of the PLM movement. We're sure you have noticed the dramatic improvement in the sound quality at the shows, notably in the newfound prominence of Mike's resounding bass lines. Phish's latest trend towards a f unkier style has also naturally brought Mike to the fore. As Trey said when suggesting to Mike that they use the 03-01-97 Hamburg show for the Slip Stitch and Pass live album, "You'll like it 'cause you can really hear the bass." Well, now we can hear the bass, and we like it too!

With this improvement in mind, we'll be slowing down here at People for a Louder Mike. We'll focus mostly on running the tape trees and other random side projects.

Bass Player magazine featured People for a Louder Mike in its January 1998 issue! If you can find a copy now that it's long gone from the newsstands, check us out on Page 24.

Also, please support the Mockingbird Foundation's ambitious book project! 

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you are a perfectly straight heterosexual male,
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