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Atomium, The photograph.
Do not take photographs of the Atomium. Even if they are for your own personal use. Asbl Atomium claims to own the copyright on all photographs of this building and their collection agency will sue you if you show them to anyone.

Atomium, The photograph.
Even if they are just your holiday pictures, you will still be sued.

Atomium, The photograph.
Even if they are for educational use, you will still be sued.

Atomium, The photograph.
Even if you are an American and think you are protected by U.S. copyright law Title 17, Chapter 1, Section 120, you will still be sued.

Atomium, The photograph.

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Atomium, The

Type: Monument
Location: Boulevard du Centenaire, Brussels, Belgium

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30% of readers like the Atomium, The.
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T his is exactly what Brussels needed -- a unifying symbol of its presence in the world community. The Atomium is more than just an oversized abstract sculpture. For a city that sees itself as Paris 2.0, this is Brussels' Eiffel Tower. Something large, geometric, and symbolic. And like the Eiffel Tower this, too, is a relic from a past World's Fair. The Atomium is an iron molecule magnified 165,000,000,000 times and turned into a huge building. Inside there are restaurants, shops, museums and an observation deck. Each of its nine spheres are sixty feet across. The connecting tubes are 10-feet wide, and the overall height of the atom is 335 feet. Getting from one pod to another is a simple process of playing connect the dots by climbing or descending staircases through the tubes.


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