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(1) The file mrw-format.txt contains my latest version of the MRW file format description.
   It is based on my own experiments and on information collected in different places on the WEB.

(2) The file mrw-parser.c is a simple program I use to dumps the header of a MRW file. 

   Its main purpose is to help me reverse engineering MRW files so the output is 
   not supposed to be user friendly and it does not show the complete information 
   documented in "mrw-format.txt"

   To compile it with gcc on Unix/Linux do: 

      gcc -o mrw-parser mrw-parser.c -lm
   It should compile with other C compilers too. 

(3) The file get-mrw-header.c is a simple program that extracts the header from a MRW file. 

    A typical header is below 200K (including a few lines of the image data). 

    To compile it with gcc on Unix/Linux do: 

      gcc -o get-mrw-header get-mrw-header.c -lm

    It should compile with other C compilers too. 

    To create a header file HEADER.OUT from the file PICT1234.MRW, simply do 
      get-mrw-header PICT1234.MRW HEADER.OUT 

How to help ?

I am interested by any new information regarding the MRW files.
That includes all MRW files produced by ALL KM cameras.

You can use the program mrw-parser (see below) to dump the content of your MRW files.  

I am also looking for samples of MRW files (or their headers! see above). 

Here is a list of camera models for which I currently have some samples:

  7D   : plenty (I own one) 
  A200 : only 3  

In fact, I am not really interested by the full MRW file. What I need is the 
header of the file which can be extracted with get-mrw-header (see below) 

You can contact me at:

If my FTP server is running, you can also download some files there: 

   HOST     =
   USER     = raw
   PASSWORD = There is no password! just press enter :-) 

The latest version of that document and the C sources of "mrw-parser" and "get-mrw-header"
can be found in

PS: I won't redistribue the files unless you give me the proper authorisation.
    The FTP site is readonly to prevent other peoples to read the files.