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Browser Stats

Mon May 1 07:22:38 2000 - Wed May 31 23:59:08 2000   30.7 Days

1. MSIE 5.x   235550768 (55%)
2. MSIE 4.x   98784777 (23%)
3. Netscape 4.x   72055713 (16%)
4. Netscape comp.   5940410 (1%)
5. MSIE 2.x   3975167 (0%)
6. MSIE 3.x   3803795 (0%)
7. Netscape 3.x   3570457 (0%)
8. Unknow   2577929 (0%)
9. Opera x.x   537325 (0%)
10. Netscape 2.x   170914 (0%)
11. Netscape 5.x   128788 (0%)
12. Netscape 1.x   19074 (0%)
13. MSIE 1.x   283 (0%)

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