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The world’s largest family businesses

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© 2004 Family Business magazine     * Denotes company whose stock is publicly traded.    Revenue and employment figures are the most recent available.    Last year’s rank in parentheses. (NR) = Not ranked.

126. *Espírito Santo Financial Group S.A. (126)
Espírito Santo/Luxembourg-Kirchberg, Luxembourg
Industry: Insurance, banking
Revenues: $3.882 billion
Employees: 10,127
Holding company mainly comprising Companhia de Seguros Tranquilidade, Portugal’s #1 insurance firm, and Banco Espírito Santo. Most operations are in Portugal, but also in Brazil, Caribbean and U.S. (through its Espírito Santo Bank of Florida). Founding Espírito Santo family is largest stockholder in company.

127. Lefrak Organization (119)
LeFrak/Rego Park, N.Y.
Industry: Real estate
Founded: 1905
Revenues: $3.8 billion
Employees: 16,200
Giant home-building firm now in fourth, fifth and sixth generations: 70,000 middle-class apartments owned in New York, plus 40,000 managed (Lefrak City, etc.). Late patriarch Samuel J. LeFrak (1918-2003) started working for father Harry at age eight. His son Richard, 58, president since 1975, now transforming abandoned N.J. rail yards into $10 billion commercial and residential community along Hudson River. Sam’s grandsons Harrison and James also are in company.

128. BCD Holdings (118)
van Vlissingen/Netherlands
Industry: Travel, financial services
Revenues: $3.8 billion
Employees: 5,800
Holding company for Netherlands’ wealthy van Vlissingen family, headed by John A. Fentener van Vlissingen, 64. Parent firm, now run by his brothers Paul and Frederik, evolved over seven generations from coal producer to oil/retailing/raw materials transporter. Centerpiece is BCD’s majority-owned World Travel Partners, Atlanta-based travel agency battling Carlson Wagonlit for #2 global ranking behind American Express. BCD also offers financial and real estate services. (See also SHV Holdings, #61 above.)

129. Cisneros Group (NR)
Cisneros/Caracas, Venezuela
Industry: Broadcasting
Revenues: $3.8 billion
One of world’s biggest media firms, with interests in broadcast and pay television, radio and Internet. Cisneros family owns company; Gustavo Cisneros is CEO.

130. *Adolph Coors (161)
Coors/Golden, Colo.
Industry: Beer
Founded: 1873
Revenues: $3.776 billion
Employees: 8,700
German immigrant Adolph Coors launched small beer company, now second largest in U.S. Founder’s great-grandson Peter Coors, 57, CEO, projecting more open, youthful image. Family members still control voting stock.

131. *Grupo Ferrovial (122)
Del Pino/ Madrid, Spain
Industry: Construction
Revenues: $3.756
Employees: 23,522
One of Spain’s largest engineering and construction firms; also provides housing and community development, toll road and car park management, and environmental and telecommunications services. Rafael del Pino y Moreno, who founded company in 1952, and sons own 57%. Rafael announced retirement in 2000; son Rafael del Pino y Calvo-Sotelo succeeds him.

132. Otsuka Pharmaceutical (123)
Otsuka/Tokyo, Japan
Industry: Pharmaceuticals, drinks
Revenues: $3.748 billion
Founder Masatoshi Otsuka (died April 2000) built a 17-employee factory into a health care empire. Eldest son Akhiko Otsuka, 63, succeeded him, stepped down as CEO 1998, still on board. Family owns about 20%, plans to keep company private. Currently developing a schizophrenia drug with Bristol-Myers Squibb.

133. *American Financial Group (113)
Industry: Insurance, investments
Founded: 1959
Revenues: $3.741 billion
Employees: 7,100
Carl Lindner and brothers opened ice cream store 1940, built it into 22-store United Dairy Farmers chain. Launched American Financial with small savings and loans 1959; added insurance 1971, Chiquita Brands early 1970s. Now a holding company for diverse family investments. Lindner family owns almost 45%. Carl, 84, still CEO; his three sons, Carl III, 49, Craig, 48, and Keith, 43, are co-presidents.

134. *Host Marriott (120)
Marriott/Bethesda, Md.
Industry: Hotels and gaming
Founded: 1927
Revenues: $3.696 billion
Employees: 189
Smaller luxury hotels arm of empire launched by J. Willard Marriott in 1927 with D.C. root beer stand. Owns 120 luxury Marriott and Ritz-Carlton hotels, most managed by larger sister company Marriott International (see #69 above). Headed by founder’s son Richard, 64; his older brother John runs Marriott International, which manages most Host Marriott properties.

135. *Grupo Bimbo S.A. (125)
Servitje/Mexico City, Mexico
Industry: Bread, tortillas
Founded: 1945
Revenues: $3.687 billion
Employees: 71,000
Mexico’s leading bread maker and one of world’s top bakers as well, offering more than 3,500 products including cookies and tortillas. Majority-owned by Servitje family, which founded it in 1945 and named it for a bear in the company logo.

136. *Dassault Aviation (134)
Dassault/Paris, France
Industry: Aviation
Founded: 1945
Revenues: $3.606 billion
Employees: 12,022
Aviation giant, founded 1945, specializes in Falcon line of luxury business jets. Also makes Mirage and Rafale jet fighters. Founding Dassault family owns 49.9% of company; French defense group Aerospatiale Matra, a member of new Franco-German aerospace group EADS, owns 46%. CEO Serge Dassault retired on 75th birthday in 2000, survived corruption scandal.

137. Barilla G & R Fratelli S.p.A. (190)
Barilla/Parma, Italy
Industry: Pasta
Founded: 1877
Revenues: $3.602 billion
Employees: 7,000
World’s leading pasta producer: more than 30 varieties sold in some 100 countries. Also makes sauces (#1 in Italy), bread, and crackers. Formed as a pasta and bread shop in 1877. Fourth generation of founding family (including the three Barilla brothers—Paulo, Luca and Guido—who run company) own 85%.

138. Milliken & Co. (114)
Milliken/Spartanburg, S.C.
Industry: Textiles
Founded: 1865
Revenues: $3.6 billion
Employees: 14,000
Deering Milliken, small woolen fabrics firm in Portland, Maine, started by William Deerfield and Seth Milliken, who later bought out his partner. Company moved to New York 1868, to South Carolina 1884. Now one of world’s largest textile manufacturers, with 65 fabric and chemicals plants worldwide. Grandson Roger Milliken, now 87, has led company since 1947; he and brother Gerrish own it.

139. *Acciona (150)
Entrecanales/Madrid, Spain
Industry: Construction
Revenues: $3.579 billion
Employees: 20,698
One of Spain’s largest international contractors. Also operates cogeneration plants and wind-power parks in Spain and hydroelectric projects internationally. Entrecanales family holds 59% stake and top posts.

140. *Jabil Circuit (127)
Morean/St. Petersburg, Fla.
Industry: Electronics
Founded: 1966
Revenues: $3.546 billion
Employees: 20,000
Computer equipment maker was founded in suburban Detroit garage. Founder’s son William Morean, now 48, swept floors as boy, returned 1977 at age 22 to run one-client company upon father’s retirement. He became CEO 1988, now chairman since 2000. Company now one of nation’s top makers of printed circuit boards and other electrical components. Morean family owns nearly 30%.

141. *Grupo Modelo (128)
Diez Fernandez/Mexico City, Mexico
Industry: Beer
Founded: 1925
Revenues: $3.459 billion
Employees: 48,474
Mexico’s largest brewery, with more than 60% of country’s market share and exports to more than 150 countries. Founded in 1925 by Pablo Diez Fernandez and grew by acquiring regional brewers. Heiress and vice chair Maria Asuncion Aramburuzabala and family own major stake; majority control owned by U.S. Busch family’s Anheuser-Busch.

142. *Groep Colruyt (NR)
Colruyt/Halle, Belgium
Industry: Food stores
Founded: 1925
Revenues: $3.391 billion
Employees: 12,402
Belgian baker Franz Colruyt set up wholesale coffee importing business 1925, established as food wholesaler 1950. Son Jo opened first supermarkets 1964; now 160 discount food stores in Belgium and France, also gas stations. Jef Colruyt is current chairman.

143. ContiGroup Cos. (130)
Fribourg/New York
Industry: Grain, feed, food processing
Founded: 1813
Revenues: $3.3 billion
Employees: 14,500
Major global agribusiness firm (formerly Continental Grain) founded in Belgium and still owned by founding Fribourg family but no longer in grain business. Now nation’s #2 cattle and pork producer; has offices in ten countries. Longtime CEO Michel Fribourg stepped down 1994 to make room for second-eldest son Paul (founder’s great-great-great-grandson), now 49.

144. Hearst (112)
Hearst/New York
Industry: Media
Founded: 1887
Revenues: $3.3 billion
Employees: 17,170
Mining heir William Randolph Hearst (1863-1951) took over San Francisco Examiner 1887, New York Journal 1895, aimed at mass audiences, built nation’s then-largest newspaper chain. Last surviving son, Randolph, chairman 1973-1996, succeeded by nephew George R. Hearst, now 76. Family still controls empire of 12 dailies (including Houston Chronicle), 14 weeklies, 16 magazines (Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Town & Country), TV, cable programming (ESPN, Lifetime).

145. *Sun Hung Kai Properties (170)
Kwok/ Hong Kong, China
Industry: Real estate
Revenues: $3.253 billion
Employees: 18,000
Brothers Walter, Thomas and Raymond Kwok, all in their 40s, inherited real estate developer Sun Hung Kai Properties upon their father’s death in 1990 and have since propelled it into one of Hong Kong’s prime real estate players: residential projects, shopping centers, office and industrial properties, and parking lots. Also invests in real estate projects in mainland China.

146. Bekaert Group (NR)
Bekaert/Kortrijk, Belgium
Industry: Metal technologies
Founded: 1880
Revenues: $3.22 billion
Employees: 16,836
Small manufacturing and trading company formed by Leo Leander Baekert in 1880 to produce barbed wire for farmers is now world leader in advanced metal transformation and coating technologies, with more than 95 plants in 29 countries.

147. *Maple Leaf Foods (NR)
McCain/Toronto, Canada
Industry: Food processor
Revenues: $3.219 billion
Employees: 18,000
Produces fresh and processed pork and poultry products for retailers and wholesalers under Maple Leaf, Hygrade and Shopsy’s brands. Also owns nearly 85% of leading bakery business, Canada Bread. Branch of McCain family (see McCain Foods, #122 above) owns more than 30% of voting stock; a teachers’ pension fund holds nearly 40%. G. Wallace McCain is chairman, Michael McCain president.

148. Raley’s Inc. (132)
Teel/W. Sacramento, Calif.
Industry: Food and drug stores
Founded: 1935
Revenues: $3.2 billion
Employees: 17,000
Arkansan Thomas P. Raley, 13th of 14 children, quit job as Safeway store manager in California (1935) to open his own grocery in Placerville. Introduced drive-in markets, pre-packaged meats, side-by-side drug and grocery stores, etc. Today 150 supermarkets. Founder’s only child, Joyce, worked in store as teen, married co-worker Jim Teel, returned 1985, took over with husband after father’s death (1991). Joyce, 72, and Jim are now co-chairmen; Teels’ son, four daughters and sons-in-law also active.

149. *Neiman Marcus Group Inc. (138)
Industry: Department stores
Founded: 1907
Revenues: $3.098 billion
Employees: 15,100
Legendary Dallas department store chain, known for extravagant special events, one-of-a-kind items, and especially attentive salespeople, founded by Herbert Marcus, his sister Carrie and her husband, Al Neiman. Today operates 37 stores in 20 states, plus two Bergdorf Goodman stores in New York. Founders’ families no longer involved, but family of chairman Richard A. Smith, 78, controls about 13%. Son Robert, 43, and son-in-law Brian Knez, 45, are co-vice chairmen.

150. *New York Times (136)
Sulzberger/New York
Industry: Newspapers
Founded: 1851
Revenues: $3.079 billion
Employees: 12,150
Tennessean Adolph Ochs (1858-1935) bought Times 1896, rescued it from New York’s penny-paper wars by making it America’s most respected newspaper. Son-in-law Arthur H. Sulzberger, publisher 1935-1961, made it world’s greatest. Sulzbergers at helm ever since; chairman today (but not CEO) and publisher of Times is founder’s great-grandson Arthur O. Jr., 52. Family owns about 18% of stock, elects two-thirds of directors.

151. *Publicis Groupe (175)
Badinter/Paris, France
Industry: Advertising
Revenues: $3.073 billion
Employees: 20,592
Since purchase of rival Saatchi & Saatchi in 2000, one of world’s largest advertising firms; operations in 80 countries. Elisabeth Badinter, chair of firm’s supervisory board, holds about 35% voting control.

152. *Organizacion Soriana (135)
Martin/Nuevo Leon, Mexico
Industry: Supermarkets
Founded: 1905
Revenues: $3.066 billion
Employees: 37,600
Founded 1905 as small family business in Torreon, Mexico, now Mexico’s fourth largest retailer, with more than 100 hypermarkets, mostly in northern Mexico. CEO Ricardo Martin Bringas, 41, has vastly expanded chain since taking control from his brother in 1994. Martin family owns 87%; CEO Ricardo Martí;n Bringas and his cousin, vice chairman Alberto Martin Soberon, run it.

153. *Qualcomm (NR)
Jacobs/San Diego
Industry: Telecommunications
Founded: 1985
Revenues: $3.04 billion
Employees: 8,100
Company pioneered commercialization of multiple access technology used in wireless communications equipment, especially cell phones. Licenses technology and system software to more than 100 equipment and cell phone makers. Company also sells popular Eudora e-mail software. Founder and CEO Irwin M. Jacobs, 68, likely to be succeeded by son Paul, 40, president of Qualcomm’s Internet and wireless group.

154. *Stryker Corp. (151)
Stryker/Kalamazoo, Mich.
Industry: Medical products
Founded: 1964
Revenues: $3.012 billion
Employees: 14,045
Dr. Homer Stryker, inventor of walking heel and other medical devices, founded surgical instruments company 1964. Founder’s son and successor Lee died in plane crash 1976. Since then run by non-family CEO John Brown, 68, expanded into medical products. Family still owns nearly one-third; Ronda Stryker, 48, is a director.

155. J.R. Simplot (137)
Simplot/Boise, Idaho
Industry: Food, agribusiness
Founded: 1943
Revenues: $3 billion
Employees: 13,000
Founder Jack Simplot, now 94, ran away from home while in eighth grade, sorted potatoes, expanded into vegetables, fertilizer, cattle, food processing. He became a millionaire by 30; supplied dehydrated potatoes and vegetables to U.S. troops in World War II; pioneered frozen French fries in the 1950s. Jack now chairman emeritus; son Scott is chairman, children Gay and Ted also involved. Simplots believed to control all stock.

156. Wegmans Food Markets (141)
Wegman/Rochester, N.Y.
Industry: Food markets
Founded: 1916
Revenues: $3 billion
Employees: 30,000
John Wegman opened fruit and vegetable store in Rochester 1916; brother Walter joined a year later. They opened showplace supermarket with cafeteria 1930. John’s nephew Robert Wegman joined 1933, still on board as chairman and CEO. Company now has 60 superstores, also pet foods, Chase-Pitkin Home & Garden. Robert’s son, Danny, is current president; his two daughters also work there.

157. Kohler (145)
Kohler/Kohler, Wis.
Industry: Plumbing products
Founded: 1873
Revenues: $3 billion
Employees: 25,000
John M. Kohler set up iron foundry; elder son, Walter J. Kohler, built utopian company town around it; he and son Walter Jr. both became Wisconsin governors. Walter Sr.’s strong-willed half-brother, Herbert, CEO 1940-65, fought unions and relatives. Marketing flair of son Herbert Jr., 64, CEO since 1972, turned prosaic toilets, sinks, tubs into colorful status symbols; now 44 plants worldwide. He and sister Ruth Kohler control most of company.

158. *Metalúrgica Gerdau S.A. (139)
Gerdau/Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
Industry: Steel
Revenues: $2.944 billion
Employees: 12,340
Holding company for Gerdau S.A. and its subsidiaries scattered throughout North and South America. Metalúrgica Gerdau grew from nail maker into Brazil’s #1 long-rolled steel producer. Founding Gerdau Johannpeter family controls Metalúrgica Gerdau.

159. *Daily Mail and General Trust (142)
Harmsworth/London, United Kingdom
Industry: Media
Revenues: $2.891 billion
Employees: 19,452
One of world’s largest media holding companies. Best-known for London Daily Mail, but many other newspapers, magazines, broadcast properties. Bought U.S. magazine Institutional Investor 1997. Third-generation media baron Viscount Rothermere IV, 77, and son and likely successor Jonathan Harmsworth, 35, own about 60%.

160. *Kikkoman Corp. (NR)
Mogi/Noda, Japan
Industry: Food products
Revenues: $2.858 billion
Employees: 6,456
After more than 300 years in business, world’s leading supplier of soy sauce; also many other food products. Still based in village where founders moved firm to escape a 17th-century war. Descendants of founders still control and run company after 17 generations.

161. *Knight Ridder (140)
Knight and Ridder /San Jose, Calif.
Industry: Newspapers, media
Founded: 1892
Revenues: $2.842 billion
Employees: 18,000
Charles L. Knight bought Akron (Ohio) Beacon-Journal 1903, passed it to sons John and James on his death, 1933. They bought Miami Herald 1937, built respected chain of two dozen major dailies. Herman Ridder (d. 1915) bought German-language Staats-Zeitung 1892 and passed it to three sons, who built chain of 18 small dailies. Knight-Ridder merger, 1974, left Knights in control of 321 daily and 22 non-daily papers, but CEO today is Herman Ridder’s great-grandson P. Anthony Ridder, 63.

162. *Swatch Group (NR)
Hayek/Bern, Switzerland
Industry: Watches
Revenues: $2.835 billion
Employees: 20,327
World’s biggest watch company (formerly Societe Suisse de Microelectronique & d’Horlogerie) makes Longines, Blancpain and Omega brands. Chairman Nicolas Hayek’s family controls about 36%; son Nicolas Jr. is CEO.

163. *Hasbro (143)
Hassenfeld/Pawtucket, R.I.
Industry: Toys, home entertainment
Founded: 1923
Revenues: $2.816 billion
Employees: 7,200
America’s #2 toy maker (behind Mattel), run successively by three sets of brothers. Founders Henry and Hillel Hassenfeld were Polish immigrants who evolved from rags into pencil boxes. Second generation: Harold Hassenfeld ran pencil plant, brother Merrill took company into toys during World War II. Merrill’s son and successor Stephen built company into #1 toy maker, died 1989; his brother Alan, 54, succeeded him as CEO, still chairman but turned CEO post over this year to longtime aide Alfred J. Verrecchia, company’s first non-family chief.

164. Globo Group (146)
Marinho/São Paulo, Brazil
Industry: Media
Founded: 1925
Revenues: $2.8 billion
Employees: 24,000
Roberto Inrineu Marinho founded O Globo newspaper 1925, died a month later, succeeded by son Roberto. His sons Roberto, João and José now run Latin America’s largest media group. The group owns 51.5% of publicly traded Net Servicos de Comunicação, Brazil’s largest cable TV operator.

165. Gilbane (153)
Gilbane/Providence, R.I.
Industry: Construction
Founded: 1873
Revenues: $2.771 billion
Employees: 1,700
Founded by brothers William and Thomas Gilbane as carpentry and general contracting shop in Providence; now giant real estate developer and contractor (National Air and Space Museum, Terminal V at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport). Still wholly owned by Gilbane family; CEO Paul Choquette, 64, is fourth-generation descendant of founding brothers.

166. Gordon Food Service (154)
Gordon/Grand Rapids, Mich.
Industry: Food distributor
Founded: 1897
Revenues: $2.75 billion
Employees: 5,000
Dutch immigrant Isaac VanWestenbrugge founded butter-and-egg distributor. High school senior Ben Gordon joined 1916, married Isaac’s daughter Ruth 1921, later brought in brother Frank; company renamed for them 1942. Now distributes more than 12,000 items to sanitation systems, restaurants, hospitals, schools, etc. Still owned by founder’s descendants. Three Gordons in top management. President Dan is founder’s great-grandson.

167. *Alberto-Culver (158)
Lavin, Bernick/Melrose Park, Ill.
Industry: Personal care products, food
Founded: 1955
Revenues: $2.75 billion
Employees: 5,000
Company makes products for hair care (Alberto VO5, TRESemme), skin care (St. Ives Swiss Formula), and personal care (FDS deodorant); sweeteners and seasonings (Molly McButter, Mrs. Dash, SugarTwin); and household items. Lavin and Bernick families control about 40%; Leonard Lavin, 83, and wife Bernice, 77, are chairman and vice chairman; Howard Bernick, 50, is president and CEO; wife Carol, 50, is vice chairman.

168. *Wm. Wrigley Jr. Co. (160)
Wrigley, Offield/Chicago
Industry: Food, gum
Founded: 1892
Revenues: $2.746 billion
Employees: 11,250
Philadelphian William Wrigley Jr. (1862-1933) arrived in Chicago 1891 to run branch of father’s soap business; chewing gum given away to attract customers proved more popular than soap, so he switched products. Company vastly expanded under shy son Philip (1894-1977) and equally shy grandson William (1933-1999); today, it’s world’s largest chewing gum producer (Spearmint, Juicy Fruit, Doublemint). Fourth-generation William Jr., 40, now CEO. Wrigleys and their Offield cousins own 35% of stock, control 60% of voting shares.

169. Perdue Farms (149)
Perdue/Salisbury, Md.
Industry: Poultry
Founded: 1920
Revenues: $2.7 billion
Employees: 20,000
Arthur Perdue started table-egg poultry farm; son Frank joined 1939 as third full-time employee, built into nation’s fourth-largest poultry producer by high-visibility role as spokesman in TV, radio ads. Frank’s son Jim succeeded him as CEO and spokesperson, 1991.

170. *Burlington Coat Factory Warehouse (155)
Milstein/Burlington, N.J.
Industry: Outerwear
Founded: 1924
Revenues: $2.697 billion
Employees: 23,000
Founder Abe Milstein launched wholesale outerwear business 1924; son Monroe expanded into retailing 1950s. Now chain of some 330 off-price, no-frills retail stores offering current brand names at discount prices. Nation’s largest coat seller; also sells shoes, jewelry, linens, bath items, gifts and children’s apparel and furniture. Milstein family owns about 60% of company. Monroe Milstein, 75, is current CEO; third generation also active.

171. *Cintas (169)
Industry: Industrial services
Founded: 1929
Revenues: $2.687 billion
Employees: 27,000
Founder Richard “Doc” Farmer started industrial laundry after being laid off as circus performer; joined by son Hershell. His kids Dick and Joan sometimes slept overnight at plant in crates of warm towels. Company now is nation’s largest supplier of uniforms. (About 5 million workers wear them.) Also makes floor mats, janitorial supplies, etc. Founder’s grandson Richard Farmer, 68, joined 1957, became CEO 1968, stepped down 1995 but still chairman. Son Scott now president and COO. Dick’s brother-in-law and boyhood chum Jim Gardner joined 1956, has been on board since 1969. Family owns about 21% of stock.

172. Schneider National (133)
Schneider/Green Bay, Wis.
Industry: Trucking
Founded: 1938
Revenues: $2.627 billion
Employees: 20,756
Nation’s largest truckload carrier (14,000 tractors, 40,000 trailers) started as one-truck business by Al Schneider. Son Donald joined after graduating from University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, introduced technology to trucking (first to install satellite-based communications tracking system to find lost trailers). Donald, 68, is current CEO.

173. Mohammad Abdul-Mohsin Al-Kharafi & Sons (152)
Al-Kharafi/Kuwait City, Kuwait
Industry: Trading, contracting
Revenues: $2.6 billion
Nasser Al-Kharafi, 60, and brother Fawzi run this general trading and contracting group founded by their father. Wholly owned family company builds hotels, restaurants and tourist villages in Egypt, Albania and South Africa; also fast-food outlets in U.S. Another brother, Jassim, recently elected speaker of Kuwait parliament.

174. *Merloni Elettrodomestici (200)
Merloni/Fabriano, Italy
Industry: Appliance components
Revenues: $2.6 billion
Employees: 13,023
Company makes refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, ovens, at 11 plants in France, Italy, Poland, Portugal and Turkey; also makes components. Merloni controls 25% of Italy’s appliance market and 10% of Europe’s market. Merloni family, headed by chairman Vittorio Merloni, owns controlling interest.

175. *Washington Post (162)
Graham/Washington, D.C.
Industry: Newspapers
Founded: 1877
Revenues: $2.584 billion
Employees: 11,600
Financier Eugene Meyer bought failing Washington Post in bankruptcy auction 1933, turned over to son-in-law Phil Graham (1947), who made it profitable, added TV stations, Newsweek. After his suicide (1963), shy widow Katharine took over, blossomed, pushed company to new heights, won Pulitzers for Watergate exposé and her autobiography; died 2001. Son Donald, 58, is CEO and chairman. Family owns about 37%, votes two-thirds of board.

176. *Hovnanian Enterprises (NR)
Hovnanian/Red Bank, N.J.
Industry: Home builders
Founded: 1959
Revenues: $2.551 billion
Employees: 2,370
Company builds 9,500 homes, condos, townhouses a year, mostly in Northeastern U.S. Hovnanian family members control more than 90% of company. Kevork Hovnanian, 79, is chairman; Ara Hovnanian, 45, president and CEO.

177. *Timken Co. (159)
Timken/Canton, Ohio
Industry: Ball bearings
Founded: 1899
Revenues: $2.55 billion
Employees: 18,000
Produces wide range of ball bearings for aerospace, automotive railroad and other industries. Founded 1899 by retired carriage maker Henry Timken and still controlled and run by his heirs. Chairman William R. Timken Jr., 64, represents fifth generation.

178. Connell (157)
Connell/Berkeley Heights, N.J.
Industry: Rice, sugar, heavy equipment
Founded: 1926
Revenues: $2.525 billion
Employees: 245
Grover Connell started as rice and sugar trader; son Grover took over 1950, built firm into country’s largest broker/trader in rice, sugar. Diversified into finance, real estate, heavy equipment leasing. Three generations currently active; Grover, now 85, still at helm; son Terry is CFO.

179. *Franklin Resources (166)
Johnson/San Mateo, Calif.
Industry: Mutual funds
Founded: 1947
Revenues: $2.519 billion
Employees: 6,700
Nation’s fifth-largest mutual fund company: 250 funds. Charles B. Johnson joined as CEO 1957 at age 23, still in charge today at age 70. He and half-brother Rupert, executive VP, own more than one-third of company. Charles’ son William also active.

180. *Simon Property Group (178)
Industry: Real estate development
Founded: 1960
Revenues: $2.441 billion
Employees: 4,020
New York tailor’s son Melvin Simon moved to Indianapolis from New York, became leasing agent 1957. With brothers Herb and Fred, blanketed Midwest with shopping centers, merged with rival DeBartolo in 1996 to create nation’s largest shopping center real estate investment trust. Company currently owns or runs 250 shopping centers, including Minnesota’s giant Mall of America, Washington’s Pentagon City. Melvin and Herb, 76 and 68, are co-chairmen; Melvin’s son David, 41, is current CEO. Fred is no longer involved.

181. *Banco Popular Español (163)
Valls Taberner/Spain
Industry: Banking
Revenues: $2.402 billion
Employees: 11,943
One of Spain’s top banks (after giants Santander Central Hispano and Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria), with more than 2,000 branches. Also manages mutual funds and offers asset management, life insurance, online banking and securities trading.

182. *Brown-Forman (173)
Brown/Louisville, Ky.
Industry: Beverages
Founded: 1870
Revenues: $2.378 billion
Employees: 7,000
Pharmaceutical salesman George Garvin Brown and half-brother started with $5,500, created first sealed bottles for whiskey. Brands now include Jack Daniels, Southern Comfort, Korbel champagne; also Lenox china, Hartmann luggage. Brown family still controls company. Fourth-generation Owsley Brown II, 60, current CEO. Five other Brown members still active.

183. Verlagsgruppe Georg von Holtzbrinck (172)
Holtzbrinck/ Stuttgart, Germany
Industry: Publishing
Revenues: $2.365 billion
Employees: 12,600
One of Germany’s top book, newspaper and magazine publishers. Also owns publishers Farrar, Straus & Giroux, Henry Holt and Macmillan, 49% of Wall Street Journal Europe. Late founder Georg von Holtzbrinck’s family owns the company.

184. *Toll Brothers (174)
Toll/Huntingdon Valley, Pa.
Industry: Luxury home builder
Founded: 1967
Revenues: $2.315 billion
Employees: 2,960
Nation’s leading builder of luxury homes founded 1967 by brothers Robert and Bruce Toll, who still own about 34% of stock. Robert, 62, has been CEO since company’s inception. Bruce, 60, president and COO until 1998, now less active as vice chairman.

185. Belk (171)
Belk/Charlotte, N.C.
Industry: Department stores
Founded: 1888
Revenues: $2.242 billion
Employees: 17,800
William H. Belk (1862-1952) opened small bargain store in Monroe, N.C., with $750 savings, $500 loan, promoted as “Cheapest Store on Earth.” Physician brother John Belk (d. 1928) joined 1891. Their innovations (large volume, low mark-up, no haggling, all returns accepted) fueled growth. Today company owns 210 fashion stores in 13 Southern states. Founder ran company until his death at age 89. Founding brothers’ descendants hold majority of stock, managers the rest. Chairman/CEO John M. Belk, 83, oversees two Belks designated “president”: John R. Belk, (finance, systems and operations) and Mary Belk (merchandising).

186. *A.G. Edwards (164)
Edwards/St. Louis
Industry: Stock brokerage
Founded: 1887
Revenues: $2.199 billion
Employees: 16,181
One of oldest and largest U.S. retail brokerages. Founding Edwards family still active; vice chairman Benjamin F. (Tad) Edwards IV, 47, manages a branch.

187. Johnson Diversey (NR)
Johnson/Sturtevant, Wis.
Industry: Floor care, hygiene, etc.
Founded: 1886 (spun off 1999)
Revenues: $2.196 billion
Employees: 13,530
Formerly S.C. Johnson Commercial Markets, split off 1999 from S.C. Johnson & Son (see #100 above). Johnson family controls two-thirds, Unilever the rest. Consists of two main divisions: Johnson Wax Professional and Johnson Polymer. Company operates in more than 50 countries. Samuel C. (Curt) Johnson III, 47, is chairman.


188. 84 Lumber (193)
Hardy/Eighty Four, Pa.
Industry: Building materials
Founded: 1956
Revenues: $2.177 billion
Employees: 5,800
Joseph Hardy founded lumber retailer 84 Lumber, built it into nation’s largest privately held lumber yard chain (430 stores in 35 states). Known for penny-pinching (no air conditioning or heating in stores), blunt management style (fired multiple-sclerosis-stricken son in 1988). Tomboy daughter Margaret Hardy-Magerko, now 37, a college dropout, learned business from her father, took over 1993, installed air conditioning and heat in some stores. She owns about 80% of company.

189. *AMERCO (182)
Shoen/Reno, Nev.
Industry: U-Haul rentals
Founded: 1945
Revenues: $2.132 billion
Employees: 16,636
Parent of U-Haul International rents 205,000 trucks, trailers and tow dollies to do-it-yourself movers through some 1,350 company-owned centers and 15,000 independent dealers in U.S. and Canada. Founder L.S. Schoen had 12 children by three wives, was ousted 1986 by sons Joe and Mark. Family members still control stock; Joe is chairman. Filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection June 2003.

190. *COFIDE (177)
De Benedetti/Turin, Italy
Industry: Holding company
Revenues: $2.13 billion
Employees: 10,411
Diverse operations include publishing (Espresso group); manufacturing food machinery (Sasib Food & Beverage Machinery group), automotive components (Sogefi group), tobacco machinery (Sasib Tobacco group); specialty foods (Socalbe and Novartis Nutrition); and real estate and finance services. Family of Carlo de Benedetti owns more than 40%; family members hold three key spots.

191. *J.B. Hunt Transport Services (180)
Hunt/Lowell, Ariz.
Industry: Trucking
Founded: 1969
Revenues: $2.1248 billion
Employees: 16,265
Arkansas sharecropper’s son Johnnie B. Hunt started as truck driver hauling rice and poultry, started his own trucking company 1969 with five trucks and seven refrigerated trailers. Now #2 truckload carrier in U.S. (behind Schneider National), with more than 10,700 tractors and some 46,000 trailers and containers operating in 48 contiguous U.S. states, Canada and Mexico. Founder and family own 33% of company.

192. Schnuck Markets (183)
Schnuck/St. Louis
Industry: Supermarkets
Founded: 1939
Revenues: $2.107 billion
Employees: 18,000
Founded as small St. Louis grocery store, now operates 100 hypermarkets (drugs, florist, salad bars, videos, etc.) in Missouri, Illinois, Indiana. Chain stresses friendliness; still family-owned and -run. Craig Schnuck, 54, is CEO, Scott Schnuck COO, Todd Schnuck CFO.

193. Springs Industries (168)
Close/Fort Mill, S.C.
Industry: Sheets, curtains, etc.
Founded: 1888
Revenues: $2.1 billion
Employees: 17,000
Company makes Springmaid and Wamsutta sheets, pillows, shower curtains, bedspreads, towels and bath rugs; also infant apparel, fabrics, window blinds and hardware for Wal-Mart, Target, etc. The Close family, descendants of co-founder Leroy Springs, own about 55%. Founder’s great-great-granddaughter Crandall Close Bowles, 53, is CEO.

194. Golub Corp. (185)
Golub/Schenectady, N.Y.
Industry: Price Chopper supermarkets
Founded: 1932
Revenues: $2.1 billion
Employees: 19,700
Brothers Ben and Bill Golub opened grocery warehouse in Schenectady, expanded to retailing. Company now runs 100-plus low-cost Price Chopper supermarkets in Northeast U.S. Golub family owns about 56%, employees the rest. Two Golubs (CEO Lewis, president Neil) at helm.

195. *Benetton Group (196)
Benetton/Milan, Italy
Industry: Fashion
Revenues: $2.092 billion
Employees: 7,162
Luciano Benetton, 68, built sweater shop into global purveyor of trendy clothing: 5,000 franchised stores in 120 countries. Benetton Group also owns Rollerblade, Nordica, Prince products. Benetton family owns 70% through its Edizione Holding group. Luciano’s son Allesandro heads family’s venture capital operations; Carlo is deputy chairman; Gilberto Benetton is a managing director.

196. *Grupo Televisa (176)
Azcarraga/Mexico City, Mexico
Industry: Media
Revenues: $2.075 billion
Employees: 12,600
Mexico’s #1 TV broadcaster: more than 230 stations and four networks in Mexico, Spain, other Latin lands. Also cable TV, radio and publishing. CEO Emilio Azcarraga Jean, 35, succeeded upon father’s death, 1997. Family owns 51%.

197. Wawa (187)
Wood/Wawa, Pa.
Industry: Convenience stores
Founded: 1865
Revenues: $2.01 billion
Employees: 13,000
George Wood (d. 1926) launched textile maker Millville Manufacturing Co., later added small dairy in town of Wawa, 1902. Grandson Grahame Wood closed mill 1960s, opened first convenience store 1964. Under current CEO, founder’s great-grandson Richard Wood, 65, company now has more than 550 stores in five states. Wood family owns 52%.

198. H Group Holding (167)
Industry: Hyatt Hotels, resorts
Founded: 1957
Revenues: $2 billion
Employees: 41,000
Umbrella group for Hyatt Hotels and Hyatt International; one of two major companies run by Chicago’s Pritzker family (see also Marmon Group, #91 above). Dealmaker A.N. Pritzker (1896-1986) took over Atlanta’s Hyatt Regency before it opened (1967) when its financing fell through; sons Donald, Jay and Robert later gained control of others. Donald ran Hyatt Hotels until his early death 1972 at age 39; Jay until his death 1999 at age 74. Donald’s son Tom now in charge of chain with 58 hotels, 22 resorts in 37 countries. Other cousins are involved too but may break up soon amid family squabbles.

199. Jumbo Group (NR)
Chhabria/Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Industry: Conglomerate
Revenues: $2 billion
Conglomerate’s 28 businesses, operating in 50 countries, include Jumbo Electronics, Shaw Wallace & Company, Maharashtra Distilleries, SKOL Breweries, Shaw Wallace Distilleries, Shaw Wallace Breweries, Hindustan Dorr-Oliver, Mather & Platt, Falcon Tyres, Gordon Woodroffe and Shaw Wallace Hedges. Chairperson Vidya Chhabria took over 2002 on death of founder/husband, now runs company from Mumbai, India, with her two daughters.

200. Bonnier Group (NR)
Bonnier/Stockholm, Sweden
Industry: Media
Revenues: $2 billion
Employees: 9,114
Largest publishing and media concern in Scandinavia and one of largest in Europe, with operations in 20 countries. After nearly 200 years, founding Bonnier family still in charge. Carl-Johann Bonnier is current chairman.

201. *Weis Markets Inc. (188)
Weis/Sunbury, Pa.
Industry: Grocery stores
Founded: 1912
Revenues: $1.999 billion
Employees: 19,000
Company runs about 160 grocery stores, mostly in Pennsylvania but also in Maryland and four other states. Warring factions of Weis family settled their differences 2001 when some family members sold their 35%-plus stake. Remaining in control is chairman Robert F. Weis, 83, who still owns 47%.

202. *American Greetings (165)
Industry: Greeting cards
Founded: 1906
Revenues: $1.996 billion
Employees: 32,600
Polish immigrant Jacob Sapirstein started one-man penny-postcard business for immigrants with borrowed $50. Today it’s nation’s #2 greeting card company (behind Hallmark); acquired #3 Gibson Greetings 2000. Founding Sapirstein family owns about 5% of stock but controls 30% of voting power.

203. Alex Lee Inc. (195)
George/Hickory, N.C.
Industry: Food services
Founded: 1931
Revenues: $1.98 billion
Employees: 9,000
Food wholesaler/retailer founded by Alex and Lee George now serves more than 600 retailers in Mid-Atlantic and Southeast. George family still controls; Boyd George is chairman and CEO.

204. J.F. Shea (197)
Shea/Walnut, Calif.
Industry: Home builder, contractor
Founded: 1876
Revenues: $1.968 billion
Employees: 2,288
Founded as plumbing business by John Shea; his sons and grandsons built it into one of nation’s largest privately owned builders (construction, financing, venture capital, civil engineering). John F. Shea is president, Peter Shea Jr. COO.

205. *Publishing and Broadcasting Ltd. (NR)
Packer/Sydney, Australia
Industry: Media
Revenues: $1.949 billion
Employees: 7,892
Company runs Nine Network, which provides news, entertainment, drama and sports programs in Australia. It also publishes magazines such as Woman’s Day and Cosmopolitan and specialized titles like Burke’s Backyard and Wheels for Australia and New Zealand. Australian media baron Kerry Packer and family control PBL; son James is chairman.

206. *Swire Pacific Ltd. (191)
Swire/Hong Kong, China
Industry: Real estate, investments
Revenues: $1.948 billion
Employees: 55,000
Last of original British trading houses left in Hong Kong. Now mostly in real estate; also has interests in airlines (Cathay Pacific), industries, trading and marine services. Sirs Adrian and John Swire, scions of old British shipping dynasty, own 60% of U.K.-based, privately held John Swire & Sons, which holds 28% of Swire Pacific and more than 50% of Swire Pacific’s voting stock. Sir Adrian relinquished chairmanship to a non-family member, 1998.

207. Zachry Construction (NR)
Zachry/San Antonio, Texas
Industry: Construction
Founded: 1924
Revenues: $1.94 billion
Employees: 14,000
Henry B. Zachry began building roads and bridges 1924; company now builds power and chemical plants, steel and paper mills, refineries, roadways, dams, airfields and pipelines, mostly in southern U.S. Also owns San Antonio Spurs basketball team. Founder’s son Henry Jr. is chairman and CEO; grandson John is president.

208. Ingram Industries (192)
Ingram/Nashville, Tenn.
Industry: Books, shipping
Founded: 1964
Revenues: $1.929 billion
Employees: 6,148
Brothers Bronson and Fritz Ingram launched textbook supplies distribution company, built it into diversified distribution juggernaut. Bronson died 1995; his widow, Martha, now 68, inherited company. She took computer distributor Ingram Micro public 1996, split rest of family empire among her three sons: Orrin is CEO of Ingram Industries, which operates barges as well as Ingram Book Group (under brother John). David runs separately constituted Ingram Entertainment.

209. Sheetz (194)
Sheetz/Altoona, Pa.
Industry: Convenience stores
Founded: 1952
Revenues: $1.92 billion
Employees: 8,500
Company founded 1952 by Bob Sheetz now operates 290 large convenience stores in Pennsylvania and some adjacent states. Still family-owned. Stephen Sheetz is chairman, Stanton Sheetz president and CEO, Louie Sheetz EVP marketing; Joseph Sheetz VP finance.

210. *Demoulas Super Markets (184)
Demoulas/Tewksbury, Mass.
Industry: Grocery stores
Founded: 1954
Revenues: $1.9 billion
Employees: 12,700
Founded 1954 when brothers George and Mike Demoulas bought parents’ mom-and-pop grocery store. Company now operates almost 60 grocery stores in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. The men agreed that, upon one brother’s death, the other would care for the deceased’s family and maintain firm’s 50-50 ownership. In 1990 George’s family alleged that Mike had defrauded them of all but 8% of company’s stock; ten-year court battle was decided in favor of George’s family, giving it 51% of company. By then Mike had resigned as CEO; post remains vacant.

211. McWane (NR)
McWane/Birmingham, Ala.
Industry: Hydrants, pipes
Founded: 1921
Revenues: $1.9 billion
Employees: 5,200
One of world’s largest makers of cast-iron water and sewer pipes. Family patriarch K.R. McWane helped finance statue of Vulcan (god of fire and forge) that overlooks Birmingham. Still family-owned; great-grandson C. Philip McWane, 45, is chairman.

212. Carlson Cos. (181)
Carlson/Plymouth, Minn.
Industry: Travel, hotels, restaurants
Founded: 1938
Revenues: $1.885 billion
Employees: 53,000
Grocer’s son Curtis Carlson (1914-1999) created Gold Bond stamp company with $55 loan, built it into family-owned conglomerate of Radisson and Regent Hotels, Carlson Wagonlit Travel, Thomas Cook Group, TGI Friday, Seven Seas cruises, etc. Ownership now shared evenly by his two daughters: Marilyn Nelson, 64, current CEO, and Barbara Gage, 61. Founder’s son-in-law Skip Gage, formerly president, left company 1991 with a piece of his own when founder resumed control after successful bypass heart surgery. Marilyn known for vision, diplomacy, in contrast to hard-driving father.

213. *Molex Inc. (NR)
Krehbiel/Lisle, Ill.
Industry: Computer peripherals
Founded: 1938
Revenues: $1.843 billion
Employees: 16,640
Fred Krehbiel invented Molex, an inexpensive plastic molding material for toys, flowerpots. Son John Sr. took company into electrical components. Now world’s second-largest connector manufacturer: 52 plants in 19 countries. Third-generation member John Jr. was president until July 1999, when first non-family president was appointed, but brother Fred, 62, is still co-chairman.

214. Hunt Construction Group (NR)
Industry: General contractor
Founded: 1944
Revenues: $1.811 billion
Employees: 850
Leading builder of sports stadiums (Pittsburgh’s Three Rivers Stadium), airports, convention centers, etc.). Founded as Huber, Hunt & Nichols; name changed to reflect Hunt family’s current ownership. Robert C. Hunt is chairman; Robert G. Hunt is CEO.

215. Saudi Oger (198)
Al-Hariri/Beirut, Lebanon
Industry: Construction
Founded: 1978
Revenues: $1.8 billion
Contracting company operates in Middle East, Europe, Africa, U.S., also holds major TV and telecom licenses in Lebanon and South Africa. Founded in Saudi Arabia 1978. Patriarch Rafik Al-Hariri, 59, prime minister of Lebanon 1992-98, resumed that post 2000; company now run by son Saad, 33.

216. *Grupo Casa Saba (199)
Saba/ Mexico City, Mexico
Industry: Textiles, real estate
Founded: 1892
Revenues: $1.767 billion
Parent of Grupo Casa Autrey, founded 1892 and bought by Saba family 1999. Casa Autrey is now one of Mexico’s biggest pharmaceutical distributors; also sells health and beauty aids, nonperishable foods, books, magazines, 13,000 other products to pharmacies and other stores. Chairman Isaac Saba Raffoul, 79, son of Syrian immigrant, built textile and real estate empire (32% of Grupo Celanese). Three sons (Manuel, Moises, Alberto) are vice chairmen of Casa Autrey.

217. *Hillenbrand Industries (179)
Hillenbrand/Batesville, Ind.
Industry: Health care, funerals
Founded: 1884
Revenues: $1.757 billion
Employees: 10,300
German immigrant’s son John A. Hillenbrand rescued Batesville Casket Co. from bankruptcy 1906, marketed first watertight caskets, added hospital beds 1928. His four sons diversified, took company public 1971. Founder’s youngest son, Daniel Hillenbrand, 80, is chairman emeritus; Ray Hillenbrand, 68, is chairman. Three other Hillenbrands are involved; family owns about 25% of stock.

218. Leprino Foods (NR)
Industry: Cheese
Founded: 1950
Revenues: $1.75 billion
Employees: 3,000
Italian immigrant Michael Leprino Sr. arrived in U.S. 1914, started making cheese for local grocers 1950. Company is now world’s largest maker of mozzarella cheese and big provider to pizza chains (Domino’s, Pizza Hut, Little Caesar, etc.). Also operates refrigerated tractor-trailers. Company still family-owned and -run; James Leprino is CEO.

219. Garanti Bank (NR)
Sahenk/Istanbul, Turkey
Industry: Finance
Revenues: $1.746
Employees: 13,386
Bank majority-owned by Sahenk family’s Dogus Group.

220. Follett (NR)
Follett/River Grove, Ill.
Industry: College bookstores
Founded: 1873
Revenues: $1.733 billion
Employees: 10,000
World’s largest operator of college bookstores: 600 through U.S. and Canada. Owned by Follett family for four generations; today more than 100 family shareholders in three generations.

221. Haworth (NR)
Haworth/Holland, Mich.
Industry: Office furniture
Founded: 1948
Revenues: $1.71 billion
Employees: 10,000
Founder Gerrard W. Haworth invested parents’ savings in custom wood products firm 1948, developed modular office partitions 1954. Succeeded 1976 by son Richard, now 61, who invented mobile office panel with internal wiring, built company through acquisitions to third-largest in office market.

222. *Molson (NR)
Molson/Montreal, Canada
Industry: Brewing
Revenues: $1.709 billion
Employees: 5,400
Brewery controls nearly 45% of Canadian beer market, neck-and-neck with Interbrew’s Labatt. Also owns 80% of Brazil’s Cervejarias Kaiser brewery and about 20% of Montreal Canadiens hockey team. Molson family controls through multiple voting shares; Eric Molson is chairman.

223. Rich Products (NR)
Industry: Coffee Rich, frozen foods
Founded: 1945
Revenues: $1.702 billion
Employees: 6,500
Robert Rich Sr., son of Buffalo dairy processor, learned about soybean-based whipped topping as war food administrator during World War II. Idea led to liquid non-dairy creamer Coffee Rich. Company later expanded into frozen breads, cookies, cakes. Now 2,300 products and plants on four continents. Rich is now 89; son Robert Jr., 61, is CEO.

224. Crown Central Petroleum (189)
Industry: Oil refiner
Founded: 1917
Revenues: $1.7 billion
Employees: 2,600
Independent oil refiner and marketer operates two refineries in Texas with total capacity of 152,000 barrels per day, 314 retail service stations in Mid-Atlantic and southeastern U.S., and 13 product terminals. Crown Central also offers fleet fueling services. Patriarch Louis Blaustein (1869-1937) and son Jacob Blaustein (1892-1970) invented first drive-in gas station, first high-test gas. Jacob’s nephew Henry Rosenberg, now 73, and his family, through their Rosemore Inc., took full ownership of Crown Central 2001.

225. Brookshire Grocery (NR)
Brookshire/Tyler, Texas
Industry: Supermarkets
Founded: 1921
Revenues: $1.7 billion
Employees: 11,500
Supermarket chain (Brookshire and Super 1) founded 1921 by Wood T. Brookshire; today 135 stores in four Southern states. Split from Brookshire Brothers 1939 in dispute among founding brothers; now larger than original Brookshire Brothers Ltd. Bruce Brookshire is chairman; Tim, Brad, Mark and Brit Brookshire run four primary groups.

226. E&J; Gallo Winery (NR)
Gallo/Modesto, Calif.
Industry: Wines
Founded: 1933
Revenues: $1.7 billion
Employees: 3,500
Legendary winemaker finally emerging from iron-fisted rule of two founding brothers. Vintner Julio killed in truck accident 1993; marketer Ernest, 94, still in control but stepping back: He passed majority of his 50% ownership in trusts to second and third generations. Company now has three co-presidents, including Ernest’s son Joseph and Julio’s son Robert. Thirteen of founders’ grandchildren (“the G3s”), all raised on vineyards, active in company. Most visible: Julio’s granddaughter Gina Gallo, 36, one of Sonoma’s three top winemakers and the face of company’s TV ads.

227. Cumberland Farms (NR)
Haseotes, Bentas/Canton, Mass.
Industry: Convenience stores
Founded: 1938
Revenues: $1.7 billion
Employees: 6,976
Founders Vasilios and Aphrodite Haseotes turned one-cow dairy into New England’s first convenience store. Company now has more than 1,000 stores and gas stations in 11 Eastern Seaboard states. Still family-owned; founders’ daughter Lily H. Bentas is current CEO.

228. Central National-Gottesman (NR)
Gottesman/Purchase, N.Y.
Industry: Paper products
Founded: 1886
Revenues: $1.7 billion
Employees: 900
Company distributes pulp, paper paperboard and newsprint in about 75 countries worldwide. Run by fourth-generation Gottesman family members with fifth generation in wings.

229. Tishman Realty & Construction (NR)
Tishman/New York
Industry: Real estate development
Founded: 1898
Revenues: $1.64 billion
Employees: 920
Construction behemoth has built 400 million square feet of hotels, skyscrapers, etc., since Polish immigrant Julius Tishman (d. 1936) started building tenements. His five sons and six grandsons have joined company. Went public 1928 and dissolved 1978 by third-generation president Robert Tishman, who launched partnership with son-in-law Jerry Speyer; reconstituted 1980 as private service company under Robert’s cousin John, current CEO. Daniel Tishman is president.

230. *Amkor Technology Inc. (NR)
Kim/West Chester, Pa.
Industry: Semiconductors
Founded: 1968
Revenues: $1.64 billion
Employees: 20,276
Top provider of semiconductor packaging and test services, founded by current CEO James Kim, 67. More than half its sales come from outside U.S. Kim family owns 44%.

231. Prada (NR)
Prada/Milan, Italy
Industry: Luxury goods
Founded: 1913
Revenues: $1.635 billion
Employees: 7,000
Luxury goods company born 1913 from marriage of Miuccia Prada and Patrizio Bertelli and their leather goods and manufacturing businesses, respectively. Now sells upscale apparel, shoes and accessories for men and women through about 250 stores in 65 countries. CEO Patrizio Bertelli, husband of founder’s granddaughter Miuccia Prada, tried to take debt-ridden firm public in 2003 without success at this writing.

232. Bashas’ (NR)
Basha/Chndler, Ariz.
Industry: Food retailing
Founded: 1932
Revenues: $1.6 billion
Employees: 10,800
Ike (d. 1958) and Eddie Basha Sr. (d. 1968), sons of Lebanese immigrant, opened grocery in Arizona 1932, aided by mother and sisters. Company now has 135 stores, including supermarkets, gourmet markets and markets catering to Hispanics. Still family-owned; founder’s son, Stanford-educated Edward N. Basha Jr., 65, has been CEO since 1968.

233. Frank Consolidated Enterprises (NR)
Frank/Des Plaines, Ill.
Industry: Fleet leasing and management (Wheels)
Founded: 1939
Revenues: $1.575 billion
Employees: 550
Pioneer auto leaser founded as Wheels by Zollie Frank 1939; now manages more than 240,000 vehicles. Still family-owned; founder’s widow, Elaine Frank, is chairman, son Jim, 59, is president and CEO; another son runs Chicago auto dealership subsidiary.

234. Mary Kay (NR)
Ash/Addison, Texas
Industry: Cosmetics
Founded: 1963
Revenues: $1.56 billion
Employees: 3,600
Nation’s #2 direct seller of beauty products (behind Avon): More than 200 products sold by 925,000 mostly female sales reps. Famous for sales incentives (pink Cadillacs, etc.). Founder Mary Kay Ash died November 2001; her family owns most of company.

235. Hunt Consolidated (186)
Industry: Oil, real estate
Founded: 1934
Revenues: $1.5 billion
Employees: 2,600
Holding company for oil and real estate businesses of Ray Hunt, 59-year-old son of late eccentric Texas wildcatter H.L. Hunt, who founded company 1934 (reportedly with funds won from poker games).

236. Maritz Corp. (NR)
Maritz/Fenton, Mo.
Industry: Marketing research, travel
Founded: 1894
Revenues: $1.5 billion
Employees: 6,000
Founder Edward Maritz started making watches and jewelry. After 1929 stock market crash, son James A. Maritz turned to motivational research to stimulate sluggish sales, became leader in sales incentives. Now out of jewelry business altogether and into marketing, employee incentive programs, travel in 240 offices in North America and Europe. Still family-owned and -operated. W. Stephen Maritz, 44, is chairman and CEO.

237. *A.O. Smith Corp. (NR)
Industry: Motors
Founded: 1874
Revenues: $1.469 billion
Employees: 16,200
Company makes electric motors and water heaters in 35 plants in eight countries. Still controlled by founding Smith family. Bruce Smith, 54, and Mark Smith, 40, sit on board.

238. *American Eagle Outfitters (NR)
Schottenstein/Warendale, Pa.
Industry: Clothing retailer
Founded: 1977
Revenues: $1.463 billion
Employees: 11,800
Mall-based retailer operates 750 stores in U.S. and Canada selling casual apparel and accessories. Schottenstein family owns 26%; Jay Schottenstein, 48, is chairman.

239. Walsh Group (NR)
Walsh /Chicago
Industry: Construction
Founded: 1898
Revenues: $1.45 billion
Employees: 3,000
Family-owned company has built vast array of major projects (highways, bridges, skyscrapers, hospitals, shopping malls, prisons, etc.) since inception. Matthew Walsh is current CEO; Daniel Walsh is president.

240. *Arnoldo Mondadori Editore (NR)
Berlusconi/Milan, Italy
Industry: Publishing
Revenues: $1.429 billion
Employees: 4,782
Italy’s top publishing group publishes women’s magazines (Donna Moderna), TV guides (Guida TV), news magazines (Panorama), and other publications on topics such as home, travel and entertainment. Also book publishing, direct marketing and printing divisions. Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi controls through his holding company Fininvest; daughter Marina is chair.

241. Planet Automotive (NR)
Potamkin/Coral Gables, Fla.
Industry: Auto dealerships
Founded: 1946
Revenues: $1.411 billion
Employees: 1,600
Victor Potamkin opened Chevrolet agency in Philadelphia 1946, moved to New York 1970s. Starred in TV commercials with his wife, Luba; built chain of 20 dealerships in Florida, New York, Illinois, Iowa, Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania. Sons Robert, 57, and Alan, 55, now run company, renamed and decentralized 1997.

242. A.G. Spanos Cos. (NR)
Spanos/Stockton, Calif.
Industry: Construction
Founded: 1960
Revenues: $1.4 billion
Employees: 600
Wide-ranging construction firm has built more than 80,000 apartments and 3 million square feet of commercial space in 18 states since founding by chairman Alex G. Spanos, 79. He still owns the firm; son Dean, 53, is president and CEO; Dean's brother Michael, 43, is executive VP.

243. Asplundh Tree Expert (NR)
Asplundh/Willow Grove, Pa.
Industry: Tree management
Founded: 1928
Revenues: $1.4 billion
Employees: 24,000
Swedish-American brothers Carl, Griffifth and Lester Asplundh started trimming trees around power lines for utilities, railroads, etc. Four of their original customers are still with them. They were joined by gardener brother Oswald 1936, by founders’ seven sons in 1950s. Three served as chairman in 1990s. Company is now world’s largest tree service. Still family-owned; 15 third-generation members involved. Christopher Asplundh is current CEO; Scott Asplundh is president.

244. *Perot Systems (NR)
Perot/Plano, Texas
Industry: Information technology
Founded: 1988
Revenues: $1.332 billion
Employees: 9,100
Data-processing-pioneer-cum-reform-politician H. Ross Perot formed this computer outsourcing company after leaving Electronic Data Systems Corp., which he sold to General Motors. Perot, 73, owns about 30% and remains chairman; in 2000 he elevated son Ross Jr., 43, to president and CEO.

245. *Grupo Corvi (NR)
Villaseñor-Zepeda/Mexico City, Mexico
Industry: Food, trucking
Founded: 1939
Revenues: $1.306 billion
Employees: 5,739
Food and consumer products distribution company makes candy, also operates trucking fleet and nearly 30 distribution centers, supplying some 3,000 products to wholesalers and retailers throughout Mexico. Also grocery stores, grain pacakager. Five founding Villaseñor-Zepeda brothers, and their families, own about 77%. Benjamin Villaseñor Costa of second generation is CEO.

246. Delaware North Cos. (NR)
Jacobs/Buffalo, N.Y.
Industry: Food services
Founded: 1915
Revenues: $1.3 billion
Employees: 25,000
Food concession giant (stadiums, airports, national parks) founded 1915 by brothers Charles, Louis and Marvin Jacobs. Still controlled by Jacobs family; CEO Jeremy Jacobs also owns hockey Boston Bruins. Son Jeremy Jr. is EVP.

247. Day & Zimmermann Group (NR)
Industry: Engineering, construction
Founded: 1901
Revenues: $1.3 billion
Employees: 20,000
Engineering services firm with 150 locations worldwide, projects completed in more than 75 countries. Founded by two engineering students; acquired by Harold Yoh Sr. 1946. Son Harold (“Spike”) Jr., 66, now chairman emeritus. His five children now run company, led by "Hal" 3rd, 42.

248. Sierra Pacific Industries (NR)
Emmerson/Anderson, Calif.
Industry: Lumber
Founded: 1949
Revenues: $1.3 billion
Employees: 3,900
R.H. (“Curly”) Emmerson built sawmills in family backyard in late 1920s. With son Archie (“Red”), he formed sawmill partnership R.H. Emmerson & Son 1949. Company was taken public as Sierra Pacific Industries 1969; privatized 1974. Now North America’s largest private timberland holder. Archie still at helm at 74; all three children also active. Son George, 47, runs sales/marketing; Mark, 43, is CFO; daughter Carolyn Dietz runs company foundation.

249. *Imperial Sugar (NR)
Kempner/Sugar Land, Texas
Industry: Sugar refiner
Founded: 1905
Revenues: $1.298 billion
Employees: 2,500
Russian-born Harris Kempner (1837-1894) settled in Galveston, Texas, opened wholesale grocery business, soon largest in South. Sons started Imperial Sugar, bank, other enterprises. Company now largest refined sugar supplier in U.S. although filed for bankruptcy 2001; still family-controlled.

250. Rooney Brothers (NR)
Rooney/Tulsa, Okla.
Industry: Construction, electronics
Founded: 1896
Revenues: $1.201 billion
Employees: 2,500
L.H. Rooney founded Manhattan Construction 1896; descendants acquired it 1984 under Rooney Brothers umbrella. Builds hospitals, government buildings (George Bush Presidential Library in Texas), offices, highways and sports arenas (Reliant Stadium in Houston). L. Francis Rooney III, 49, is chairman; Timothy Rooney is president of Manhattan Construction.