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An appeal for information on
unpublished travel journals
Baron Charles von Hügel (1795-1870)

Please mail tmciolek@ciolek.com if you know of any material pertaining to life and work of

Baron Charles (Carl, Karl) Alexander Anselm von Hügel (1795-1870)
- Austrian soldier, diplomat, courtier, horticulturist and scholar.

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Evidence that Hügel was in the process of preparing his other travel journals for publication is contained in:

  1. A letter (1842) from Hügel to Jane Blaxland of New South Wales, Australia
  2. Hügel's preface (1958) to his book 'Der Stille Ocean...' published in Vienna 1860.
  3. A letter (1859) from Prince Metternich to Hügel

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