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Docking Bay 2037


Drawn by a tractor beam, the Millennium Falcon comes to rest in a pressurized hangar within the Death Star's equatorial trench, just beneath the Super Laser. The Magnetic shields over the entrance retain the atmosphere. Hangar tractor beams pull the landing ship in, so that the ship reactor can be shut down in the hanger. The ship is put between the Landing alignments marking on the floor so that the space in the Hangar is used optimal. Out side the Hangar there are several Turbo laser making sure that captures ships stay under constant gunpoint.

A Docking bay has a garrison of Stormtroopers to guard the hangar, it has a repair crew and scanning crew that can be put to work on incoming ships. There is a control room that oversees the Docking bay with a large window. There are also several windows from hallway's that allow overlooking of the Hangar. The large doors and shafts in the floor allow large cargo to be exported throughout the Death Star.

- Location: Equatorial Trench of the Death Star
- Indigenous Species: None
- Climate: Temperate Control
- Terrain: Death Star
- Of Interest: Control room.

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