LA 1379
New Orleans, Louisiana

Unknown - November 2, 2005

I looked for you, I promise. I lost you this time, but I know we will
meet again. When we do, I will finally make you mine.


New Orleans, Louisiana

Unknown - September 29, 2005



We miss you, Little Nola. We'll see you in due time, flying with the angels.

Bleu Dogge

1992 - Feb 3rd, 2005

To my baby boy who only knew what true love was for a short time.  I would not change a thing and you will forever be in my heart.  You had a heart of gold and deserved more then what you got out of life.  I regret nothing and hope that you are finally out of pain. Despite your past you still were able to see the good in people and give kisses to anyone that would take them.  You were the most dignified, proudest dog I have ever had the pleasure of sharing my life with.  I will forever miss seeing your face in the morning and hearing you snore every night.  Rest peacefully my sweet baby boy.