Photomacrography and Close-Up Photography

Stink Bug (family Pentatomidae)
For the last couple of years I have been engaged almost exclusively with photomicrography. Although I found it immensely rewarding I did miss photomacrography and close-up photography. Given the limited amount of time I have for photography, I have decided to devote my efforts almost entirely to photomacrography and close-up photography. This site is much more than just image galleries, I have included basic articles on photomacrography and techniques. Also note that I have written product reviews which appear in the "Articles" section. These are "real world" reviews about how a product performs for me in the field. Please keep coming back and checking for new content and images as I update this site regularly.

For the purposes of this website close-up photography will include images made at less than 1:1 (life size) image magnification ratios at the film plane or ccd/cmos sensor plane. Typically, close-up photography encompasses 1:10 (1/10th life size) up to 1:1 (life size) image magnification ratios. True photomacrography starts at 1:1 (life size) image magnification ratios up to about 20:1 (20x life size) image magnification ratios at the film plane or ccd/cmos sensor plane.


Those of you who have visited here before will, no doubt, note the absence of "Photo Myths". I am currently rewriting all of the articles to update them and make the articles more coherent. The "Photo Myths" section will return soon at a future date.
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