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An insight into the artist

Title: Interviewer: Date:
XARC and the Art of Sound Mastering Greg McLaughlin 04/25/2004
Natalie Brown Is Hot Phil Frazier 11/04/2003
Lessons from the Road David Jackson 07/28/2003
An interview with the trance-masters ‘Lagoona’ David Midkiff 06/28/2003
The Best Music You’ve NEVER Heard Cam Bastedo 05/24/2003
"The Yards" For the record. Joe Westman 03/08/2003
Dislife: the next big thing from Sweden? Thomas James 03/05/2003
Braving The Storm Susan Ramson 02/13/2003
raw42 kole mcrae 01/24/2003
Cutting Edge Electronica from the Heart of Germany... Seismic Anamoly 01/20/2003
Angels DO exist....in the Canary Islands... Seismic Anamoly 01/11/2003
The Diva from Deutschland.....G.E.M.I.N.I. Seismic Anamoly 01/08/2003
Inside the Mind of Angina P Greg McLaughlin 01/05/2003
American Roots Music's Superstar On The Horizon.... Seismic Anamoly 01/05/2003
Whither, more than just another Rock band. Sara Ann Smith 11/26/2002
Songs Of meaning Sara Ann Smith 11/16/2002
Guts and Glory Joe Westman 11/05/2002
Revelations in the Light: An interview with Nathan Profitt Greg McLaughlin 09/30/2002
Band On The Run: What Makes Flickerstick Tick? Jonathan Sanders 07/29/2002
Conrad Keely of Trail Of Dead tells it like it is. Callum Zeff 07/29/2002
Conrad Keely tells it like it is. Callum Zeff 07/29/2002
An interview with Fingertwister Seven Graylands 07/09/2002
Interview with a Band Camp Nerd X 07/07/2002
Testing This - Dont bother clicking here. David Jackson 06/27/2002
Test Jimmy Cuadra 02/07/2002
The Beginning Of A Musical Journey MOS 12/22/2001
Lonely this Christmas with Lorna Såm 11/28/2001
Six strings of genius- A John Sheehan story Bob Childers 10/23/2001
Under the Strained Umbrella: Talking with Lee Tyler Post Serena Matthews 08/21/2001
Inventing Debbie jeremy 07/22/2001
The Guts of 303Infinity jeremy 07/22/2001
GOM Classical Composers - 10 Questions Tony Lanman 06/27/2001
When It Comes To You - An Interview With Michael Fargnoli. Mike Jackson 05/12/2001
The Creative and Artistic Processes of Rob Russell Kally 05/08/2001
Rick Ellis shares the truth behind Cassandra... Clint Gaige 04/15/2001
The Top Class Pianist that will make you fly and dream! Manuel Marino 03/27/2001
Ennio Morricone's Talented Heir? Manuel Marino 03/23/2001
The Schlong Remains The Same: Mark Prindle, the GoM Interview Dave Wagner 03/20/2001
Deconstructing Dismantled: survival, technology and morality. Andy Chapman 03/13/2001
Jays, Tacos, and Sad Songs: Vincent Leeds, the GOM Interview Dave Wagner 03/08/2001
An afternoon with John Zorko from 'Falling You' Seth 03/08/2001