ZX81 Piccies

These are all pictures of my ZX81 kit. If a picture is clickable, it will lead to a full size (typically 800x600) version.   Due to the plain background, these pics compress fairly well and even the large versions don't take too long to load.

All of the pictures were taken with a Kodak DC200.


ZX81__MTKeybd_Dcp96_no_bkgrd_400x223.jpg (9478 bytes) My ZX81 with the Memotech 'Real' keyboard and Memotech 64k Rampack attached. Click on the pic for a closer look.
ZX81__Printer_Dcp89_400x237.jpg (18434 bytes) In Basic 'Sinclair' configuration with just the ZX Printer.
ZX_Printer_Dcp99_drpshdw.jpg (3853 bytes) My ZX Printer - Click on it for a closer look at the Silver Bog-roll burner.
ZX81_Docs_Dcp80.jpg (11539 bytes) Some of the original documentation I have for my ZX81.
ZX81_manual.jpg (13929 bytes) The ZX81 Basic Manual - it was this book I spotted in a box of allsorts that led to my acquiring my ZX81.