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TNM Seeking mappers!    03-03-2005Posted By: Mole | 0 Comments
I have recently had word from Treskton of The Nameless Mod that they are on the lookout for staff!

As is usual, we find ourselves short a few good men (or perhaps women). We're currently seeking two skilled mappers to help us finish up a few remaining maps. Dedication and prior mapping experiance are a must. Anyone interested can shoot us an email (please include a sample of your work) at
An exciting prospect for those budding mappers to gain some experience and work to put into a potfolio! Apply within!

Back In Business!    03-02-2005Posted By: Mole | 12 Comments
A few of you may have noticed, DXO is once again open! [Big Grin]

Things have been dead over the past couple of months after the forums were closed for updates, and never opened again! But now after a long wait, we're back to support the upcoming release of Project: Snowblind! Keep your eyes peeled for news and updates on various Deus Ex and Snowblind related issues and pop by our forums and let us know what you think!

As ever, if you have any news or items you'd like to appear on the front page of DXO, just drop it in an e-mail to!

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Server Move    05-22-2004Posted By: Illuminati-IIS | 0 Comments
Switching tonight to Dell PowerEdge Dual Xeon 2.8Ghz. [Smile] Sites will be down for a short period of time.

What's happening to this site? Revision 4 will be coming out soon, for details stay tuned.....

Title Fight Round 3!    03-23-2004Posted By: Mole | 0 Comments
Its the final round of the Hell section of gamespys Title Fight feature. Deus Ex has done well and gotten to the final round, beating such titles as System Shock 2, Everquest, and Castlevania: SotN.

However, in the battle of the giants, where one is to become the winner, the loser to the spoils, Deus Ex has been pitted against Doom. Its not looking good [Frown] . So I suggest that all you loyal Deus Ex fans run over and vote now! Maybe we can swing it yet [Smile]

Catching up!    03-22-2004Posted By: Mole | 0 Comments
Well, I myself have had forum errors, so havent been able to post news. Here's a quick run down of some of the stuff we missed:

DXIW 1.2 patch
Probably the most important thing missed. The new patch includes:
  • Additional optimizations that will improve performance on most systems
  • Fixed graphical errors for those using NVIDIA GeForce FX 5950 cards with Deus Ex: Invisible War
  • Fixed the fuzzy appearance of the bloom, sniper scope, vision biomod, and other full-screen effects.
The patch is available here.
Nanotechnology Continues To Get CloserThanks to Da_Terminator for pointing us in the direction of this article on CNN.Com. It is a report on the latest Nanotech 2004 trade show.
Hardcore Mod V3
Thats right, the new version of Hejhujkas (IMO) excellent DX1 mod is out, Hardcore 3.0. The new versions changes include:
  • New augmentations (nano-electricity attack system, levitation, bullet time, life-power gainer, teleporting drone, hologram system, upgradeable light and more);
  • New weapons and weapon functions such as switchable firing modes (semi-auto, burst, automatic), rail-driver weapon shooting through the walls, rocket-machinegun and more;
  • Finished difficulty settings (easy-classic-realistic-unrealistic) with enabled inventory, health, etc. screens on the first 3 difficulty levels
Personally, I recommend this mod to everyone. I have gotten great enjoyment out of it myself. However I do warn, those that play DXMP, remember to back up your old files, as you will get version mismatches on servers while the mod is installed.
TNM Poll
Treskton has sent word of a poll currently in action at the TNM mod website.
This week we bring not a POTW, but a public poll! We want to do something a little special in the public relations department, so head on down and let us know what you think!
I suggest everyone heads over and votes, let them know what you want to see from the mod team next!
Warren Spector InterviewSeems to be getting about alot these days! Gamespy have gotten their hands on the man again, this time to talk about the upcoming Thief title. Click here and read away!
DXIW In Game ChartsDeus Ex: Invisible War is currently sat in 4th position in the game charts page. Note: this is the UK standing only.
DXIW Reviews
DXIW has been reviewed a few times recently as well, here is the list:
  • review - German review, along with 3 exclusive desktop wallpapers.
  • review - Review of the xbox version of DXIW, discussing the good and bad points of the game. Overall score: 8/10
  • review - 3 page review including plenty of shots, and links to a few essential file downloads. Score: 7.5/10
  • review - PC version review.
    Deus Ex: Invisible War is an enjoyable game if you’re willing to handicap yourself and put up with a few bugs and quirks
    Score: 7.5/10

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