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The Rhododendron Club of Finland

The Finnish Rhododendron Society or The Rhododendron Club, as we call it, is a section of The Finnish Dendrological Society. In the beginning of 2000 we have some 150 members trying to cope with the climate and grow Rhododendrons north of the 60 N latitude. (Map of Europe)

The aim of the Club is to distribute knowledge about the genus Rhododendron and to gather the enthusiasts together four times a year. We have lectures, excursions, seed and plant exchange etc. We have our own modest journal coming out 3-4 times a year with articles about Rhododendron growing, hardiness ratings, species descriptions etc.

So far, the material in these pages is mainly in Finnish, but you might find the following pages interesting:

Wiurila, Halikko
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