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science dataSome of the ways to find and get computer-ready astronomical catalogs and journal data tables available from the ADC include:

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Lists of Available Data Sets:
Astronomical Catalogs (by category) Journal Tables (by journal title)
1. Astrometric & Positional Data   
2. Photometric Data         
3. Spectroscopic Data        
4. Cross Identifications     
5. Combined & Derived Data 
6. Miscellaneous
7. Nonstellar & Extended Objects
8. Radio Sources
9. High-Energy Data 
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Holdings containing Software Tools
 A&A   ·Astronomy and Astrophysics 
 A&AS  ·Astronomy and Astrophysics
        Supplement Series 
 AJ    ·Astronomical Journal
 ApJ   ·Astrophysical Journal
 ApJS  ·Astrophysical Journal 
        Supplement Series
 MNRAS ·Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society
 PASP  ·Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific
 Other ·All other Journal Publications

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Quick Reference Pages - suggested data sources by topic

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Data on CD-ROMs - data sets available on the "Selected Astronomical Catalogs" discs

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