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  The Final Chapter
It begins on a dark and lonely night. It ends with a U.S. president on the verge of "going nuclear." Read all 14 chapters of the Cold War thriller written by readers.

Also: Learn how East-West tensions provoked "dangerous words" then test your Cold War book smarts in this interactive quiz.


The Movie Club: "Big Jim McLain"
John Wayne undertakes the hunt for Commies in the tropical paradise of arrow

film reel

How Cold Are You? Test Your Film I.Q.
Who starred in "Red Dawn"? What came from Russia with love? You may know your Kevin Bacon, but how's your Cold War film I.Q.?" Launch the quiz!pink arrow


The Red Scare Goes Hollywood
The Cold War hit the movies in 1947 when the House Un-American Activities Committee descended on Hollywood armed with the names of leading film folk suspected of being "red." Trace Cold War film fallout from "I Married a Communist" to "Dr. Strangelove." pink arrow


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The Television Timeline
While the Cold War was putting the world on edge, television was coming of age -- and luring Americans to the living room couch. Some shows provided an escape from the daily grind of superpower conflict. But other programs used the Cold War as a subtle -- and in some cases, not so subtle -- plot device. Launch the arrow

couch potato

Know the Shows?
Your mission: To decode the Cold War context of such television classics as "Airwolf" and "The Girl form U.N.C.L.E.". Succeed, and you'll have proven yourself a true Cold War couch potato.
To enter, click here. pink arrow


Atomic Rock
Read Entertainment Weekly music critic David Browne's essay on the Cold War tunes that made us think -- and dance. Then test your Cold War musicology in our interactive quiz. pink arrow


Dressing for Détente
From the bikini named after an atomic test site to the couture "points" made by Gaultier... the decades that followed World War II saw a new fashion front emerge. Click here to see and learn all about the Hot Looks of the Cold War, then track the clothing trends in our fashion timeline pink arrow


Fads and Fashions
Were you a Cold War Fashion Victim? Take our interactive quiz to find out! pink arrow



Staging the Cold War
The Cold War made "Death of a Salesman" a hit -- in Moscow. It spurred European dramatists to create a "Theater of the Absurd." And it inspired playwrights Harold Pinter and Sam Shepard to challenge the conventional. Critic Scott Vogel traces how the Cold War moved from world stage to center stage. pink arrow