Sound Clips

Futurama: The Game

Professor: Good news, everyone! I've sold Planet Express to Mom.
Crew: (shocked reactions, Bender stutters)
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Leela: Are you off your nut, Professor? How could you sell the company to Mom?
Professor: I had to! We've been losing money. Perhaps my strategy of using a giant spaceship to deliver one package at a time wasn't as clever as I thought. Plus, you three never actually charged anyone!
Fry: Yeah, sorry about that.
Leela: Sorry.
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Professor: Oh, fuff. It's not like this is the end of the world as we know it.
(TV turning on)
Morbo: This is the end of the world as we know it.
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Morbo: At the risk of editorializing, this reporter applauds the demise of the pathetic human species. Bwahahahaha!
Linda: Hahahaha...
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Leela: As captain, I propose we get the hell out of here.
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Bender: It wasn't me this time, I swear!
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Bender: Man, how come I always have to do all the bending around here?
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Professor: What exactly do you know how to do?
Fry: I can burp the alphabet. *burpA*, *burpB*, *burpD*... no, wait.
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Fry: Owww... what happened?
Leela: You were crushed under two tons of debris.
Bender: And you died! (laughs) It was so funny! (laughs more, Fry's not amused) I guess you had to be there.
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Leela: So what was death like, Fry?
Fry: Well, first everything went dark. And then this bright light appeared... and it said 'GAME OVER'.
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Fry: Oh, Professor, here's the hammer I died getting for you.
Professor: Ehwha? Oh, you can keep that piece of junk. I only made you look for it to get you out of my metaphorical hair.
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Professor: I gave you a gun! What more do you want, a flower dress? Now stop being a wussy and get going!
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Fry: Aaaah! It's a mu-mu-m-m-mutant!
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Fry: Score one for the Fry Man!
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Fry: This will finance my search for a new flavor of crayon.
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Fry: Ice cold slurm! (slurp) Now that's gooood worm secretion.
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Bender: Farewell, big blue ball of idiots!
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Larry: It's right here on the radar screen!
Mom: Dammit Larry! Radar's been obsolete for centuries! Use stereopticon! (smack)
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Mom: Who'd have thought this miserable little planed would be so heavy?
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Mom: Money's no object, as I'll be soon taking over the universe. Perhaps you heard of it?
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Bender: (giggles) I'm back, baby.
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Bender: Who said that?! Is it god?
Professor: No, though I'm as old as him.
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Bender: What's in it for me, Bender?
Professor: Uuh, we, we'll rescue you and take you with us off this god-forsaken asteroid.
Bender: No deal!
Professor: I got a box of magazines... with Fembot centerfolds...
Bender: Roger that, over now!
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Bender: Ow, my shiny you-know-what!
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Bender: Hahaha, you gotta feel sorry for that guy!
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Bender: Hehehehe, that guy won't be going home to his kids!
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Igner: If you see Mommy, tell her I killed you!
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Bender: I loooove killing-
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Bender: Uh, my lawyer will plead self-defense.
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Bender: Eat lead. And by lead, I mean me. 40% lead, baby!
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Larry: Prepare to be crushed! And subsequently melted! And then recycled into metal seatbelts!
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Bender: Seatbelts? Never! I endanger lives, not save them!
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Bender: This crystal has the power to heal... my empty wallet!
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Bender: Another gun? This day just gets better and better!
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Bender: I must've been a killbot in a former life.
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Bender: That's why as of today, they call me... killzilla!
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Bender: I laugh at your pain! Hahahahahaha!
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Bender: This is more fun than shoplifting!
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Bender: This is even easier than stealing!
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Bender: Hmm, I probably should've disabled their ship or something while I was down on that asteroid. Well, live and learn.
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Mom: I come for the blueprints to your Dark Matter engine!
Professor: Well, you're out of luck. The only blueprints are here in my head.
Mom: Oh, fine, then we'll take that.
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Professor: Avenge my decapitation!
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Bender: Gee, I really care about your lame people and your crummy temple, but we're gonna have to pass.
Rara: You'd be handsomly rewarded.
Bender: I'm in!
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Fry: I'd love to help you save the sun, but I burn easily.
Bender: And I melt easily. But save me my share of the reward!
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Leela: I always say, never send a man to do a man's job.
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Leela: Wow, this temple's amazing. I wonder if they sell postcards.
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Leela: I've always wanted one of... whatever this is.
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Leela: Sungod? Feh. All worshipping the sun ever got me was freckles.
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Leela: That felt goooood.
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Leela: You go, Mutant Girl!
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Leela: I could have done that with one eye closed.
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Leela: Wow, this are even better than steroids!
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Rara: Thank you, weird one-eyed woman! You saved our planet!
Leela: Star, actually.
Rara: Whatever.
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Mom: Ah, my dear Professor's head. With your brains and my evil, I'll shall soon take over the universe!
Professor: You'll never get away with it, Mom!
Mom: But I've turned the planet Earth into a gigantic warship!
Professor: ...Oooh, my. In that case, you probably will get away with it.
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Zoidberg: It's so nice to see you, my friends... and the robot.
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Zoidberg: Judging by its scales and long tongue, I'd say it's a horse.
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Zoidberg: Giddyup! Yeehaw! I'm a cowboy, I am!
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Fry: Are you Adoy?
Adoy: Adoy? I haven't heard that name in years. Yeah, that me.
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Adoy: I remember the Professor. Of course, back then I was the one called the Professor. Wait, who're we talking about?
Bender: Oh, boy.
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Leela: Professor Hubert Fansworth.
Adoy: Never heard of him. So what can I do for my dear old protege?
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Adoy: Oooh, terrible, terrible, terrible! But, there's nothing we can do about it now. So it's a good thing you came to me!
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Bender: This guy's not making any sense. Can I kill him? Please?
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Adoy: This is my latest invention: The Time Tunneler! With it you can travel back in time, and stop Mom before she became unstoppable!
Bender: Or bet on horses I know are gonna win! So long, suckers!
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Adoy: The power generator is over there! You can get to it along this dangerous path, lined with quicksand! ...I know, I know, it was a terrible place to build the generator. I'm sorry. Give me a break here!
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Adoy: If you turn the handle for two minutes, it'll send the universe two minutes back in time.
Bender: So it gets us back to when we started turning the handle? Yipee.
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Bender: Who's the sucker this time?
Leela: Doctor Zoidberg.
Zoidberg: Horray! I'm the hero!
Fry & Bender: Horray! We don't have to do anything!
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Zoidberg: Killed, eh? I'm no doctor, but that sounds painful.
Fry: Oh, it is, trust me.
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Bender: Good luck, monster bait!
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Zoidberg: Score one for the Lobster Man!
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Zoidberg: I've got skills to not pay bills!
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Leela: No pressure. Although the fate of the entire universe does depend on it. So don't blow it like you always do!
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Zoidberg: Hehehe... after this, I'm going to be soooo popular!
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Leela: Way to not screw up, Doctor Z!
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Zoidberg: Zoidberg makes it to safety! And the crowd goes wild! (imminates a crowd)
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Leela: Fantabulistic! Now we can go back in time and fight Mom!
Bender: Woo!
Fry: And, save the Professor.
Bender: Yeah, whatever.
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Bender: Now, if I understand time paradoxes, we're supposed to take the good ship, and leave the bad ship behind for the original us. Right?
Fry: Bad... behind... say again?
Leela: Oh, just get in.
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(crashing noises)
Fry: Oh no! The reanimator!
Leela: Bummer. We'll just have to be careful not to die from now on.
Bender: ...You had to say that!
(crash noise, crew goes 'ow')
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Professor: Ooh, dammit Mom! No one kills my crew except for me! You're going down!
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