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PSP / Review / Me and My Katamari
Me and My Katamari
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Publisher: Namco
Developer: Namco
Release Date: Available Now
ESRB Rating: Everyone
Graphics: 3.5
Control: 3.5
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Me and My Katamari
Curious George
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Review by: Rice Burner
Posted: 03/21/06 [view screens]

The royal family is back and ready to roll up humanity into cosmic chunks of raw material. This time the illustrious King of All Cosmos accidentally creates a tsunami while vacationing in the tropics and our diminutive Dashing Prince is tasked to recreate tropical islands for transient animals that've lost their homesteads due to the colossal King of All Cosmos' blunder.

Me and My Katamari features an all new menu interface system, adapted control scheme, an expanded cast of new and never before seen playable cousin characters, and new tropical locales for you to cause gleeful havoc on the native populace.

The Cow Goes Moo
Contrary to the PS2 home console Katamari series, Me and My Katamari features an entirely new control scheme. Since the PSP doesn't have dual analog sticks, Me and My Katamari's control scheme is based on the single analog stick and the digital face buttons. It takes a few levels to get used to; however this altered control scheme isn't really that counterintuitive as many have reported. You use the analog stick to indicate which direction you want to face, and the face buttons to indicate which direction you want to move. Additionally, you use a combination of the analog stick and face buttons to turn.

Me and My Katamari features all the requisite modes available in the home console versions, including story mode, and replay mode with both limited and unlimited time constraints. Replaying levels with an infinite time limit allows you to scour the area for unlockables, which include unlockable cousin characters and royal gift apparel items for your characters.

The Mouse Goes Eeek
Furthermore, Me and My Katamari also features wireless Ad Hoc gameplay which allows up to four players to compete in the same arena trying to roll up the largest Katamari ball by collecting items or stealing items from your opponents Katamari ball.

While Me and My Katamari retains the look and feel of its PS2 console progenitors, the game doesn't retain the same amount of gameplay quality. The levels are segmented into stages and after a few levels you'll notice that the stages are recycled, combined, and strung together with superficial face lifts to prolong game playability. Each stage has a Katamari ball size goal and a 3-5 minute time limit; if the goal is completed, you move onto the next stage. String a few of these stages together, change item placement and weather, and you have a level.

The Japanese School Girl Goes Aghhh!
Moreover, you'll also notice that the stage goals vary wildly from super easy to extremely taxing throughout the progressive gameplay due to poor item placement and level design. Additionally, the size variance of your Katamari makes it possible for you to get irreversibly stuck between some of the immovable objects very easily.

While the controls aren't as counterintuitive as many have claimed them to be, the game has minor draw distance problems when you're Katamari gets too big and there're too many big objects on screen. You'll find that the game doesn't load the smaller items and you're Katamari will pick up objects that aren't even represented onscreen.

Even with these minor caveats, Me and My Katamari is a pretty good rendition of the PS2 version. Sure, Me and My Katamari recycles material and can be a little repetitive and tedious, however it's the only portable Katamari game released to date and the game is sure to entertain you for a while with it's short stints of gameplay.

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