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Welcome to World of Polyhedra

    World of Polyhedra is a demonstration site of Webtree Technology, which is a kind of Real Tree Struct Website Frame System, developed by viviasoft.com .

    In World of Polyhedra, you can rotate freely all 3D structures, edit 3D objects' structure, size, color, pattern, label .etc, and publish your creative works. Enjoy the spacial freedom.

    To get the best interface, we recommend using browser supported XML1.0/XSLT, such as IE6 or later version, or IE5 and later version adding Microsoft's XML package. Though text mode is supported and available for the browser without XML.

-- Updating List --
2004-3-26 12:08:27 The original code for editing data
2004-3-26 11:57:28 download
2004-3-7 19:31:05 7 convex hexahedron
2004-3-7 19:22:34 hexahedron 6
2004-3-7 19:22:27 hexahedron 5
2004-3-7 19:22:23 hexahedron 4
2004-3-7 19:22:16 hexahedron 3

    Thousands of websites on polyhedra can be found out by searching in Google with keywords "Platonic polyhedra" or "Archimedean polyhedra".
    This work demonstrates an enumeration of a polyhedral subset. A polyhedron is belong to the subset if all its vertex is constituted or surrounded by same combination of regular polygons, while the permutation of polygons is not concerned.
    For example, for the polyhedron [] in subset, its vertex is constituted by 1 combination of (3,3,4,4), but 2 permutation, (3,3,4,4) and (3,4,3,4).

    Our next work is to enumerate all possible convex polyhedra constructed by regular polygons. If you are interest in it, please contact us.
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