Unabridged Version of Sean's Applied Math Book

Download. Latest Build: January 24, 2004

Please note that the unabridged version of the text may not be used by Caltech students in ACM 95/100.

You can download the text in the following formats by saving the link to your computer. The PDF versions are better for viewing on your computer; they are hyperlinked. Get the postscript version if you are going to print the text.

You can also download the source, (the LaTeX and graphics files). There is a makefile for compiling the sources. Feel free to cut and paste the sources to make documents that suit your needs. I have a users guide that describes how to use the source of the text.

Mathematica Notebooks

Some of the exercises in the text are solved in Mathematica notebooks. These exercises are labeled with the name of the notebook. Below is a list of these notebooks. You can download files to your computer and open them in Mathematica. You can also download all the notebooks in a tarball. (I have also written a set of tutorial Mathematica notebooks that I have used in teaching a Mathematica class.)

Status of the Text

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